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A Guide to over 70 Cultural Landscapes in New York City

While Central Park might be New York City’s most prominent urban landscape, there are thriving wetlands, pocket parks, rustic cemeteries, and …

The Absolute Best Spots To Slurp Ramen In NYC

Ramen is one of my all-time favorite foods. And no, I don't mean the dried noodle-in-a-cup variety that I subsisted on in college. (Although, I still sometimes eat instant ramen with an egg dropped in and enjoy every second of it.) I'm talking about thick bone broths that have been cooked down for …

New York City

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The Paparazzi Dogs Arrive in Greenwich Village

They’re back! The Paparazzi Dogs have left the Pearl Street Triangle in Dumbo, and resettled at the Ruth Wittenberg Triangle in at the intersection …

New York City

Mesmerizing Aerial Photos of Vast Human Playgrounds

A new book takes a birds’ eye view of recreation spaces across the globe.<p>Feet planted firmly on a pier, you might see waves frothing at its sides, or birds plunging towards the water. At the Sepang Goldcast Resort in Malaysia, you might see people wandering in and out of bungalows. But you may not …


Things You Didn't Know About Katz's, NYC's Most Beloved Deli

Things you definitely already know about Katz’s: it’s a Lower East Side institution with a century-plus-long track record, Meg Ryan once faked an …

New York City

Mind-Bending Sculptures Made From Hundreds of Stock Photos

Type “beach” into Google search and you’ll get 2.1 billion hits. That includes more photos than you could ever possibly look at, made by …


Fall Fashion Inspiration From the Office to the Weekend, Courtesy of Editors

Some people work from home, not shedding their bathrobes until sundown; others slop into a disgusting getup and sit all afternoon in a latte factory, a laptop balanced on their ungracious knees. But those people are not you! You still go to an office, where you spend your days swanning around in a …


12 New Yorkers Give Advice About Halloween in NYC

<b>Sherry B. Bronfman</b><p>Even if you don’t have a party to go to, anybody can get dressed up. That's what New York City offers you: the opportunity to get …

New York City

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New York’s Most Iconic Buildings, Free from the City’s Frenzy

Imagine if buildings could talk. What would they say? That’s the premise of photographer Marc Yankus’s new exhibit at Clamp Art in New York, “The Secret Life of Buildings,” which seeks to immortalize the city’s iconic, and often overlooked, architectural triumphs, from the Dorilton apartments to …


This is the Future of Vintage Shopping

You never have to sift through racks of musty-smelling vintage clothes again.<p>"Those are very Vetements," noted <i>'s</i> Fashion Director, Kerry Pieri, as I pulled out a pair of tweed cigarette pants from an overstuffed bag of vintage T-shirts, jackets and jeans.<p>The bag had come from TagPop, a …


How has the Medium of Installation Changed the Face of Art ?

In the modern world where so many different art forms have been born, developed, explored and even forgotten over time, almost no other manifestation …


Best Street Art Murals of Last Year - Street Update #150

50. 2Alas and Case MaClaim in Miami<p><i>The incredulity of Saint Thomas</i> is a 16 century painting created by the <b>Baroque master Caravaggio</b> that served as an …


Monuments man: race car driver turned artist Salvatore Scarpitta's radical realist works

While fighting for the US navy during the Second World War, Italian-American artist Salvatore Scarpitta was a 'monuments man' – part of a team that traced and catalogued artworks stolen by the Nazis. This name now takes on new meaning, as an eight-year slice of the artist's monumental oeuvre goes …


seth casteel captures rescue kittens and cats mid-pounce

seth casteel captures rescue kittens and cats mid-pounce<p><b>seth casteel, the artist and author who brought us underwater puppies and underwater babies,</b> …


Broadway Play 'For Colored Girls' Inspires New Works from 20 Artists | The Creators Project

<i>My spirit is too ancient to understand the separation of soul & gender - Guro Ntozake, 2014, Margaret Rose Vendryes. Oil and cold wax on canvas, painted wood Guro mask, 36 x 78 x 5.5 in</i><p>The mission of the African American Museum in Philadelphia is to interpret art and history of black Americans. Its …


150-Year-Old Woodblock Prints Keep Japanese History Alive in New York | The Creators Project

<i>All images courtesy of Ronin Gallery.</i><p>When American warships appeared off the coast of Japan in 1853, it marked the country’s forced entry into a changing, increasingly global world. It was also the year that a young printmaker named Tsukioka Yoshitoshi would publish his first work. Gunboat …


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Martin Puryear’s ‘Big Bling’: Manhattan’s Spirit Animal?

THE DAILY PIC: Puryear's public sculpture feels like the beast within buildings, let out to play.<p><b>THE DAILY PIC</b> (#1658): Yesterday, Mad. Sq. Arts …

New York City

Art Miami, CONTEXT, and Aqua Art Miami Unleash Largest-Ever Contemporary Fair Program on Florida’s Shores

See what Nick Korniloff has up his sleeve.<p>The Nick Korniloff art fair empire is expanding in his hometown of Miami, so it is perhaps not all that …


Meditate to Monet at the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Quiet Mornings’ Sessions

Find your zen at MoMA.<p>What better way to start your day than by silently appreciating some world class art? That’s the thought, at least, behind the …


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