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'La La Land' Spotted on Brisk Morning Hike in Chappaqua

Bush offers muted criticism of Trump, talks Russia, travel ban, free press

<b>(CNN) —</b> Former President George W. Bush offered some muted criticism for President Donald Trump Monday during a wide-ranging interview on NBC's "Today" show that touched on Russia, the travel ban and the free press.<p>Bush said "we all need answers" regarding an investigation into reported ties …

Foreign Policy

"Irma La Douce" and "Tom Jones" winning Music Oscars®

Monday mood.

Second Anniversary of the Murder of Boris Nemtsov

On February 27, 2015, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was assassinated just outside the Kremlin. Today, United States Ambassador to Russia …

My goodness, this is obvious what's going on here.

Citing Space Constraints, Obama Campaign Kicks Off the Plane Reporters from Newspapers Whose Coverage it Doesn't Like

The Obama campaign has told three reporters they have to drop off the campaign plane this weekend. All three work for papers that endorsed Sen. John …

‘High Noon,’ the classic American film that almost got shot down

Two-thirds of the way into “High Noon,” Glenn Frankel’s aromatic blend of politics, personalities and showbiz, the book arrives at its most fascinating mash-up. This comes in the fall of 1951 at the mansion of Hollywood composer Dimitri Tiomkin. The maestro owes his success to westerns such as “Red …

The Arts

Obligatory #Oscars

Wounded warrior: I've done more with one leg, than I would have with two

<b>Crawford, Texas (CNN)</b> – Sixteen wounded veterans joined their former commander-in-chief, former President George W. Bush, for the Warrior 100k, a bike race to raise awareness for veterans issues.<p>One of the riders is 1st Lt. Melissa Stockwell, a retired Army cavalry officer participating in her …

Sean Spicer is losing his grip

Never let it be said that President Trump and his underlings don’t work hard, especially when it comes to initiatives aimed at smearing and stymieing the White House press corps. Let’s look at this crew’s throughput over just the past three days.<p><b>Friday afternoon</b>: White House Press Secretary Sean …

Donald Trump

Shulkin proposes eliminating 40-mile, 30-day rule for non-VA care

WASHINGTON – Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin on Sunday proposed eliminating a controversial policy that limits veterans from receiving …

Health Care

DC: Who's more self-important and bad at their jobs than us? LA: Hold my beer. #oscars

Proud of cast & crew of "The Salesman" for Oscar & stance against #MuslimBan. Iranians have represented culture & civilization for millennia


Oscars kinda... predictable! FiveThirtyEight algorithm went 8 for 8. Betting markets were good too.