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A Car Slowly Drove By an Anti-Abortion Prayer Vigil Outside Planned Parenthood. What Happened Next Had the Bomb Squad on the Scene.

A Texas woman is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge after allegedly tossing a Molotov cocktail at pro-life protesters who were holding a prayer vigil outside of an abortion clinic in Austin, Texas, on Monday night.

Melanie Toney, 52, is accused of slowly driving by the group of …

Planned Parenthood

The Three Key Components That Lead Atheists and Agnostics to Reject God’s Existence

There are three key components that lead skeptical Americans to reject God’s existence, according to new research on atheism and agnosticism: rejection of the Bible, a failure to trust local churches and a secular worldview that is reinforced through culture.

The Barna Group, a research firm that …


These Churches Have Been on a ‘Collision Course’ With the Episcopal Church Over Views of Jesus and Gays. And the Battle Is About to Heat Up.

The Episcopal Church has announced that it will fight back against a recent ruling that granted a breakaway denomination in South Carolina the rights to names, symbols and $500 million in church property.

The denomination will ask the Supreme Court of South Carolina to immediately hear the case …

Episcopal Church

How I Managed My Grief and Loss of My Child to Live a Life of Hope and Joy

Grief is a four-letter word. Yes, I can count, but as a grieving mother, it’s a four-letter word in my book.

Just the sound of it is heavy, sad and depressing. Most people avoid it at all cost, just like they avoid me. While I’ve gotten used to the pitiful glances, if you give me five minutes I’ll …


Famed Pastor’s Passionate Sermon About Adultery, ‘Sexual Trysts’ and What It Truly Means to Know God

John Piper, a prominent theologian and pastor, is no stranger to analyzing and critiquing what leads his fellow faith leaders to make sinful mistakes, and in a recent sermon he outlined exactly why he believes many preachers and Biblical experts still commit adultery — a sin that is explicitly …


‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Under Fire Over Graphic Comments About Atheists, Rape and Murder

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is once again under fire after offering up a graphic example involving atheists, rape and murder during a prayer breakfast speech that he delivered last Friday — comments that have left his critics reeling.

But John Bona, founder and co-chair of the Vero Beach …


Navy Commander Just Took Major Action Against a Chaplain in an Effort to ‘Punish and Humiliate’ Him, Attorneys Claim

Update: Joint Base Charleston responded to TheBlaze on Thursday morning, claiming that a “no contact” order was not issued to Chaplain Modder. The brief response read, “A ‘no contact’ order was never issued to the chaplain by CAPT Fahs or Joint Base Charleston leadership.”

The ongoing battle between …


The Real ‘War On Women’ is Happening in the Middle East

While the radical feminists in the U.S. continue their hysterical push for abortions after five months of pregnancy, TheBlaze reports that another Afghan woman was killed at the hands of Islamists extremists.

This is what you can really call a “war on women.” These stories are not uncommon.

Concerned …

International Relations

‘Whoa!’: Look Closely at This Photo of Three Kids Dangerously Hitching a Subway Ride. Do You See the ‘Creepy’ Image Beneath Them?

After a stunned onlooker snapped a picture of three kids who were dangerously hitching a ride on the back of a New York City subway car and submitted it to a local blog, readers noticed something else in the photo that some are calling “creepy.”

Upon close examination, an image at the bottom of the …

New York

This Boy Lied About Visiting Heaven During a Near-Death Experience. Now, a Popular Christian Bookseller Has a Major Announcement.

A popular Christian company has decided to pull all sales of “heaven visitation items” from its stores and website — a decision that was announced this week just two months after Alex Malarkey, who claimed in the 2010 book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” that he visited heaven during a medical …

Conservative News

Why Professional Atheists Like Richard Dawkins Are Wrong About Religion

To claim that we don’t need God to know we have to be good people is like thinking that we don’t need farms because we can get fruits and vegetables from the supermarket.

To claim that all religion is foolish because people disagree about religious matters is like thinking that we should do away …


‘America Is Quickly…Fragmenting’: Filmmakers Want America to Get Back to God and Prayer Before Things ‘Get Worse’

The Kendrick brothers — the filmmakers who brought audiences “Flywheel,” ”Courageous,” “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants” — are back with “War Room,” a new faith-based movie that offers up a pointed message about the power of prayer.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the brothers behind the film, told …


Pastor Says Christians Have So Terribly Handled This Issue That It Will Be the ‘Talk of the Church for the Next 10 to 15 Years’

Pastor and author Jarrid Wilson believes that it’s “bogus” and “fraudulent” when people claim to be Christians, but don’t actually follow Jesus’ teachings, and he’s hoping to challenge believers through his new book to embrace an authentic, Bible-based faith.

Wilson, 26, the next-gen pastor of …


She’s About to Go on a Disgusting Rant About a Child in a Grocery Store

A Texas woman’s video rant about a poorly behaved child she observed inside of a grocery store has gone viral, with her suggestion that the mother should “kill it, give it away or leave it at home” raising quite a few eyebrows.The woman in the clip, which was recorded on a cell phone and seemingly …

Grocery Stores

Photo Purports to Show Receipt Given to Christian Who Paid Protection Tax to the Islamic State

A photo has emerged purporting to show a receipt issued to a Syrian Christian living under Islamic State rule who was forced to pay a jizya protection tax to the extremist group aiming to establish a caliphate in Iraq, Syria and beyond.

