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‘Should Christians Own Guns?’ Theologian’s Big Challenge to Believers About the Mixture of Faith and Firearms

Theologian Krish Kandiah, president of the London School of Theology, an evangelical school in Middlesex, United Kingdom, has a key question for people who embrace biblical sentiment: “Should Christians own guns?”

It’s a curiosity that holds the power to spark intense debate in America, where 42 …


Gay Magazine Editor’s Message About ‘Petty Tyrants Exploding in Anger’ Over Christian Businesses Like Memories Pizza

The editor-in-chief of Out magazine, a gay lifestyle publication, wrote an op-ed this week addressing the recent fury surrounding Memories Pizza, the shop at the center of controversy after its owner said that she wouldn’t cater a hypothetical gay wedding, wondering whether the anger and mob …


Lesbian Brides-to-Be Demand Refund From Jewelry Store After Noticing Controversial Sign About Marriage Inside the Shop

The owner of a Canadian jewelry store who posted a sign defending traditional marriage inside of his store is under attack, reportedly receiving threats, demands for refunds and intense public scrutiny.

Today’s Jewellers in Newfoundland recently came under fire after a lesbian couple went in and …


The Reported ‘Sin’ That Led to This Pastor’s Abrupt Resignation

A pastor who reportedly opposes homosexuality and has made negative comments about the transgender movement recently resigned from his church position following the revelation that he had a profile on Grindr, a hookup app for gay men.

The Rev. Matthew Makela, a married father of five, worked at St. …


Atheist Activist Hatches New Plan to Strike ‘In God We Trust’ From U.S. Currency — and One Liberal Site Says ‘It Might Just Work’

Over the years, atheists have worked diligently — yet unsuccessfully — to seek the removal of “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency, though one prominent activist is hatching a new plan that he hopes will finally turn the tide on the issue.

Michael Newdow, a lawyer and emergency room doctor who has …


The Girl Scouts Transgender Stance That Has Conservatives Up in Arms: ‘Stop This Nonsense…Now!’

Conservative critics are once again expressing frustrations with the Girl Scouts of America over the group’s transgender policy — and a recent blog post that affirms its stance.

Titled, “The Meaning of ‘Serving All Girls,’” and written by Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, who is identified as a “chief …

Girl Scouts

Bakery Found Guilty of Discrimination and Fined for Refusing to Make ‘Support Gay Marriage’ Cake — but the Owners Aren’t Backing Down

A bakery in Northern Ireland that refused to make a cake with the message “support gay marriage” has been found guilty of discrimination.

Belfast County Court Judge Isobel Brownlie ruled that Ashers Baking Company in Belfast violated the law when its Christian owners declined to make the cake for …


Do These Revelations Spell Major Trouble for the Presbyterian Denomination That Recently Embraced Gay Marriage?

Major membership and congregational declines continue for Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the mainline denomination that recently changed its definition of marriage to include gay couples.

As debate centers around the denomination’s decision to change the matrimonial definition from “a man and a …


‘Everybody Cried’: 11 People Inside a Waffle House Watched in Awe as a 5-Year-Old Boy Put His Faith to Action

Josiah Duncan, a 5-year-old boy from Prattville, Alabama, was eating with his mother at a Waffle House restaurant when he noticed a dirty-looking man holding a bag outside. He was immediately curious and concerned.

Even after his mother, Ava Faulk, explained that the man was “homeless,” the boy …

Conservative News

It Turns Out Mahmoud Abbas May Not Be Pope’s ‘Angel of Peace’ After All

New doubts are being raised over media reports that Pope Francis called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an “angel of peace” — now from the Vatican’s top spokesman.

Bloggers initially raised questions over the media translation of the pope’s quote. On Monday, the Vatican’s chief …

Mahmoud Abbas

‘It Rocks Everyone Who Sees It to the Core’: Hollywood Director Reveals Why His New Film Could Have a Big Impact

Movie director Chris Dowling believes that there are far too many “outdated stereotypes” when it comes to society’s treatment of people with special needs, so he’s using the big screen to help break down these preconceived and inaccurate notions like never before.

Dowling’s new feature film “Where …


This Scientist and Ex-Astronaut Has a Major God Message for ‘Fundamentalists’ Who Endlessly Clash Over Evolution, the Big Bang and the Bible

“It’s an illusion of conflict … perpetuated by people at the extremes of the dialogue,” she said of those who staunchly debate over whether science and faith can truly mesh.

Wickman, who now heads the department of engineering and computer science at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California, …


Priest Claims He Was Fired for a Simple Message About Gay Issues

A priest’s claim that he was fired from his Catholic university post after sharing a Facebook photo about LBGT discrimination has led thousands to sign a petition asking for him to be reinstated.

The Rev. Warren Hall was the director of Seton Hall University’s campus ministry in South Orange, New …


He Claims God Appeared in a Dream and Gave Him a Major Task. The Result Will Be a 140-Foot ‘Bulletproof’ Cross in the Middle of an Unlikely Place.

A Pakistani businessman who believes that God has tasked him to help protect and inspire his fellow Christians has set out to build one of the world’s tallest crosses in one of the most surprising places.

Parvez Henry Gill, 58, says that everything changed when God appeared to him in a dream four …


Jeb Bush Asked If He’s OK With Christian Business Owners Declining Services That Violate Their Beliefs. Here’s How He Responded.

