Cruising is Back in 2022: Curated by TPG Senior Editor, Benet Wilson

Despite growing up watching “The Love Boat” television episodes in the 1970s and ’80s, I never wanted to take a cruise. Thanks to my best friend, I took my first one — reluctantly — in January 2016 and had a wonderful time. Cruise ships can keep you busy from sunrise to the wee hours of the morning, making them a great vacation option, especially since you get a room, dining, nonalcoholic beverages, activities and more. Here are 10 stories that cover cruising from stem to stern.

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Cruising is Back in 2022: Curated by TPG Senior Editor, Benet Wilson
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    How to pick a cruise line

    With so many cruise lines, how do you decide which one is best for you? This TPG guide can help.

    A beginners guide to picking a cruise line

    A beginners guide to picking a cruise line

    So you think you want to take a cruise? First, let me say that you'll likely love it. I've been cruising for nearly 30 years on just about every line …

    On a budget?

    You want to get the biggest bang for your cruising buck. Here’s how to snag the best deals.

    Cruise Tips and Tricks

    Newbies and veterans can use these hacks to ensure there’s smooth sailing on their cruise.

    Avoid these common cruise mistakes

    Sometimes the sailing isn’t so smooth. Read what can go wrong so it doesn’t happen to you.

    Cabin Guestroom 101

    A big mistake travelers make on cruises is choosing an undesirable cabin. We share how to avoid these bad locations.

    The suite life

    You decide to splurge on the best cabin on a ship. TPG’s Gene Sloan shares his top five picks.

    New Cruise Line: Virgin Voyages

    The launch of cruise line Virgin Voyages was one of the most anticipated in the past few years. TPG was on the maiden voyage of the line’s Scarlet Lady with all the scoop.

    Cruising in a pandemic era

    The cruise industry was nearly sunk due to a pandemic that shut it down for nearly a year and a half. TPG looks at how ships have changed and how it will affect your onboard experience.

    The future of cruising

    The message from CEOs at the fall Seatrade Cruise Global conference: Challenges remain, but the industry’s future is still bright.

    Whats new in 2022?

    TPG ranks the best new cruise ships launching in 2022.


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