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Android Go’s second largest target market is the USA

One of the announcements during Google’s I/O opening keynote on Wednesday was Android Go, a new initiative to solve the problem of Android performance on devices with limited resources. Android Go takes it a step further and not only aims to solve problems around the price of hardware, but also the …

Target Market

G Suite gets more customization tools including new App Maker

As Google I/O 2017 starts to wind down and fans plot their new developments or their next big purchase based on Google tech, the enterprise market …


Google’s Dave Burke was asked about Fuchsia at I/O 2017 fireside chat, says it’s independent from Android

Google I/O 2017 has now wrapped up, but before it did, someone made sure to ask the Android development team about Google’s Fuchsia OS. The question was passed over to Dave Burke, Android’s VP of Engineering, who stated that Fuchsia was being developed independently from Android…<p>In his response, …


Missed the Google I/O keynote and breakout sessions? Here’s how you can catch up

Today is day three of I/O 2017, and that means that we are nearing the end of this year’s Google developer conference. So far we have seen the company announce new features coming to Android, VR, a bunch of new tools for developers to help them make great apps, and much more.<p>However, if you missed …

Project Treble will work with Google Pixel, could it mean longer support?

Just a week ago, we explained how Google is trying to speed up Android updates with Project Treble, and now we’ve learnt that Google’s very own Pixel smartphones will work with Project Treble once Android O arrives.<p>While Android has seen drastic improvements and dramatic changes over the last few …


Google now lets devs hide their Play Store apps from rooted devices

News of Netflix’s decision to hide its Play Store app from rooted devices was met with anger from those who like to add an extra layer of …


8 new Google Assistant features that make it much more powerful

The Google Assistant was the star of Google I/O for the second year in a row. Now that the technology has been available for well over a year, Google is adding numerous features that will expand the AI’s reach in Google’s quest to dominate your home.<p>In other words, expect to be talking to your …


Google wants AI to manage my relationships, and that might be a good thing

When Google said that not sharing photographs of your friends made you “kind of a terrible person” at this year’s I/O keynote, I bristled. The idea that its new Google Photos app would automatically suggest I share pictures with specific people sounded dystopian, especially because so much of the …


3 key takeaways from Google's I/O developer conference

There were dozens of individual announcements at Google I/O, but as the event wraps up, here are three broad themes that stood out:<p><b>1.</b> <b>No sexy new</b> …


3 injured after fire breaks out at Google conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say three people were injured after a kitchen fire broke out during Google's I/O developer conference at a California venue that normally hosts concerts.<p>It happened Thursday at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View.<p>Mountain View Fire Department …


Android O Quick settings have been slightly reworked [Diving into Android O]

Android O<p>Android Nougat<p>For every big change that comes with a new Android release, there are typically dozens, if not hundreds, of very minor changes that you might overlook at first glance. One of these such minor changes has to do with Quick Settings.<p>Going back a few years now, the quick settings …

Android O

Actions on Google and keyboard support in Google Assistant beginning to rollout

Announced at yesterday’s I/O keynote, support for typing in Google Assistant is beginning to rollout to some users, with a new keyboard icon appearing in the bottom left corner. Additionally, Actions on Google with new Explore and Your Stuff tabs are rolling out.<p>When you opt to use text input for …


You can now shop online with any card saved in your Google account

Google has made it easier for you to pay for goods and services in third-party apps, mobile websites, and even Google Assistant. You can now make a purchase with any card that’s saved in your Google account and not just those you added to Android Pay. These include the cards used on the Play Store, …


Google I/O: What’s in Store For the Future of Your Photos

Yes, it really is all about you.<p>Every year at Google I/O, the annual developer conference in California, the company's executives share their vision and plan for how new tech will seep into our lives over the next year.<p>That includes taking complex topics like machine learning and computer vision …


