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PLYMOUTH, Pa. (AP) — Towns along the Susquehanna River are filled with people whose grandparents worked in coal mines, garment factories and small manufacturing companies. But those jobs are long gone in Luzerne County, and Wilkes-Barre, the county seat, has seen its population drop by more than …


Yes, Trump can make Mexico pay for the border wall. Here’s how.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto told an assembly of top diplomats last week that “Mexico of course will not pay” for Donald Trump’s wall. His predecessor, former president Vicente Fox, put it more bluntly in a tweet storm last week, declaring: “TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not …


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Putin Says He Doesn’t Believe Trump Met Prostitutes in Russia - Bloomberg

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t believe that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump met with prostitutes in Russia, calling the …


CNN adds Charles Ramsey, Rick Santorum to list of contributors

CNN is adding to its list of commentators and contributors in 2017, and a couple of prominent Pennsylvanians made the cut.<p>Network president Jeff …


Lincoln Bible, donated by Lincoln family to Library of Congress

What Oxfam’s misleading stat gets wrong about inequality

Every year, Oxfam adds up the wealth of the world’s poor, compares it to the wealth of the world’s ultra-rich, and comes out with some shocking …


Poll: Trump will take office as least popular president in at least 4 decades

After a tumultuous campaign and transition, President-elect Donald Trump will take the oath of office Friday as the least popular incoming president in at least four decades, but a majority of Americans nevertheless express optimism that he will be able to fulfill campaign pledges to boost the …


Watch Late Night: Seth Meyers "Only One Winner Is Allowed in Jake Tapper's Office" Interview

CNN's Jake Tapper chats with Seth about starting his first newspaper, JT's If You Please, at age six and explains why his office is decorated with …

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Watch Late Night: Seth Meyers "Jake Tapper Responds to Donald Trump's Attempt to Delegitimize CNN" Interview

CNN's Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper discusses the controversy surrounding CNN breaking a story about the Russian government's …

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David Fahrenthold, Washington Post reporter, becomes CNN contributor

<b>New York (CNN) —</b> Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, a breakout star of the 2016 campaign for his coverage of Donald Trump's foundation, is CNN's newest contributor.<p>Fahrenthold was introduced with his new title on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" on Monday night, making it official.<p>Like …

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CIA's Brennan Rejects Trump's Criticism

Outgoing Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan on Monday rejected Donald Trump’s suggestions that he may have leaked an unsubstantiated dossier on the president-elect while defending the U.S. intelligence community more broadly from Mr. Trump’s recent attacks on its credibility and …


More than 40 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trump’s inauguration

A growing group of Democratic lawmakers will boycott President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday as a protest of Trump’s worldview and his criticism of civil rights icon John Lewis, congressman of Georgia<p>There are now more than 40 House Democrats — 44, at last count — who have declared that …


LaGuardia TSA just seized my Zabar's cream cheese. 'It's spreadable,' the officer said. 'We can't let spreadables through.'

Mix has no radio edit

When you realize you accidentally bought and downloaded the radio-edit version of @SnoopDogg

Trump Warns on House GOP Tax Plan

President-elect Donald Trump criticized a cornerstone of House Republicans’ corporate-tax plan, which they had pitched as an alternative to his proposed import tariffs, creating another point of contention between the incoming president and congressional allies.<p>The measure, known as border …