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Drawings by Carlos ARLprints

Artist's Unapologetic Vagina Paintings Are A Force Of Body Positivity

Jacqueline Secor painted her way to self-love, one vulva at a time.<p><b>Warning: This article contains paintings of vulvae. Beautiful paintings of vulvae.</b><p>Initially, artist Jacqueline Secor didn’t intend to show her series “The Diversity of Nature” to a public audience. Rather, she created her …


lustik:Sarah Naqvi. 


“<b>Victoria station.</b> ”<p>Mixed media on cardboard (collage, acrylic, ecoline, photo) , 20 x 20 cm .<p><b>Giuseppe Velardo</b>

Land-art van


Poetic Black & White Animated Collages

Ana Ramos is a Portuguese artist. She chose to explore visual textures in black and white collages. She offers it subtle animations, between …


The Lady in Black   -  Alfred Lombard , 1912French, 1884 - 1973 Oil on canvas, 83 x 65 cm

The Lady in Black - Alfred Lombard , 1912<p>French, 1884 - 1973<p>Oil on canvas, 83 x 65 cm.

Paintings by Xue Ruozhevia


“ <b>PAINTINGS FOR SALE</b> ”<p>A sample of paintings I have for sale on my shop. You can see them here<p><b>Giuseppe Velardo</b>

London: March 2017 Artist Line-Up Now Live

Introducing 130 of the best emerging artists to exhibit at Victoria House on 30 March – 2 April 2017.<p>We are thrilled to present such an exciting …


Alternative Painting Techniques Artists Love

Splattering and Dripping<p>While <b>Jackson Pollock</b> is considered as the most well-known painter who created his abstract pieces by dripping paint onto a …


Modèle vanille les eaux du mont dore

Sin Over Easy by atj1958

What is Yarn Bombing ?

<b>Yarn bombing</b>, yarnstorming, guerrilla knitting or crocheting, urban knitting or crocheting, graffiti knitting or crocheting – these are all names for …

Street Art

Art, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "struggle for liberty"? A group of students from JHS 151 in the Bronx looked at paintings at The Met …

The Virgin Mary: Now With 800% More Tentacles - Creators

Holy Mary, mother of invention: these re-created statuettes turn the Blessed Virgin into an imagination of what women can be, feel, and represent.<p>"In 2005, my father gave me a statuette he found in a secondhand shop," Soasig Chamaillard, the loving guardian and creator of these multifdimensional …


Interview with Njideka Akunyili Crosby

<i>Today from our friends at</i> BOMB Magazine<i>, we bring you author Erica Ando‘s interview with Nigerian artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Crosby says of her</i> …


The Met Makes Public-Domain Artifacts Free to Use

The Met Makes Public-Domain Artifacts Free to Use<p>The move is significant for artists, art lovers, and entrepreneurs.<p>Even if you've never visited New …

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ai Weiwei’s Zodiac Heads Come to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Exhibitions<p>The famous work will be stationary and on view for an entire year at the YSP.<p>,<p>For its 40th anniversary, the first sculpture park in the …


Calèche à Falaise - Raoul Dufy , 1905French, 1877-1953

Calèche à Falaise - Raoul Dufy , 1905<p>French, 1877-1953<p>oil on canvas; 78 x 64.5 cm. (30.7 x 25.4 in.)

On the Aesthetics of Violence van

<i>On the Aesthetics of Violence</i> van de Belgische fotograaf Jan Rosseel<i>.</i> Kan dat wat gruwelijk is ook mooi zijn?<p>In zijn serie On the Aesthetics of Violence, vanaf 23 september te zien op Unseen in Amsterdam, onderzoekt de Belgische fotograaf Jan Rosseel (1979) hoe wij naar beelden van geweld kijken. Rosseel: ‘Gruweldaden in de context van het nieuws hebben bestaansrecht. Gruweldaden in de context van een fotofair, van schoonheid of van kunst, worden minder vanzelfsprekend geaccepteerd. Alsof …

Santiago Ydañez, spanish painter’s studio in Jaen, Spain

Jason Martin, Fools of the Heart, 2016

Jason Martin, Fools of the Heart, 2016

The amazing digital art of

A museum has removed all art works created by immigrants

In condemnation of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’, a museum in Massachusetts has removed 20 per cent of its permanent collection from display<p>For most of us, the importance of a diverse world doesn’t need to be overstated. For others, it seems that we literally need to write it on the wall.<p>In solidarity with …


Arte Povera Pioneer Jannis Kounellis Dies at 80

People<p>He will be remembered for his use of unexpected materials, including live animals, jute bags, and meat.<p>,<p>The influential Greek artist Jannis …

Museum covers art made by immigrants as protest

All across the nation, various companies, restaurants, and citizens are going on strike as part of the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protests to send a …

Presidents Day

Museum removes every piece of art created by immigrants

(CNN)Starting today and lasting through President's Day weekend, all work created or donated by immigrants will no longer be displayed The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.<p>Instead, curators will drape black cloth over cases, and line the walls with labels that say "Created by an …

President'S Day