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2 lawmakers save a man's life on Capitol Hill

Just call them Hill’s angels.<p>GOP Reps. Tim Murphy and Michael Burgess helped resuscitate a man in the Rayburn House office building this afternoon after he was found on the floor of an elevator unconscious and not breathing.<p>Murphy, a psychologist by trade, was with his staff waiting on an elevator …

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Donald Trump is normalizing bigotry

ONE OF the most disturbing aspects of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump is the legitimization it has provided for extremist discourse. Rhetoric that properly has been taboo in this country for a generation — overt racism, sexism, anti-Semitism — has begun to seep back into politics, with …

Donald Trump

The rescuer wept as this Syrian baby came back to life

<b>(CNN) —</b> Covered in dust and the remains of yet another airstrike in the Syrian city of Idlib, a young man clutches a small baby and cries.<p>It's hard to tell what his tears are for as he softly weeps in the back of an ambulance. Are they out of relief? Disbelief? It's mostly silent as gloved hands …


Byron York: Ominous signs for Donald Trump in new post-debate poll

A new Fox News national poll suggests Donald Trump suffered real damage in his first debate with Hillary Clinton — not just losing the debate but …

Byron York

2 Men Who Found Bomb in Chelsea Are Identified as Airline Security Guards

CAIRO — Two men who found a travel bag containing a bomb on a Manhattan street last month — and then walked off with the bag but left the bomb — were not just employees of EgyptAir but in-flight security officers for the carrier, two officials at the airline said on Friday.<p>Surveillance footage …


On October 1, 1940, Albert Einstein was sworn in as a United States citizen in Trenton, New Jersey.

It Took One Killer Question from Ted Cruz to Show Why Americans Should Fear Giving Up Internet Control

Senator Ted Cruz has been among a handful of conservatives fighting the Obama administration's allowance of a transfer of control over Internet …

Ted Cruz

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The front page #OTD in 1949. Mao Tse-tung becomes Chinese Head of State. #nytimes

On this date in 1975: Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frazier in "The Thrilla in Manila" in the Philippines.

Damn, I was so close to knowing....

Clinton mocks Sanders supporters in leaked fundraising recording

Leaked audio of a conversation between Hillary Clinton and donors during a February fundraising event shows the Democrat nominee mocking Bernie Sanders supporters as "children of the Great Recession" who are "living in their parents’ basement."<p>Speaking at a Virginia fundraiser hosted by former U.S. …

Hillary Clinton

Audio Reveals What John Kerry Told Syrians Behind Closed Doors

By ANNE BARNARD<p>false<p>1.475269206E9<p>1050<p>300<p>Interactive Feature<p>World<p>john-kerry-syria-audio<p>The New York Times<p>

John Kerry

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On

WASHINGTON — When Secretary of State John Kerry took the floor at the United Nations on Wednesday to deliver a searing denunciation of the airstrike on an aid convoy headed for the Syrian city of Aleppo President Obama was crosstown, at his Manhattan hotel, preparing for a day of diplomacy that …


Iconic '80s toy bear Teddy Ruxpin is back

<b>New York (CNN) —</b> Teddy Ruxpin, the iconic talking bear from the late '80s, is back -- and he's flaunting some timely upgrades.<p>The toy bear made a splash when he launched in 1985. He was a first-of-its-kind animatronic toy with motorized eyes and mouth, and he told stories through a cassette player …

And @MichaelRWarren wins the day's subhed contest

Full Fox News poll results 9/30


White House "corrects" transcript to remove Jerusalem location from Israel since issue to be settled in peace talks

Scientists report sexual harassment in labs

Several scientists have come forward, saying they were sexually harassed in the labs where they worked. CNN's Sara Ganim reports.


Baby rescued from rubble in Syria as violence worsens - CNN Video


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Panelist: Alicia Machado's past is fair game - CNN Video


Trump's 3 am Twitter tirade plays into Clinton's hands - CNN Video


Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.