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Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits

Google spent years studying successful teams and discovered insights that could forever change how teams are assembled.<p>Over the years, Google has embarked on countless quests, collected endless amounts of data and spent millions trying to better understand its people. One of their most interesting …


How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

Tony Robbins: Time Management (Tony Robbins Unshakeable) - Motivation Video

Tony Robbins

Stop Holding on: It's Time to Let Employees You Like Go

When multiple employees are complaining about a co-worker -- even one you really like -- that's an unmistakable red flag.<p>The dread of firing someone is especially intense when leaders have to let a well-liked employee go. Like many employers, Sam Borcia, CEO of CoFlex, has experienced this dread …


'It drove me nuts': A leadership expert explains how an old boss' frustrating habit made him a better employee

As a manager, it can be tempting to tell every single member of your team exactly what they should be doing, so no one messes things up for you.<p>It's a surefire strategy for producing great results in the short term: having all those clones of you running around the office. It's also a surefire …


Tony Robbins: Who Are You, and Why Are You Here? ( Tony Robbins Depression )


Tony Robbins: Failure Is Your Friend - Motivation Video

Tony Robbins

IMPACT - Advice on the 6 Human Needs by Mr. Tony Robbins - Rob Buser

Tony Robbins

5 Surefire Strategies To Be Massively Productive From Anywhere

Something has changed. A quick observation reveals that an increasing number of professionals are taking their careers and futures into their own hands – sometimes this even means making a career out of their side hustle. Shifting workplace trends allow all of us to reimagine the world of work, …

Gary Vaynerchuk

Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek - Mindset Toolkit Podcast (podcast)

M<p>Mindset Toolkit Podcast<p>M<p>Mindset Toolkit Podcast<p>M<p>Mindset Toolkit Podcast<p>M<p>Mindset Toolkit Podcast<p>M<p>Mindset Toolkit Podcast<p>M<p>Mindset Toolkit …

How to Conquer Your Greatest Fear

The easy change you can make to get Arnold Schwarzenegger-level confidence<p><i>In his latest column for</i> Men's Health<i>, Tim Ferriss, author of</i> Tools of Titans <i>and creator of</i> The Tim Ferriss Show<i>, Ferriss tackles how to use your fears as fuel.</i><p>In 2004, I was doing better than ever financially, and my …


Māori Women’s Leadership Forum discuss gender pay gap


[Video] Senior Leadership and Culture Transformation

Thanks for reporting a problem. We'll attach technical data about this session to help us figure out the issue. Which of these best describes the …

Automated Thought Leadership? Avoid This Mistake

Two PR emails I received have compelled me this week, one in an extremely negative way and the other for good. First, the bad.<p>I was startled to receive a pitch about an “automated PR and content service,” that proclaimed<p>We extract your thoughts and expertise.<br>• We build your content strategy.<br>• We craft …

Public Relations

The 5 Greatest Obstacles to Success -- and How to Crush Them

Nobody sets out with a plan to fail, but so often people let obstacles get in the way of their success.<p>Nobody sets out with a plan to fail, but so often people let obstacles get in the way of their success. I meet thousands of people at conferences, hockey rinks and movie sets around the world that …


On Mentoring: A Brain to Pick, an Ear to Listen, and a Push in the Right Direction

<i>“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” —</i> …

The One Quality That Will Make You Into A Great Leader - Lolly Daskal | Leadership

Many people have different ideas about what makes great business, great leadership, great influence.<p>Some base it on results, profit or success, but …


Tony Robbins How to Attract What You Want Law of Attraction


A leadership expert explains why everyone should do the 'friends test' before heading into a job interview

I've fumbled the "tell me about yourself" part of at least one job interview — it's harder than it sounds, guys!<p>So I was intrigued by the idea that there's an easy way to prepare a thoughtful, genuine to answer to the question.<p>It's called the "friends test," and it comes from Simon Sinek, who is a …


Reasons Why People Don't Get Wealthy - Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins: Beliefs That Hurt Your Relationships (Tony Robbins Relationships) - Motivation Video


CIPFA conference: CFOs should be the 'seat of wisdom' in an organisation

Tony Robbins Motivation - SELF DISCIPLINE

Making Disappointment, Failure And Rejection Work For You

, CommunityVoice<p>Shutterstock<p>How many times have you experienced disappointment, failure or rejection and had a bad day, week or month as a result? It’s time to break free from the stress, anger, frustration and hopelessness this can cause, and start shifting into a more peaceful, productive and …


5 Leadership Habits All Great Bosses Share

These tactics will help your employees grow and help you build strong relationships.<p>Truth talk: Being a manager is hard.<p>You may not be 100% prepared for the demands of a job that requires handling individual personalities, motivations, and work styles. Doing the work becomes the simple part; …


The Leadership Gap That You and the World's Most Prominent CEOs Have in Common

Work issues are similar, whether you manage two or thousands.<p>On the surface, it seems like the concerns of a Fortune 500 CEO are drastically different than a manager of four employees, but as leaders, they actually have a lot more in common.<p>According to Lolly Daskal’s new book<i>The Leadership Gap:</i> …


Stop Worrying What Other People Think | Gary Vaynerchuk

For India's CEOs, growth comes before ethics, finds EY study

<i>Image: Shutterstock (For illustrative purposes only)</i><p>At a time when investment in corporate compliance programmes is at an all-time high in the Asia …

Simon Sinek | Behind the Brand #131