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No. 29 is a NYC-based boutique media relations firm founded by Erin Allweiss and Melody Serafino. We get fired up about companies, people, organizations and campaigns that challenge the status quo and create true impact. We've overseen a range of projects that include launching companies, conceptualizing brands and overseeing major design initiatives. With a focus on social impact, innovation and entertainment, No. 29 works with artists and business innovators who share a common thread: they are advancing thoughtful discourse and spurring impact in their practice areas. From photographers and sculptors shifting the way people see the world, to platforms and conferences that are changing the way people experience stories, to an investment fund protecting our oceans and a real estate developer with an unwavering dedication to sustainability, impact can take many shapes. These are the stories No. 29 hones and shares – across multiple platforms – on behalf of its clients.