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Chipperfield unveils design for partially buried concert hall in Germany

David Chipperfield Architects has released images of its design for a half-submerged concert hall bracketed by textured concrete walls in southern …


High office: perfectly tailored suites for our top-level execs

MVRDV's Book Mountain Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

<b>MVRDV</b>’s “mountain of books” in the center of Spijkenisse’s town market square has just been announced as winner of the internationally acclaimed red …


The LARK: A Hub for Adventurers in Bozeman, Montana

Opened in April, 2015, The LARK is a new, downtown hotel that welcomes guests who arrive in Bozeman, Montana for adventure seeking. Originally built …


The Self Sustaining Kitchen

A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Future Kitchen brings a whole new meaning to “farm-to-table” foods by producing fruits and …



The First Shipping Container House We've Seen That Actually Looks Awesome

An airy forest home courtesy of architect David Fenster's design skills<p>To be blunt, most houses we've seen that are built out of shipping containers …

Shipping Containers

Ceramic Glasses Reveal the Different Phases of the Moon as You Drink

It’s now possible to synchronize the look of your drink with the phases of the moon, thanks to Korean design studio Tale. They’ve created beautiful ceramic Moon Glasses that mimic cyclical lunar faces once you’ve poured your beverage in—it's especially effective with a white-colored refreshment …



Special Umbrellas' Designs Change When Wet to Brighten a Dreary Day

Pattern- and color-changing umbrellas are here to help you defeat those rainy day blues. Aside from being a necessary source of protection during a rainstorm, these canopied accessories can also act as a mood-booster thanks to a few clever designers. We've all seen those fun, rainbow umbrellas that …

Fashion (India)

10 Remarkable Finalists in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 Contest

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of our favorite photography competitions, and they’ve recently revealed a first look at ten of the contest’s finalists. These chosen images are all visually stunning, depicting scenes that range from poignant to heartwarming to bizarre. Wrestling Komodo …

Nature Photography

Idiophone-inspired Audio

Inspired by the instrument of the same shape, the Spangle (speaker + triangle) is a minimalist take on wireless audio that maximizes directional …


A Fresh, Happy Holiday Apartment in Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Tyche Apartment serves as a holiday residence for an Italian family. Designed by CaSA Colombo and Serboli …

Interior Design



Whimsical Faucets Incorporate an Unexpected Sense of Humor

Japanese company Kakudai has shown that whimsicality can come in an unexpectedly small package. The business carries an array of fanciful faucets that are sure to make you smile, laugh, and feel a tad bit nostalgic for a time when your imagination was wild and free. Some are shaped like teapots, …


“Muji Is Not A Trend”: How Design Fuels Muji’s Growth

The pioneering “no brand” brand views design as a solution for problems we encounter daily.<p>With around 400 stores in Japan alone, and another 300 operating internationally, housewares brand Muji shows no signs of slowing its rapid clip of expansion. For the past 35 years, the company has …


Interview: Exploring the Ocean Depths with NatGeo Traveler Photo Contest Winner Anuar Patjane Floriuk

We recently announced the winners of the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Now, we bring you an exclusive interview with photographer Anuar Patjane Floriuk, who took home the contest's grand prize for his breathtaking underwater shot of scuba divers swimming close to a humpback whale …

Scuba Diving

Photographer Documents the Beautifully Uncommon Friendship Between a Wolf and a Bear

Finnish Photographer Lassi Rautiainen expertly captures the beautiful relationship that's shared between a gray wolf and a brown bear. One wouldn't normally see this type of companionship in the wild, but these two seem to have a perfectly symbiotic connection. “No one can know exactly why or how …


Stunning Photos of Surging Ocean Waves Frozen in Time

Australian photographer Ray Collins uses his camera to highlight the ephemeral beauty of ocean waves as they surge and break in cascades of sea foam. The photographer swims out to sea each day, hoping to capture the spontaneous moments when sun-dappled water crests into recognizable shapes like …


Chris Rivera – Conceptual Photographer

Conceptual Photography by Chris Rivera.<p>Chris Rivera is a Los Angeles, California based photographer focusing on conceptual image creation. His …


Playful Scenes Captured Subsurface by the Pioneer of Underwater Photography in 1938

When it comes to underwater photography, few have the lifetime's worth of knowledge and innovation that Bruce Mozert possesses. Born in Ohio in 1916, Mozert moved to New York to become a photographer at a young age. In 1938, while en route to Miami for an assignment, he stopped at the Florida state …

Underwater Photography