Android Device Manager is now Find My Device

Google’s Android Device manager, which allows you to do things like locate, lock, or wipe a lost device is a nifty tool with an unfortunate name – it doesn’t tell you much about what it actually <i>does.</i> But at Google I/O, the company has sneakily changed the name into something more sensible: Find My …


First Android Studio 3.0 preview offers faster build speeds, better diagnostics

Google has announced the first Android Studio 3.0 preview build via its Android Developers blog. The new version arrives with more than 20 improvements, but Google has put the focus on three major features: “a new suite of app performance profiling tools to quickly diagnose performance issues, …

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Android O devices will reboot twice as fast, app performance to substantially improve

During the keynote yesterday, Google has shared some great news regarding Android O: When compared to Nougat, the new version of the operating system will allow devices to reboot twice as fast. It’s true, you probably don’t reboot your smartphone on a regular basis. But you can’t get around it from …

Android O

Google Lens makes your camera smarter than you

On Wednesday, Google announced several Google Photos updates and unveiled Google Lens, which lets your phone's camera interpret people, places, and things in the pictures you take.

Google Photos

Google Expedition brings 3D objects to classrooms

Google Expedition brings 3D objects to classrooms with augmented reality. The technology was shown off at Google I/O, the company's annual developers' conference in Mountain View, California.<p>BBC North America technology reporter Dave Lee tried it out.<p>Video journalist: Cody Godwin.

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Google Wants to Be Everywhere With Everyone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Sometimes you just need to have a party, even if there’s nothing special to celebrate.<p>That was Google’s situation on Wednesday, when it held its annual conference for developers on a perfect spring day in the outdoor amphitheater adjacent to its Silicon Valley campus.<p>There …


At Google I/O, big ideas come in mini demos

Google I/O

Google’s version of Siri is now available on iPhones

BTW<p>Step aside Siri, Google Assistant is now on the iPhone.<p>Google announced during its I/O keynote it would bring its personal voice-guided assistant …

Google Assistant

Google Home just leapfrogged Amazon Echo at I/O 2017

Google just took the lead with a 2-hour keynote address.<p>Google I/O 2017 marked a massive improvement in Google Home's capabilities, the importance of …


Google Assistant helps with chores on LG appliances

Google Home's voice platform will soon be supported by some LG smart appliances. Today, as part of the company's I/O 2017 developers conference, LG revealed that its Signature-branded washing machines, dryers, fridges, ovens and air purifiers are getting a Google Assistant update later this month …

Google Assistant

You can finally use the keyboard to ask Google Assistant questions

Yay for typing<p>At long last, Google is enabling a keyboard in the Google Assistant. It will work on both Android and iPhone, and Google’s implementation is, well, exactly what you’d expect. When you open the Assistant, it defaults to voice, but you can hit a little keyboard button and get the …


'Actions on Google' lets app developers work inside Assistant

We've seen AI-powered chat bots spread across different services, but Google is opening up a way for more companies to get in on the action. With "Actions on Google," you can stay in your app (or talking to an Assistant-enabled device like Google Home) to do something like order food just by having …


Google I/O 2017 Opens: Pictures

Keyboard input is finally here for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is getting a bunch of new updates today at Google I/O and one of the most requested features is finally here: keyboard input. Now, instead of only being able to communicate with Assistant with voice, you can also type your queries…<p>Now, when you launch Google Assistant on a …


Google Home can soon cast its response to your TV

If you’ve ever wanted to see Google Home’s response in a screen bigger than your smartphone, Google’s soon adding the ability to do just that. Announced at Google I/O, you’ll soon be able to ask the Home things like, “Show me my calendar on the TV,” or “Show me nearby restaurants on the TV” and see …


Google Photos just hit 500 million monthly users — now it plans to make your camera roll obsolete

“Google Photos is on fire!” says a cheery David Lieb, who is standing outside a building on the company's Mountain View campus alongside every one of his fellow employees. A fire truck has just pulled into the parking lot, and an automated voice is calmly instructing everyone to evacuate. I have …