Probable Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he believes Christian business owners should be allowed to decline customer requests that violate their religious beliefs.

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network on Saturday, Bush commented on recent controversies such as Christians …

Jeb Bush

Islamic State Jihadists Have Been Making This Threat on Europe for a While. Now One Libyan Adviser Says They’re Carrying It Out.

For months they’ve been threatening to smuggle militants into Europe by boat. Now one Libyan government official says the Islamic State group has succeeded in getting jihadists onto the European continent by hiding them on migrant boats transporting illegal immigrants.

Libyan government adviser …


‘She Was Brilliant’: It Took 77 Years, but a 102-Year-Old German Woman Finally Achieved Something She Set Out to Do Before World War II

A 102-year-old German woman finally passed her PhD exam 77 years after being barred from completing her studies due to the racist Nazi laws against Jews.

Physician Ingeborg Rapoport is believed to be the oldest person ever to earn her doctorate. Her achievement is all the more remarkable because the …

German History

They Built a Holocaust Memorial. Then at the Last Minute, City Officials Made a ‘Deeply Insult[ing]‘ Demand.

It’s one of the most iconic symbols in the world — and one Greek town wants nothing to do with it.

City officials in Kavala, Greece, have canceled the Sunday unveiling of a Holocaust memorial because they don’t approve of the Star of David carved into the monument, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency …

World War II

Pope Calls Palestinian Leader ‘Angel of Peace’

UPDATE: Vatican Insider, an English-language publication of the Italian newspaper La Stampa, translated Pope Francis’ remarks to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a request, not praise: “May you be an angel of peace.”

This translation is at odds with the Associated Press translation …

Middle East

Egypt Sentences Islamist Ex-President to Death

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court sentenced ousted President Mohammed Morsi and over 100 others to death Saturday over a mass prison break during the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and later brought Islamists to power for the first time in Egypt.

As is customary in passing capital punishment, …


Holocaust Survivor’s Key Claim About Hate and Forgiveness That ‘Floored’ This Author and Forever Changed Her Life

“I do not hate. To hate is to let Hitler win.”

That pointed sentiment, which was uttered by Rena Kornreich Gelissen, a Holocaust survivor, absolutely stunned author Heather Dune Macadam, who was sitting silently in awe as Gelissen told an audience about her harrowing journey.

It was at that moment …

Conservative News

She Saw a Vision and Felt God Calling Her to Place a Prayer Box at the Top of a Hill. Then, Something Astounding Happened.

Angela Tomiye has made it a habit to pray for strangers — people she’s never met, but who regularly leave their heartbreaking, touching and inspirational pleas to God inside of a prayer box that she placed at the top of a Hawaiian headland last year.

Every week, Tomiye makes the journey up the large …

Conservative News

McDonald’s Under Fire for Advertising During TV Show That Included ‘Jokes About Date Rape and Child Sexual Predation’

An education organization that advocates for responsible Hollywood entertainment is taking direct aim at McDonald’s, accusing the fast-food chain of supporting the sexual exploitation of children on television via the company’s recent sponsorship of the cartoon “Family Guy.”

The Parents Television …


Atheist Richard Dawkins’ Tough Message About Young Earth Creationists: ‘I Said I’d Never Despise Individuals, Just Their Views, But…’

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins took to Twitter on Thursday to proclaim that, though he makes it a habit not to hate ideological opponents, there’s an exception when it comes to young earth creationists who believe that God made the world thousands of years ago in a very short period of time.


Glenn Beck Wants to Know if This Idea for a Series of TV Shows Is ‘Suicide’

Glenn Beck on Thursday asked his audience if they believe it would be “suicide” to do a series of shows on the principles and stories from the Torah and New Testament. Some of his staff, he explained, believe “about 50 percent of our audience will tune out” if they move forward with the idea.

“And …

Glenn Beck

‘Christianity Isn’t Collapsing’: The Fascinating Statistic Surrounding Atheists and Religiously Unaffiliated Americans That Few People Are Talking About

Discussion and debate has surrounded the results of the Pew Research Center’s new study into the religious composition of the American public — though there’s one metric in the study that hasn’t been given much attention.

While most media outlets noted that the proportion of self-identified …


School Bus Bully Harassed These Young Kids Every Day Until They Did Something That Stopped Him in His Tracks

A Texas father found himself profoundly frustrated after his young children revealed that a bus bully had been harassing them, but rather than encourage them to fight back, he told them to give the boy a small gift that changed everything.

It all started when Vaughaligan Walwyn, a Houston-based …


Hollywood Actress Photographed Carrying Something That Has Some Wondering If She’s Converting to Islam

After actress Lindsay Lohan finished serving her first day of community service at Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday, she was seen carrying something that has some observers wondering if she’s considering a turn to the Islamic faith.

Lohan, who must complete 125 hours of …


A Bible Was Found in the Rubble of a Texas Home Following a Tornado. But It’s the Verse That It Was Open to That Is Gaining Attention.

After a tornado ripped through Van, Texas, over the weekend, killing a husband and his wife, neighbors of the deceased reportedly discovered something in the rubble that is bringing family and friends some comfort.

A Bible was found in the wreckage near the home of David and Brenda Tapley — the sole …