The website MCN, which covers news about the Middle East’s …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Christian Street Preacher Convicted Over Sermon About Homosexuality After Judge Reportedly Lectures Him About Using the Wrong Verse in Leviticus

A United Kingdom judge reportedly chastised a street preacher for using the wrong Bible verse during a debate about homosexuality last year, finding him guilty of a public order offense and ordering him to pay a fine.

District Judge Shamim Ahmed Qureshi told Michael Overd, a preacher who regularly …


When 200 Christian Teachers Requested Good Friday Off, They Were Reportedly Met With a Response That Has Their Union Suing

A teachers’ union is suing a Rhode Island school district over the claim that 200 Christian teachers were denied requests to take Good Friday off from work, with the union claiming that the decision denies educators the two religious days that they are afforded in their contract.

The Cranston …

Conservative News

A Widower Had No One to Join Him for His Wife’s Memorial, Until Someone Posted a Heartbreaking Photo of Him Alone at Her Grave

A stranger passing through the cemetery in Petah Tikva snapped a photo of the man, later identified as Binyamin Zohar, and posted it on Facebook, telling others about the widower who had nobody to mourn with him for his wife of 50 years, Viola, who died two years ago after an illness.

“Not a day …

Conservative News

Preacher Who Believes the ‘Blood Moons’ Are a Prophetic Sign From God That a ‘Great Trial’ Is Coming for Israel Responds to His Critics

Pastor John Hagee, whose new documentary, “Four Blood Moons” is headed to 700 theaters nationwide for a one-night only presentation on Monday evening, believes that his critics are wrong to dismiss the controversial theological framework at the center of the film.

The movie, much like a book he …


Follow God and Say No to Your Kids – Sometimes

As you read this — no matter where you live — this scene is available in a store near you.

A child looks up at Mom or Dad and asks for something they want, but almost most certainly doesn’t need. If the answer is “no,” the child often asks again in a different tone and rhythm.

Like a composer, they …


Pastor Who Heads New Alternative Denomination Reveals Why He Believes the Nation’s Largest Presbyterian Denomination Has Endorsed Gay Marriage

Following the decision by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to change its official definition of marriage as being from “a man and a woman” to “two people, traditionally a man and a woman,” it’s unclear how theologically conservative member churches will respond.

It’s no secret that the nation’s largest …


She Was a Famous Porn Star Who Left the Industry After Finding God. And Here’s What Happened After She Took a Year Away From Dating.

Ex-porn star Brittni Ruiz says God has “transformed” her heart and mind, and that her highly publicized exit from the adult film industry after converting to Christianity also lead her closest family members to join the faith.

Ruiz, 27, who appeared on The Church Boys podcast over the weekend, dove …


Moments Before Explosion at Yemen Mosque, Worshipers Were Chanting ‘Death to America’ and ‘Victory to Islam’

Newly translated video from inside one of the Yemeni mosques targeted in Friday’s suicide bombings purports to show worshipers shouting anti-American and anti-Jewish slogans the moment one of the bombs exploded.“Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam. Allah akbar. …


‘You Have Sinned Against Us’: Pastors Pen Open Letter Rebuking Franklin Graham for Viral Facebook Post Addressed to ‘Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and Everybody Else’

Some faith leaders are pushing back against famed evangelist Franklin Graham after he wrote a Facebook post addressed to “blacks, whites, Latinos, and everybody else,” in which he proclaimed that “most police shootings can be avoided,” and that teaching “respect for authority and obedience” is …


‘Islam…Is Not a Religion of Peace’: Ex-Muslim Activist Calls for Major Reform of the Faith

Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim-turned-atheist who is calling for major reforms to Islam, has never been shy about criticizing her former faith, proclaiming in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” that Islam is “not a religion of peace.”

“Islam, unreformed today, is not a religion of peace,” Ali …


Watch How Jews Defend Themselves When a Mob Tries to Storm a London Synagogue

At least six have been arrested after a group of some 20 men tried to storm a London synagogue late Saturday night, only to be repelled by worshipers using chairs, a mop and makeshift wooden clubs fashioned out of furniture pieces.

Video showed that the intruders repeatedly shouted expletives, broke …

Conservative News

Petraeus: ISIS Is Not Biggest Threat to Iraq, but Iran's Shia Militias Controlled by Grand Ayatollah Sistani

Former Army Gen. David Petraeus, who was recently in Iraq for the first time in more than three years, told a newspaper that Iranian-backed Shia …

Middle East

They Had to Call Out the Riot Police to Protect This Man Who Was Just Ordained a Catholic Bishop — Because He’s Accused of a Disgusting Crime

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A bishop was ordained in southern Chile on Saturday amid riot police and shouting protesters who accuse him of covering up crimes of a mentor the Vatican has sanctioned for abusing young boys.

Hundreds of churchgoers dressed in the black of mourning denounced the 58-year-old …


Here Are the Actors Who Will Play Willie, Korie, Miss Kay and the Gang in the New ‘Duck Dynasty’ Musical

Fans of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” will be delighted to learn that “The Duck Commander Musical” — the stage play centered around the famed Robertson family — is slated to premiere next month in Las Vegas, with tickets for the show already on the market.

With the tagline, “How faith, family and ducks built …

Conservative News