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Makeup Artist Creates Surreal Optical Illusion Made With Body Paint That Shows Her Body Cut in Half

Israeli makeup artist Ilana Kolihanov has released a new timelapse video where she demonstrates how to create a surreal body paint optical illusion …


Wooden Surrealist Sculptures with Geometric Shapes

The sculptor Willy Veginer has just made a series of wooden sculptures. Visually his works give the feeling of carved stones. When the sculpture is …





Mitja Bokun has been drawing since childhood. A native of Slovenia, he studied IT and Logistics before becoming a commercial illustrator. A self-taught artist, he began illustrating professionally in 2009 and his work can now be seen around the world. He is known for his portraits, and is a prolific painter of celebrities and personalities well-known in the fashion world and beyond and he has been commissioned to illustrate editorially for magazines.

The U.S.’s largest museum of Latinx art is getting a new home and a Frida Khalo exhibit, finalmente!

It comes as no shock that much art world caters to a specific kind of person, (white, affluent, male). Latinx artists and Guerrilla Girls alike have …


Lundy Bay  -   Janet ShearerBritish,b.1955-Acrylic on board,  500 x 400 mm

Lundy Bay - Janet Shearer<p>British,b.1955-<p>Acrylic on board, 500 x 400 mm.


No apologies. Just diving in and pushing paint. #markmaking #abstractpainting #lizzorn #oilpainting #minimalism

These Creepy Paintings Look Ripped from a Surreal Storybook - Creators

Young but far from foolish, a cast of girls stand their ground while animal specters invade their immediate surroundings. The image of an unperturbed pre-teen girl holding an oversized insect in her hands mirrors the unassuming expression of another figure, as her form dwarfs a tiny tree-man, …


“The battle scars of an American subcultural landscape are written in the possessed, seductive, brutalized yet ultimately triumphant body…

Jeremy Deller (British, born 1966); Charlotte Segall (American, born 1983). Untitled (Lying pose), from I<i>ggy Pop Life Class by Jeremy Deller,</i> 2016. Natural charcoal with white chalk on pink paper. Brooklyn Museum


Sitting - Steve Huston

Sitting - Steve Huston<p>American,b.1959-<p>Oil on panel, 9 x 6


French photographer Laurent Chehere, who lives in Menilmontant, a popular district of Paris, continues his series with more surreal photos of buildings flying in mid-air.<p>The “Flying Houses” are inspired by a poetic vision of old Paris and also by a poor, and cosmopolitan neighborhood of city where the artist lives. Through a tragic and melancholic report, they testify poetically and subtly of an alarming contemporary reality by revealing meanders and concerns of a class impoverished by the …

Ai Weiwei unveils huge refugee boat installation

‘Law of the Journey’ features a 70-metre-long inflatable boat with 258 huge refugee figures, the Chinese artist’s biggest piece ever<p>Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei is known for his collection of works that challenge corruption, surveillance and censorship. His recent pieces have focused on …


What’s Selling So Far at TEFAF Maastricht 2017

Art Fairs<p>Collectors are looking to "buy very quickly," one dealer reports.<p>& ,<p>Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the annual TEFAF 2017 fair in …

Ai Weiwei pays tribute to Ren Hang’s photography

‘The images are fresh, but also empty and superficial. They contain a deep sadness within’<p>Ai Weiwei has shared his thoughts on Ren Hang following his tragic death last month – calling the late photographer’s work “poetic” and full of “sadness”.<p>The artist – who, like Hang, had run-ins with Chinese …


Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Highlight Blossoming Young Women - Creators

Hyperrealistic oil paintings show a world where realism dances with luscious daydreams in the work of artist Soey Milk. With an extensive color palette, Milk creates highly-refined works that depict ethereal young women, awash in dreamlike imagery.<p>Working feminine and erotic themes into her …


This Artist’s Work Skewers How We Communicate In A Modern World

In a world where most of us can’t go even a few minutes without our phones (just look at people stuck in traffic and the dangerous scrolling they do while driving!), the paintings of Alex Gross offer a poignant reminder of our dependence on technology and the isolation that comes with being …


Liza Lou, artist from New York, Blanket, 2005

Liza Lou, artist from New York, Blanket, 2005

daannoppen:Drawing in progress 👌🏻Beginning of a new series on wood panel

Drawing in progress 👌🏻Beginning of a new series on wood panel. More to come soon.. #drawing #newcontemporary #powwowworldwide #kallenbachgallery #juxtapoz #hifructose #art #daannoppen #pencil (at Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Woman's lips are shocking the internet

This woman puts the Kylie lip kit to shame. Australian makeup artist Jazmina Daniel is shooting to internet stardom after her incredible lip …

Beauty and the Beast


Facebook bans nude Women Lovers painting by acclaimed artist

An Australian auction house has blasted Facebook for ‘censoring’ a nude painting by acclaimed artist Charles Blackman.<p>Melbourne auctioneer Mossgreen says Facebook stopped them from advertising a video featuring Blackman’s oil painting Women Lovers of two nude figures on a bed next to a black …


Cleopatra, the Ultimate Femme Fatale

Cleopatra is surely the most celebrated femme fatale in history. Even Hollywood could not resist her: there was Claudette Colbert playing the role in …

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Empty Highways Burst with Color in Bold Landscape Paintings - Creators

Inspired by quiet rural roads and grand, open landscapes, artist Grant Haffner creates vibrant neon depictions of sprawling vistas bursting with bright color. The artist captures the speed and rhythm of a fleeting countryside and lonesome highway through acrylic paint, marker, and pencil on wood …


Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George

Drawings by Carlos ARLprints

Artist's Unapologetic Vagina Paintings Are A Force Of Body Positivity

Jacqueline Secor painted her way to self-love, one vulva at a time.<p><b>Warning: This article contains paintings of vulvae. Beautiful paintings of vulvae.</b><p>Initially, artist Jacqueline Secor didn’t intend to show her series “The Diversity of Nature” to a public audience. Rather, she created her …


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