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Asiana Plane Crash Passengers To Be Treated Differently By Courts In Compensation Hearings

SAN FRANCISCO -- When the courts have to figure compensation for people aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, the potential payouts will probably be vastly different for Americans and passengers from other countries, even if they were seated side by side as the jetliner crash-landed.

An international …


Asiana airlines nixes TV lawsuit over pilot names

Asiana Airlines has decided not to sue a local TV station over a broadcast in which the station falsely reported racist and offensive names for the pilots in the the airline’s crash landing in San Francisco, according to reports Wednesday.

An airline spokesman told CNBC that after KTVU’s public …


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SF plane crash: Responders turned chaos into hope



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Third victim dies from Asiana crash; runway reopens

Girl had been in critical condition in a San Francisco hospital. Runway reopens after wreckage removed.

A third child has died from the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco International Airport, hospital officials announced Friday afternoon.

San Francisco General Hospital officials said that the …


Samsung's Eun low-key about surviving SFO crash



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Chairman Hersman's final media briefing on Asiana flight 214 crash July 11, 2013

Photo of Asiana 214 debris field. All debris has been removed from runway and runway released to airport.#Asiana214 http://t.co/9kV91BYakZ

Photo of charred cabin interior of Asiana flight 214. #Asiana214 http://t.co/PkvZz7JjD6

SF plane crash 911 tapes reveal chaos



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Asiana Airlines Passengers' 911 Calls Released: 'We're Trying to Keep Her Alive'

Panicked passengers on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 pleaded with 911 operators to send first responders and ambulances to help the injured victims …

Asiana Passengers Called 911, Begged for Help

S.F. plane crash pilot says he was briefly blinded

The Asiana Airlines pilot who was flying the jetliner that crashed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday told investigators that a flash of light temporarily blinded him 34 seconds before impact, federal investigators said Wednesday.

The pilot, who was making his first approach into the …


Asiana Airlines crash investigation focuses on automated controls

Air accident investigators are focusing on the automated cockpit equipment in the Asiana aircraft that crashed at San Francisco airport, to determine …

San Francisco plane flight attendants thrown onto runway in crash

Two Asiana Airline flight attendants survived being ejected from the plane when it crashed in San Francisco.

Two flight attendants in the back of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 survived despite being thrown onto the runway when the plane slammed into a seawall and lost its tail during a crash landing at …


Why We're Getting So Much Info About The Asiana Crash

Seasoned aviation buffs are marveling at just how much information the National Transportation Safety Board is sharing about Saturday’s crash of a Boeing 777 jet in San Francisco.

Regulators have shared a plethora of insights about the jet, including the slow speed at which it was flying, the …


In China, Mourning The Loss Of Two Killed In Crash

Remembering the two teenage girls killed when Asiana Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco on Saturday. “Whenever anyone forgot to bring an umbrella, Wang would take you in under hers.”

Classmates shared photos of Wang Lin Jia (left) and Ye Mung Yuan (right), two victims of Sunday’s Asiana Flight 214 …


Pilot Interviews Will Answer What Went Wrong In SF Plane Crash

Martha Mendoza

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) -- Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was 500 feet up and about a half-minute from San Francisco International Airport when its speed dropped below the threshold for a safe landing speed. It continued slowing until just about 8 seconds before touch down when …

San Francisco plane crash: how injured flight attendant fought Asiana airline flames

Cabin manager Lee Yoon-hye, apparently the last person to leave the burning Asiana Airline flight which crashed while landing at San Francisco airport says concern for her own safety did not cross her mind as she worked to put out fires.

Packed with more than 300 people, an Asiana Airline flight