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British Muslim School Threatens Students With Expulsion for Socializing With ‘Outsiders’

Revelations of the strict regulations at the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury received wide media coverage in the U.K. over the weekend because the school received a positive rating by a British government educational agency.

Sky News reported that it obtained documents given to parents …

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He Went to an Abortion Clinic With His Pregnant Girlfriend. But What Happened Next Is Inspiring the Masses.

A short, four-sentence story about a couple who chose not to abort their unborn baby has inspired a massive response on social media, including more than 720,000 likes and 24,000 shares since its publication on the Humans of New York Facebook page last week.

“I was 16 when my girlfriend got …


Texas Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to Contentious Equal Rights Ordinance Months After Houston Subpoenaed Pastors’ Sermons on Gays

Months after the city of Houston, Texas, made headlines for subpoenaing church sermons amid debate over a contentious equal rights ordinance, the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that officials must either repeal it by August 24, or place the measure on the November ballot.

It’s unlikely that the …


Pastor’s Fiery Sermon Lambasting Christians’ ‘Hypocritical’ Treatment of Gays Goes Viral: ‘You Can’t Evangelize and Antagonize!’

A fiery church sermon featuring a Georgia pastor lambasting his fellow Christians for their supposedly hypocritical treatment of gays and lesbians, and proclaiming that his fellow believers can’t “evangelize and antagonize at the same time” has gone viral.

Pastor E. Dewey Smith of the House of Hope …

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Palestinians Prepared to Attack Jews on the Temple Mount on Holiday Marking the Destruction of the Holy Temples

Dozens of Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails, rocks and shot fireworks at Israeli police Sunday morning on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on the holiday in which Jews commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

Israeli police said that the masked Palestinian youths had stockpiled rocks, …

Middle East

Report: Syrian Christians Who Fled Were then Harassed in the Most Unlikely Place

A group of Christians who managed to flee Islamic State advances in Syria said they were forced to leave their refugee housing center in Sweden following harassment by Syrian Muslims, the Christian Post reported.

The Muslim refugees demanded that the two Christian families hide their crosses and …


Satanic Temple to Unveil Goat-Headed Statue of the Devil in Detroit

The Satanic Temple is planning Saturday to unveil an 8-foot-tall bronze statue of a goat-headed Devil in Detroit — and it’s being called the “largest public satanic ceremony in history,” WWJ-TV reported.

The unveiling is a private event at a location disclosed only to those holding $25 tickets, but …


Hollywood Actress Scoured the Country for Stories of Real-Life Miracles. What Happened Next Absolutely Convinced Her of ‘God’s Power’

When actress and producer Roma Downey began pre-production for her new TLC series “Answered Prayers,” she said that her team scoured the country in search of stories about miracles and divine intervention — and that the response was absolutely incredible.

“Within days, our inboxes were exploding, as …

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Ebola Doctor Who Thought He Was on His Death Bed Reveals the Key Moment That Showed Him Something ‘Profound’ About God

“And in that moment that was what I needed to be faithful to God — even if it was just with my will, my desire to be faithful, to know whether I live or die, nothing can separate me from the love of God,” he explained. “That was profound to me. It wasn’t a cure that I needed, it wasn’t having …


Nuns Deliver Message to Obama Admin About Their Refusal to ‘Choose Between Our Care For the Elderly Poor and…Faith’

The national debate over the Affordable Care Act appears nowhere near over, as the Little Sisters of the Poor — a Roman Catholic group of nuns who run nursing homes around the globe — continue their battle against the law’s contentious contraceptive mandate.

The Colorado-based religious order …

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Sheriff Reveals What He Just Added to Every Police Patrol Car — and It’s Almost Sure to Ignite a Major Debate

A Missouri sheriff made an announcement on Facebook this week that all of his office’s police patrol cars have now been adorned with the words, “In God We Trust” — and atheist activists are anything but happy about it.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader, who serves in Galena, Missouri, shared photos of …

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Famous Pastor Explains Biblical View on ‘Manhood and Womanhood’ and ‘Draws a Line’ on the Transgender Issue: ‘I Would Be Lying to Call a He a She’

Prominent theologian and pastor John Piper recently tackled questions from podcast listeners about how to handle the transgender issue from a Christian perspective, explaining how sex and gender are defined in the Bible and proclaiming that he would be “lying to call a he a ‘she.’”

“Manhood and …


Gun Shop Owner Who Declared ‘Muslim-Free Zone’ Is Now Offering Gun Training to CAIR Leader and Will Study the Koran With Him

The Florida gun shop owner who planned to create a “Muslim-free zone” at his business said he has invited a leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to attend his gun class on Saturday and plans to study the Koran with him afterward.

Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan told Tampa’s …


Atheists and the ACLU Have Launched Legal Battles Against This Giant Cross for Decades — but This Key Move Could End All That

The decades-long constitutional battle over a veterans’ memorial in San Diego, California, that includes a 29-foot Christian cross is potentially nearing its conclusion, with the U.S. government reportedly agreeing to sell the land on which the monument stands to a private organization.

“The Mt. …

Conservative News

1,300-Year-Old ‘Surprising Secret’ Discovered Inside Library Manuscript — and It Will Have a Major Impact

British researchers were in for a shocking surprise after taking a closer look at an ancient manuscript that had been given little attention while being housed in a university library for nearly a century.

