Remembering Leslie Jordan

The beloved actor and comedian has died at age 67 after a car accident. His career spanned almost 40 years and included roles in "Hearts Afire," "American Horror Story" and "Will & Grace," for which he won an Emmy Award. With the start of the pandemic, he also became known for his Instagram account, where he shared everything from his thoughts on "WAP" ("I guess every garbage can has its lid") to baton-twirling. Here's a look at his life and what he meant to members of the LGBTQ+ community

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Remembering Leslie Jordan
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    The Emmy-Winning Actor and Comedian Has Died at age 67

    Jordan's career included acting, writing, social media, and country music.

    Leslie Jordan, beloved actor and social media star, dead at 67

    Leslie Jordan, beloved actor and social media star, dead at 67

    CNN - Lisa Respers France

    His Best Moments

    "Daddy, watch me twirl!"

    Tributes from celebrities and the LGBTQ+ Community

    Anderson Cooper, Dolly Parton and Michelle Pfeiffer pay tribute — as do members of the LGBTQ+ community who say he inspired them.

    His Last Interview

    Jordan sat down with CBS News' Anthony Mason just a few weeks ago.

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