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On Iran, a regrettable rush to judgment

My entire adult life has been driven by my deep concern and commitment to Israel’s security and survival. As soon as I was elected to Congress, I …

Middle East

Has Bishopville's 'lizard man' returned? Photo apparently shows fabled SC creature


The Cosby Show Producer Hopes People Will Still Watch The Show

“The legacy of the show is obviously very important to me,” said Tom Werner.

Despite the many, many allegations of sexual assault made against Bill Cosby, The Cosby Show producer is still hopeful that people will watch the show.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Werner who worked …

Bill Cosby

Chris Christie on race and police brutality

Chris Christie tells CNN's Jake Tapper there's still "a lot of work to do" to address racism and police brutality in the U.S.


Sanders wins support of environmental group that sees Clinton ‘equivocating’ - The Washington Post

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who has built his campaign largely on economic issues, picked up an endorsement Saturday from a national environmental group during a swing through New Hampshire.

The political arm of Friends of the Earth, which bills itself as the world's largest grass-roots …

Bernie Sanders

Wheaton College ends student health plans over birth control

WHEATON — Wheaton College in suburban Chicago says it will stop offering health insurance plans to students to avoid providing birth control coverage …

College & University

The Trouble with “White People”

Like the robot in a movie slowly discovering that it is, indeed, a robot, it feels as though we are living in the moment when white people, on a generational scale, have become self-aware. It’s one of the strange byproducts of the Obama era that many white people have begun to understand themselves …

Nicki Minaj

To My Fellow Moms, on the First Day of Kindergarten

Dear New Kindergarten Mom,

This morning, I bundled my boys into the stroller and went out for one last impromptu morning walk. Max will be starting kindergarten next week, and the days spent hanging out in our jammies and meandering to the nearest park or Starbucks are almost over. My best friend …


State of the Cartoonion: Cheesesteak Edition

GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker stopped in Philadelphia this week and indulged in a popular staple: the cheesesteak.


First GOP debate just days away

Our political panels discusses whether Trump will dominate the debate, and what to think about Walker's comments regarding President Obama's Christianity.

Republican Party

Biden 2016?

Our panel discusses a new report that says Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau, in the moments before his death, encouraged his father to run for president.

Joe Biden

Jon Stewart leaving show after 15 years

Later this week Jon Stewart will bid farewell as he hosts his final Daily Show.

Jon Stewart

Critics call Rand Paul weak on foreign policy

Some Republican rivals have had some tough things to say about Rand Paul's foreign policy views.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul calls Trump's rise "loss of sanity"

Does Rand Paul stand by his diagnosis of temporary insanity, regarding Trump's rise in the polls?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul vows to defund Planned Parenthood

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul joins Jake Tapper from Davenport, Iowa, where Paul was practicing with a local baseball team.

Rand Paul

Christie torn between "The Boss" and Bon Jovi

Gov. Chris Christie is torn between his longtime favorite Bruce Springsteen and close friend Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi

Christie: Obama "caved in" on Cuba

Gov. Chris Christie said President Obama was wrong to ease sanctions on Cuba without requiring a show of goodwill first.


Christie: Iran has been 'cheating for years'

Gov. Chris Christie called the search limits in the Iran deal "outrageous" and said Iran has been "cheating for years."

Middle East

Christie: Defund Planned Parenthood

Gov. Chris Christie called on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood after the release of "deplorable" sting tapes from an anti-abortion group.

Planned Parenthood

Christie: Arm allies to defeat ISIS

Gov. Chris Christie said his plan to defeat ISIS would emphasize arming US allies in the Middle East, but said he wouldn't rule out boots on the ground.


Christie defends changing gun control position

Gov. Chris Christie defended his flip on gun control and said he has changed positions on "a lot of things."


Christie: Impossible to forcibly deport 11 million

Gov. Chris Christie said Donald Trump's immigration proposals are impractical, pointing to the impossibility of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants.


Christie: Teachers' union deserves 'punch in the face'

Gov. Chris Christie bashed the national teachers' union, calling them the "single most destructive force" in education.

Chris Christie

Christie on Trump: 'Anybody can do well for a month'

Gov. Chris Christie told Jake Tapper that it's "premature" to dismiss Donald Trump before the debates.


Chris Christie 'confident' he'll make debate stage

Gov. Chris Christie isn't worried that he won't make the Republican top ten qualifying for next week's debate.