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Who cares about Black Friday?

Black Friday is generally understood as the day when people drop everything – family, friends, social graces – in order to find the best deals possible. We asked our Twitter followers what they think about this remarkable day. Turns out, most peeps simply JUST DON’T CARE!

30% off the Homido Virtual

Virtual World

The second-gen Google Glass could look even sleeker

Google has been granted a patent for a wearable that rests on a single ear and wraps around the head to offer a display in front of the user’s eye. It’s possible that that it could be the beginnings of the second-generation Google Glass.

The patent describes the wearable as being capable of …


The dark side is ready for battle in the latest Star Wars preview

Star Wars

Microsoft’s new 3D audio tech helps the visually impaired get around cities independently

For two years, Microsoft has been working on Cities Unlocked, an ambitious project to use advanced GPS and smartphone technology to help the visually impaired navigate cities on their own.

The Telegraph tested phase two of the initiative and reported that, aided by spatial audio, Microsoft’s …


PS4 Remote Play is coming to PC and Mac, says Sony

Sony has confirmed that it’s working on an official Remote Play app for PC and Mac, to allow PS4 owners to stream and play games on their desktops.

The company’s president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said as much in a tweet. The Xbox One already allows console-to-PC streaming with Windows …


You could be jailed for backing up your music collection in the UK

It is once again illegal to make personal copies of your own music, videos and ebooks in the UK, thanks to the withdrawal of last year’s private copying exception.

The exception, which was introduced in October 2014, was the subject of a judicial review sought by music industry stakeholders …

United Kingdom

You’ve got less than 24 hours to grab TNW Academy’s insane Black Friday offers!

With Black Friday today, now is without a doubt the best time to indulge in a healthy dose of spontaneous shopping without running the risk of going drastically over your budget. This is the thrill and appeal of Black Friday; and besides, who doesn’t enjoy engaging in a little discount shopping …

Content Marketing

Why Google created Primer

This post was written by Jason Li and Herbert Lui. It’s a sample strategic side project teardown. Jason and Herbert will be doing monthly comprehensive teardowns of strategic side projects in this mailing list. Sign up to learn more

In an age when attention is scarcer than ever, side project

Google Calendar

Future Airbus flights could see you loaded like luggage

You know how when you’re sat in an airline departure gate watching the trucks of luggage get loaded onto the planes like pallets? Well, that’s how Airbus thinks the future of passenger boarding might lay, according to a patent it has just been granted.

At first it might sound like a bit of a crude …


10 years of Google data shows the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in each state


11 great resources to learn and work in Python

Roger Huang is an entrepreneur who is working on his next venture, and advising several others on growth. This post originally appeared on Code(Love).

Python is one of our favorite languages. Versatile, and yet easy to grasp, it’s one of the best languages at expressing the logic behind code with a …


Apple’s best invention is one that nobody talks about

One of my favorite Apple inventions is one that you might not even know about — or only think of when you’re travelling.

The Magsafe power adaptor that came with your MacBook, and the charger that came with older iPhones can quickly be swapped to suit any power outlet, provided you’ve got the right …

Apple News

Cult classic Fez re-released in limited special edition for PC and MAC

Cult Classic

Is adblocking pro-consumer, the end of free content… or both?

The debate around adblocking is one that’s likely to rage for a while longer, but using a plugin in your mobile or desktop browser is a wholly different proposition to stopping every ad on every site before it ever gets to your device.

That’s the service that Shine, a network level adblocking …

UX Design

Tech to help you survive the most wonderful time of the year

The most wonderful and merry time of the year is here. From basting turkeys to ringing sleigh bells and dreaming of red-nosed reindeer, it’s time for work to slow down and spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest. With Thanksgiving officially kicking off the holiday season today, …

Middle East Travel

Watching this video could help a movie pirate avoid a huge fine

Raver? Protester? Telegram now lets you pull together Supergroups of up to 1,000 people

Planning a rave? Or maybe a protest? Well, messaging service Telegram has just upped its support for mass-organizing by introducing Supergroups, which can include up to 1,000 members.

