How Do People Get Nominated For Oscars?

Brit Andrea Riseborough was a surprise best actress nominee for her turn in the little-seen movie "To Leslie," and now the Academy is investigating how that nomination was achieved. Here's a look at the murky world of Oscar lobbying, how the nomination and voting system works, and why Riseborough's nomination has led to a revival of the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag.

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How Do People Get Nominated For Oscars?
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    How Oscar Nomination and Voting Works

    There are thousands of Academy members who can nominate movies in their own branches — editors nominate editors and actors nominate actors. Anyone can nominate for best picture, and all members vote on the nominees to the determine the winners.

    How Does Oscar Voting Work?

    How Does Oscar Voting Work?

    Every year, controversy mounts over some Oscar selection. Whether it’s the lack of women director nominees, not enough racial diversity among the …

    Who Influences the Oscars?

    Professional lobbyists are paid millions to strategize Oscar campaigns — unsurprisingly, given that an Oscar win can deliver a huge audience for your movie. Andrea Riseborough's campaign has been more subtle, involving the use of celebrity friends.

    How to win an Oscar

    How to win an Oscar

    Vox - Alissa Wilkinson

    Campaigning for an Oscar is a lot like campaigning for public office, with a weird twist: In the movie business, you’re supposed to pretend you’re chill about the whole thing — not here to win, just here for the artistic conversations and interesting people. You can’t look like you’re asking for …

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