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Report: Bergdahl intended to walk to nearest base

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told the military he left his unit in eastern Afghanistan in July 2009 intending to walk to the nearest U.S. military outpost to report wrongdoing, believing he could not trust his own commanders to deal with his concerns, according to sources familiar with the Army …

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New book calls for reforming Muslim faith

New book says we are at war with radical Islam. Author, Somali activist and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.

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Police: 2 -- maybe 3 -- missing in New York explosion

[Breaking news update, posted at 3:07 p.m. ET]

Investigators are looking into whether a gas line was "inappropriately accessed" at a building in New York's East Village before Thursday's powerful explosion injured more than 20 people, four critically, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday. Gas utility …


Investigators: Lubitz called 'unfit to work'

[Breaking news update, posted at 3:35 p.m. ET]

German authorities left Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's apartment in Dusseldorf on Friday night with boxes of papers and evidence folders after spending about 90 minutes inside, according to a CNN producer at the scene.

[Previous story, posted at …


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Chairman Royce Reacts as Iran Continues to Stonewall International Inspections | House Committee on Foreign Affairs - Ed Royce, Chairman

Reports indicate negotiators are weakening demands on Iran’s past bomb work

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House …

Middle East

Conversation: President Obama and David Simon

Tim Mak on Twitter

Menendez: "undue amount of trust.. in a negotiating partner that has spent decades deceiving the int'l community"

Buildings collapse, fire in NYC' East Village

Inspectors from New York's gas utility were at a building in Manhattan's East Village on Thursday a little more than an hour before a fiery blast injured at least 19 people, at least four critically, leveled the structure and a neighboring one, officials said.

The explosion appeared to be …

New York

Planes that were crashed on purpose

CNN's Tom Foreman takes a look at Germanwings Flight 9525 and other cases in which airplanes were crashed on purpose.


FBI assisting in crash investigation


Germanwings crash: Who was co-pilot Lubitz?

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's voice isn't heard in a recording of the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525.

But investigators say he was the one at the controls inside the cockpit, deliberately locking out the plane's captain and setting the plane on a crash course for the French Alps.

The only sound …


US military leaflet dropped over Raqqah: "Da'ish Recruiting Office," meat grinder labelled Da'ish. "now serving 6001"

How a new ‘religious freedom’ law could intensify the 2016 battle over religious right voters

Every once in a while, a controversial state bill gets a boost in attention and becomes the focus of a national debate. It happened with California’s …


A Novel Way to Mandate Sick Leave, From Microsoft

It is difficult to imagine, at least in the current political climate, that the federal government would require paid sick leave for workers, let alone vacation time.

But the White House announced Wednesday that senior officials, including the labor secretary, would begin a monthlong roadshow around …

Sick Leave

Did VA fail troubled Iowa veteran who froze to death? -

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)"I need help."

On February 15, Iraq War veteran Richard Miles entered a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, and told the staff: "I need help," according to hospital records obtained by CNN.

He had told friends he was going to check himself in. He …

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At the service for Iraq war veteran SGT Richard Miles, who took his own life last month.

Saudi-led airstrikes hit rebels in Yemen

Saudi and allied warplanes struck rebels in Yemen on Thursday, with Saudi Arabia threatening to send ground troops and inserting itself into its southern neighbor's civil war, potentially opening up a broader sectarian conflict in the Middle East.

The swift and sudden action involved 100 Saudi jets, …

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Co-pilot acted 'deliberately' to crash plane

Latest developments:

• Transponder data shows that the autopilot on Germanwings Flight 9525 was reprogrammed by someone in the cockpit to change the plane's altitude from 38,000 feet to 100 feet, according to Flightradar24, a website that tracks aviation data.

• Police searched Germanwings Flight …


New Bergdahl letter outlines torture

House Speaker John Boehner said Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is "innocent until proven guilty" after the U.S. military charged him with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, but emphasized in an exclusive interview with CNN's Dana Bash that he was more concerned about the circumstances of his …


In 2016 presidential campaign, the lament of the not-quite-rich-enough

At this point in the 2012 presidential race, Terry Neese was in hot demand.

“Gosh, I was hearing from everyone and meeting with everyone,” said Neese, …


#FreeThePress - PressUncuffed - Committee to Protect Journalists

Charge: Retaliatory

Charge: Anti-State

Charge: No Charge

Charge: Retaliatory

Charge: Anti-State

Charge: Anti-State

Charge: Anti-State

Charge: …

Committee to Protect Journalists

US begins airstrikes against Islamic State in Tikrit, supports Shiite militias

Islamic State (ISIS)

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