The Controversy Over 'Swarm'

Donald Glover's Amazon Prime series has been well-received by some critics, who've called it a "stinging satire" and "fascinating." But the seven-part series about a superfan of a Beyoncé-like performer has also come in for criticism, in particular from Black women, who say the characterization of the protagonist, Dre, is steeped in misogynoir. Here's a look at the controversy and reviews. Plus, which former White House resident was part of the writing team?

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The Controversy Over 'Swarm'
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    Why THere's Controversy Over Swarm

    Misogynoir, excessive violence and an unflattering portrayal of the Beyhive are some of the criticisms that have been leveled against the limited series.

    Swarm isn’t a love letter to Black women. It’s hate mail.

    Swarm isn’t a love letter to Black women. It’s hate mail.

    Cast, Crew and Behind-the-scenes intel

    A look at the actors, music, celeb cameos — and Malia Obama's contribution to "Swarm."

    Is the Series Actually Any Good?

    Critics are divided over whether "Swarm" is actually a good show.

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