TV vs Reality: A Look Inside The Final Season of 'The Crown'

The first four episodes of the final season of The Crown just dropped, and from the first scene to the final one, they were all about Princess Diana's untimely death in a car accident on Aug. 31, 1997. Here's how some of the fictional depictions in the new season stack up to real-life events + spoilers and fun facts about the last episodes.

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TV vs Reality: A Look Inside The Final Season of 'The Crown'
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    Princess Diana's Death in 'The Crown' - Where The Show Got Creative and Stayed True to Real Life

    The season's fourth episode, appropriately titled "Aftermath," shows the events following Diana's Death. Here's how 'The Crown' portrayed the events and the moments they kept true to life.

    The tale presented on the show was a tragic one, in which Diana was the victim of the Fayed family's meddling and made few decisions of her own. As the book Diana: The Last Days put it, "On the night she died, Diana was traveling from a Fayed hotel to a Fayed apartment in a Fayed car with a Fayed driver, sitting next to Fayed's son and behind a Fayed bodyguard."

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