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Problem solving by a clever crow

Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape

Crows Playing On A Snowy Car

Science Today: Crow Intelligence | California Academy of Sciences

Crow and cat

Crow Intelligence - Multi-Step Tool Action Test

Crows' brains are a lot like ours - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience | NBC News

Crows don't forget a face — and they hold grudges, too.<p>Researchers in Seattle revealed last year that captured crows remember the face of their abductor. Even though years had passed since they saw the threatening face, the crows in the experiment would taunt their captor and dive-bomb him, …

Crow Intelligence Study Suggests The Birds Have 'Theory Of Mind'

<b>By Michael Balter</b><p>Are crows mind readers? Recent studies have suggested that the birds hide food because they think others will steal it -- a complex intuition that has been seen in only a select few creatures. Some critics have suggested that the birds might simply be stressed out, but new research …

Porcupine Quills Removed From Injured Crow (VIDEO)

Literature has been immensely successful at painting ravens and crows in an ominous light, but the amazing video above might just change your disposition towards the birds.<p>YouTube user iluvdodge9 recently published a video depicting a woman removing porcupine quills from an injured crow or raven. …

A Day in the Life of a Crow Researcher in New Caledonia

Human Journey<p>From morning battery charging through evening data entry, watch the video for a glimpse of what the daily life of a crow researcher is like!<p>Oh, of course, I ended up making another table. This time, however, it turned out much better! I discovered that the order in which the pieces are …

How did crows develop a social safety net?

A lot of crows come to my backyard looking for peanuts, but this group of five was different. They were scrappy, with tattered white bits of down …

Nepal's 'Bird Brother' Seeks To Highlight Conservation Through Shows, 'Crow Conferences'

By Gopal Sharma<p>KATHMANDU (Reuters) - A young man with a microphone stepped onto a small stage and cawed like a crow. Minutes later, hundreds of noisy birds circled above him, perched on trees and sat on roof tops, astounding the crowd at a show called the "crow conference".<p>Gautam Sapkota, fondly …

The Mysterious Tool-Making Culture Shared by Crows and Humans

Many animal species use tools, from insects, elephants and sea urchins to apes, badgers and octopuses, but there are only two animals who make hooks …


Eat Crow If You Think I’m A Bird-Brain

<b>Eat Crow If You Think I’m A Bird-Brain</b><p>Scientists have long suspected that corvids – the family of birds including ravens, crows and magpies – are highly intelligent. Now, Tübingen neurobiologists Lena Veit und Professor Andreas Nieder have demonstrated how the brains of crows produce intelligent behavior when the birds have to make strategic decisions. Their results are published in the latest edition of Nature Communications.<p>Crows are no bird-brains. Behavioral biologists have even called them …

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