Until now, group chats were only able to accommodate 200 members on Telegram. That’s fewer than Skype, but more than …

Islamic State (ISIS)

The best project management training bundle money can buy is now 98% off

When you’re ready to develop the skills and confidence necessary to command a high-level salary in the world of project management, a comprehensive training program is essential.

The eduCBA Project Management & Quality Management Bundle includes 68 courses on Project Management, 22 on Quality …

Agile Development

Viber now lets you remotely delete messages you’ve sent by mistake

How many times have you sent a message to someone and immediately regretted it? Whether it’s in the heat of an argument or just an embarrassing typo, Viber‘s latest update will make it all okay.

The messaging service is now letting you delete messages on the recipient’s phone after you’ve sent them, …


Ideal Gifts: Anki’s robot cars bring all the fun of slot racing and Mario Kart combined

In the Ideal Gifts series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for gifts to give this holiday season.

As a child of the eighties, I fondly remember spending hours setting up, tweaking and dismantling Scalextric tracks, particularly at Christmas.

What tended to happen, however, is that …

Mario Kart

The first ecommerce transaction wasn’t a Pizza Hut pizza or weed, it was a Sting CD


HTC wants you to test its new phones and software

HTC has announced a new preview program, aptly named HTC Preview, which will see it send unreleased devices and software to users for testing.

Following poor sales and the organization’s declining revenue, it’s unsurprising to see this type of project come about. It’s a good way for HTC to open …


BBC Three will be switched off in February, but will the yoof follow it online?

The BBC Trust has confirmed that a gradual switch-off of its terrestrial BBC Three TV services will begin in January 2016, and will be complete by the end of February.

The organization first aired suggestions to radically overhaul its approach – primarily by moving to an on-demand model rather than …


Huawei’s Mate 8 is a mighty 6″ flagship for 2016 starting at $469

Huawei is betting big on large phones for 2016. It has unveiled the Mate 8 flagship handset, an updated version of last year’s Mate 7.

Like its predecessor, the 6-inch device supports dual LTE SIMs and features a 1080p display and a large 4,000mAh battery. It’s powered by a Kirin 950 octa-core …


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With …


This is Slack’s first ad campaign

Team messaging service Slack is set to unleash its first major ad campaign across the US and the Web. The creatives feature a riot of colors, sweets, animals and happy white-collar employees.

Accompanying the eye-popping imagery are stats on how Slack helps cut down on meetings and email, and boosts …


Google Translate’s Star Wars easter egg could help you chat with C-3PO

C-3PO is arguably one of the most well-versed characters in Star Wars. With fluency in over 6 million forms of communication, he can put most of us to shame.

Luckily, Google has added Aurebesh, the ancient written language used in the Star Wars movies, to Translate so you can brush up on your skills.


Google is sending Project Fi subscribers this brilliant Lego kit

Google Project Fi subscribers have received a gift for the holidays in the form of a build-your-own Lego charging stand.

The present has arrived with some of Google’s early customers ready to make in the colors of its mobile operator brand.

Project Fi, Google’s network-of-networks, piggybacks on the …


Zano drone makers blame manufacturing issues for its $3.5m Kickstarter failure

Torquing Group, the company behind the failed $3.5 million Kickstarter campaign to create a palm-sized autonomous drone, has published an explanation for why its project crashed and how it spent the money it raised.

The company said that difficult ‘upgrades’, delays and difficulties in manufacturing …


Raspberry Pi’s latest computer costs just $5

Raspberry Pi has just unveiled the Pi Zero, a programmable computer that costs only $5 — about as much as a cup of coffee.

Available from today, the Pi Zero is the charity organization’s smallest computer ever and packs enough power and components to match up to other offerings in the Pi family. In …

Raspberry Pi