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Andrew Coyne: MPs wouldn't need to cross the floor if a party leader wasn't all powerful

The more that candidates ran, and voted on, their personal views, the less it would matter whether they sat with one party or another

NDP’s flawed consultation process threatens public’s best interest

At times, even the most well-intentioned efforts by government to regulate can be outweighed by the unintended consequences of haste, leading to …

Public Sector

Letters, Sept. 21: Focusing on past issues ‘unrelated to the job’ isn’t fair to politicians

Why is it that we — and especially the media — seem to think that every person running for political office today should have every past …

Municipal Government

Letters, Sept. 20: Let's slow immigration so Vancouver doesn't become an unlivable 'nightmare'

What is with this hell-bent insanity in favour of greater density currently going on in Vancouver? Aren’t there enough people trying to live here …

Private Sector

Iglika Ivanova and Mark Thompson: Time for B.C. to modernize workplace rights to include gig economy workers

For the first time in 25 years, B.C. workplace rights are being reviewed. Disappointingly, the fulsome consultation needed to develop policies for …

Gig Economy

Mike Smyth: Ex-mayor Watts rips McCallum as Surrey election race heats up

It's the battle of the ex-mayors as Dianne Watts warns Surrey voters against taking a step backwards by putting Doug McCallum back in charge.<p>It’s …


Niels Veldhuis and Milagros Palacios: NDP taxes will make life less affordable for average families

“Making your life more affordable” has been a dominant rhetorical theme of B.C.’s NDP provincial government — so much so, that its 2018 budget uses …

Income Tax

Letters, Sept. 19: Victoria shouldn't restrict pot shops or black market will remain, reader warns

I hope the B.C. government gives some serious thought about the consequences of restricting the number of marijuana stores. I'm old enough to …

Justin Trudeau

John Ivison: Liberals consider extending 'leader's courtesy' to Jagmeet Singh in Burnaby byelection

Singh has to win in Burnaby or his own caucus will turn on him. By all accounts, things are not going well on the ground


Letters, Sept. 18: Why do other areas get new, bigger bridges but not the North Shore?

The traffic infrastructure for crossing Burrard Inlet has been exactly the same for 60 years — nine lanes in total! The population of the North Shore …


Mike Farnworth: Stage set for legal cannabis in B.C.

It’s about a month until non-medical cannabis becomes legal in Canada, so here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect in B.C. as of Oct. 17.Retail …


Mike Smyth: For Weaver, time for less talk and more action on speculation tax

When talking about B.C.’s speculation tax on real estate, it’s best to get the definitions straight first.The main thing to understand: It’s not a …

Real Estate

Ian Mulgrew: Dr. Brian Day takes the stand in court, has his say on access to private health care

“I have personally observed my patients suffering mentally and physically while they waited for medically necessary surgeries at public …

Health Care

Despite what Morneau says, are Canadians seeing ‘real progress’? A reality check

I went through the report with Craig Alexander, chief economist at Deloitte Canada, to separate truth from fiction<p>OTTAWA — Many non-partisans have a …

Bill Morneau

Stop living paycheque to paycheque: 7 things that keep you broke

<i>Q: I live paycheque to paycheque and had to call in sick for work the other day. Missing one day’s pay, I’ll be able to figure out but if I were sick</i> …

Letters, Sept. 17: NDP can freeze rents once they frozen all taxes and other landlord costs, says landlord

Province letters to the editor for Monday, Sept. 17, 2018.<p>As a landlord, I understand tenants’ concerns about rising rents. But tenants do not seem …

Green Party

Market stacked to destroy Canadian dairy farming if artificially cheap U.S. milk allowed

Western capitalism is decades into the “bigger is better” operational model. Free markets have long been governed by a continual need for expansion …


Jock Finlayson: 'Clean growth' is a nice idea, but policymakers shouldn't forget what really makes B.C. money

The provincial NDP government has pledged to develop a “clean growth strategy” to position the province for continued prosperity in a world where …


Christie Blatchford: Ghomeshi was acquitted. Why should he not be allowed a voice?

I believe in second chances, even third chances, probably because I’m so flawed. But Ghomeshi was found not guilty. How on earth can he not be …

Jian Ghomeshi

Andrew Coyne: There is room in Canadian politics for Maxime Bernier's worthy experiment

It’s an uncertain mix: yet, if Bernier can pull it off, he may be able to make libertarianism saleable, in a way it has not been in the past

Canadian Politics

Elizabeth Murphy: Vancouver city hall is slamming through destructive new zoning without giving citizens a say

The City of Vancouver is on a mad rush job to rezone Kitsilano and Cedar Cottage in a move that will only benefit developers.

City Halls

MANDEL: Disgraced Jian Ghomeshi breaks silence to feel sorry for - Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi

Candice Malcolm: The B.C. murder and Trudeau's rushed refugee vetting

Opinion: During his mad dash to bring in Syrian refugees, the prime minister haphazardly exposed Canada to the dangers of unchecked immigration from …

Justin Trudeau

Douglas Todd: Why say 'inappropriate' when we mean 'wrong'?

It is not helpful to say is inappropriate — instead of 'wrong' — to spread malicious gossip, sell drugs tainted or wantonly pollute a creek.

Letters, Sept. 13: Serena Williams’ ‘temper tantrum’ toward chair umpire wasn’t fair

I was appalled by tennis player Serena Williams’ boorish, unprofessional, ill-tempered and almost vulgar reaction to her infractions at the U.S. …

Me Too movement

Joseph Maloney: Why are we refining Russian oil instead of using our own?

As August began, three tankers with a combined capacity of almost two million barrels of oil prepared to pass through the Strait of Juan de Fuca to …


John Ivison: Liberals eye potential electoral gains from 'taking on the tyrant' Trump

Reasonable people can debate Trump’s foibles and shortcomings, particularly with regard to immigration and a free press, but Bashar al-Assad he is not<p>…

Bashar al-Assad

Canadians need to debate judicial activism

When the Supreme Court of Canada provides an interpretation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the 1867 Constitution Act, every Canadian is an …


Letters, Sept. 12: Reader urges province to freeze rents so poor can catch up

Province letters to the editor for Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.<p>I am disgusted that the provincial government is allowing a 4.5-per-cent annual rent …