The document, which was penned on goat or sheep skin, is now making international headlines …


He Looked at a Painting of the Virgin Mary While Reciting the Lord’s Prayer and Noticed Something That’s Capturing the World’s Attention

A short video clip showing an image of the Virgin Mary seemingly moving her lips has invigorated Christians and sent them flocking to observe the purported phenomenon, while also reportedly confounding some skeptics.

Lips on the painted image of Jesus’ mother, which is on display at the St. Charbels …


This Megachurch Is Using Guns and Armed Guards to Protect Itself — and Here’s Why

The tragic shooting last month at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, further shattered the notion that houses of worship are peaceful sanctuaries that are protected from the strife and violence that sometimes erupts in the outside world.

In the wake of the …


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Faces Off Against Rick Santorum Over Gay Marriage: ‘You’re Fundamentally Wrong on Civics’

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum faced off against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night, as the two intensely debated the legalization of gay marriage in America.

Santorum, who opposes same-sex nuptials, argued that it’s entirely possible for Congress to try and overturn the …


Two Big Surprises Inside New Poll About Americans’ Views on Gay Marriage and Religious Liberty

An Associated Press-GfK poll conducted between July 9 and July 13 — just weeks after gay marriage was nationally legalized — yielded at least two surprising results: America’s support for same-sex nuptials is down slightly from earlier this year, and support for religious exemptions for …


Muslim Man’s Now-Viral Video Excoriates the Islamic State and Terror Sympathizers: ‘Pack Your Bags and Get Out’

Haseeb Ahmed, a Muslim who is publicly urging people to unite against terrorism, published a short video earlier this month condemning the Islamic State that has now gone viral.

Ahmed, 26, who described himself as a “proud British Muslim,” lambasted the violence being perpetuated by the terror group …


Pastor Who Violated Church Law to Officiate Fellow Preacher’s Gay Wedding Has a Message About What Jesus Would Do

A reverend who is under fire after officiating the controversial same-sex wedding of a fellow pastor told the Kalamazoo Gazette that he believes that he was simply “following the example of Jesus Christ” in supporting the matrimony, despite his denomination’s opposition.

The Rev. Michael Tupper of …


His Cousin Snapped a Photo of Him. But What He Claims to Have Later Discovered Floating Above Him Has Left Him Absolutely Terrified.

A man is claiming that he noticed something in a photo that was taken during a recent vacation to the United Arab Emirates that has left him absolutely terrified.

Craig Nugent, 26, was recently traveling back to his hotel on a shuttle after attending the Formula One auto race at the Yas Marina …

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Experts Reveal Exactly What Porn Does to a Man’s Brain and Why It Is ‘So Dangerous’ to a Marriage

A noted social researcher has joined forces with an anti-smut Christian ministry leader in warning that pornography use can have a profoundly “dangerous” impact on marriages, detailing point-by-point exactly what happens in a man’s brain when he sees sexual imagery.

Researcher Shaunti Feldhahn and …

The Brain

Are These Popular Bible Verses That Are Regularly Read at Weddings Actually Not the Best Choice For the Occasion?

A Baptist minister and journalist recently explained why he believes that a popular Bible selection that is routinely read during weddings might not actually be the best choice for the occasion.

Mark Woods, a writer for Christian Today, detailed his fear that 1 Corinthians 13 — a popular text during …


Her Husband Has Been Detained in Iran for Nearly Three Years. And She Has a Message About What the Obama Admin Should Have Demanded ‘Before We Started Negotiating’

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of pastor Saeed Abedini, an American who has been detained inside of the brutal Iranian prison system since 2012, is speaking out following the controversial nuclear agreement between Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers, questioning why the Obama administration …

Middle East

Sign That Carries a Simple, Five-Word Message Has Residents in This Tiny Texas City ‘Standing Up’ Against a National Atheist Group

A large sign on display inside of a small Texas city is pitting faithful residents against a national atheist group after claims that the text on the billboard constitutes a violation of the separation of church and state.

The message, which is in Hawkins, Texas and reads, “Jesus Welcomes You to …


The Islamic State’s Latest, Bizarre Gun Innovation

Islamic State group supporters have posted video showing a fighter using whatever he can get his hands on – in this case a metal grocery store cart – as a mobile gun stand from which to shoot at his enemy.

While he balanced his gun on the moveable metal grate of the cart, he used the basket as an …

Islamic State (ISIS)

The Joke a Planned Parenthood Doctor Made in New Undercover Video After Group Claims She ‘Haggled’ Over the Price of Aborted Fetuses

A pro-life, medical ethics group has released a second undercover video that claims to show a Planned Parenthood Federation of America doctor “haggling” over aborted fetuses, as well as the abortion methods used to procure “specimens.”

The heavily edited, more than eight-minute video from the Center …

Planned Parenthood

The Two Simple Words These Christian Colleges Just Added to Their Non-Discrimination Policies That Are Sure to Spark Controversy

The two simple words that two Christian colleges have added to their non-discrimination policies will open to door to the hiring of professors and staff who are in same-sex marriages — and will likely spark some controversy.

Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana, and Eastern Mennonite University in …

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