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Muslim Cleric Promotes Medieval Claim About Jews and Blood at Judaism’s Holiest Site

A Palestinian Muslim cleric promoted the centuries’ old accusation that Jews use the blood of children for religious rituals and that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks in a sermon at the holiest site in Judaism.

“The devil or one of the big gods demanded it of them as a condition for fulfilling …


There’s a Twist in the Story Surrounding Oregon Bakers Who Face a Major Fine for Refusing to Make a Gay Wedding Cake

There’s a new twist in the story of Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that possibly faces a massive fine for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple: questions about whether a gay rights group has been closely communicating with the state …

Wedding Cake

Ministry Responds to Firestorm Over Famed Megapastor’s Quest for Coveted $65 Million Private Aircraft: ‘We Plan to Acquire a Gulfstream G650 Because It Is the Best’

Just weeks after Pastor Creflo Dollar, founder of World Changers Church International, offered a fiery defense of his controversial campaign to raise millions for the purchase of a high-end aircraft, the board of his ministry is apologizing over the “confusion” that was created by a video appeal …


Beck Says an ‘Army of Compassion’ Must Come to the Aid of Middle East Victims: ‘A New Movement Is About to Begin’

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said that “hate, anger, violence [and] revenge” are “spreading around the globe like a wildfire,” and it is time that an “army of compassion” confronts it.

“For five years, this audience and I have been preparing. A new movement is about to begin,” Beck said on his television …

Conservative News

The Nearly Unanimous Supreme Court Decision That Could Have a Notable Impact on Individual Religious Freedom

Many are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage later this month, but a Monday ruling by the high court in the case of E.E.O.C. v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores is also sparking a fair amount of attention, as it will will have a potentially profound impact on how companies …

Supreme Court

Here Are the Responses One Filmmaker Got When He Went Around a Muslim Neighborhood in Minnesota Asking if People Preferred Shariah Law

A filmmaker recently walked around the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, asking Muslims about Shariah law, their views on insults to the Prophet Muhammad and their cultural preferences.

Horowitz started with people’s views on U.S. law versus Shariah law, asking, “Do you feel more …


Report: Islamic State Kidnaps 500 Children Who Could Be Brainwashed to Become Terrorists and Suicide Bombers

Iraqi government officials are claiming that a total of 500 young children were recently abducted and are being trained by the Islamic State to potentially become terrorists and suicide bombers, according to a Turkish media report.

An official serving in Iraq’s Anbar province is claiming that …

Islamic State (ISIS)

‘Atheists Have No Need to Watch Me’: TV Host’s Fiery On-Air Religion Rant at the 23-Second Mark in This Video Had Some Major Consequences

A Brazilian TV host has landed his network in hot water over an on-air rant that he delivered about atheists and crime, with the network agreeing to air a religious freedom PSA as punishment for his contentious commentary.

Controversy first broke out after Jose Luiz Datena, host of the primetime …


Is Weed a Gateway Drug?

When it comes to the often intense debate over marijuana legalization, one side maintains that the drug is entirely benign and holds the power to bring in millions in tax revenue, while the other warns that there will be profound social costs for the states that have decriminalized it.

As the debate …


GoFundMe Reportedly Pulls $10 Million Fundraiser for Ex-Marine Who Organized ‘Draw Muhammad’ Mosque Protest

Crowdfunding website GoFundMe has reportedly removed a campaign that was organized and posted by ex-Marine and “draw Muhammad” protest organizer Jon Ritzheimer.

Ritzheimer, who reportedly launched the $10 million fundraising appeal over the weekend to help protect his family and consider a 2016 run …


What Atheists Discovered 120 Seconds Into This 2012 Football Video Has Them Demanding an Investigation

Atheist activists have made it no secret that they’re looking to strip certain acts of prayer out of football programs at public schools and universities across America, with a 2012 YouTube clip sparking the most recent debate over athletics and the First Amendment.

A video featuring college …

Sports Coaching

Sisters Who Were Raised in Allegedly Abusive, Apocalyptic Cult Reveal Why They Were Absolutely ‘Frozen in Fear’

Twins who grew up living inside of a controversial sect that some claim was an apocalyptic cult are speaking out about their reclusive childhood, with one sister revealing that, as a result of her family’s membership, she wanted to take her own life at the tender age of seven.

“I wanted to take my …

Conservative News

Female Priests Propose a Major Change to the Way God Is Referenced

There’s a new debate brewing within the Church of England, as a group of female priests are asking that God be referred to as “she” as well as “he” in an effort to battle sexism — a proposal that has sparked a fair bit of controversy.

The main argument that the female priests use to defend their …


Prominent Christian College Removes Hastert’s Name in Wake of Indictment

Wheaton College announced Sunday that what had been known as the J. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government and Public Policy is now just named after the school. The center’s website was displaying the new name Sunday.

The center’s statement Sunday said it will continue “to advance the …

Dennis Hastert

Cemetery Photo Shoot Sparks Outrage and Is Being Called an Insult to Religion

Photos of two women posing provocatively on Jewish gravestones – one scantily clad and wearing a “Jesus” belt – has sparked outrage in Poland and may land the young women in some legal trouble.

Volunteers for From the Depths, an organization dedicated to preserving Jewish cemeteries and ritual items …


‘Please Help Me, I Don’t Want to Die’: Gay Palestinian Has Desperate Plea for the West

A Palestinian man who was born into a prominent family of Hamas-backers is trying to stop efforts to deport him from Canada to the West Bank, because he believes that as a gay man and a convert to Christianity, he would face certain death.

“Please help me, I don’t want to die,” wrote the man, who …

Middle East

Muslim Passenger Asked for a Diet Coke on a Plane. How She Said the Flight Attendant Gave It to Her Left Her ‘in Tears of Humiliation.’

A Muslim airline passenger says she faced “humiliation” and “discrimination” Friday when a flight attendant refused to give her an unopened can of Diet Coke, claiming that passengers could use unopened beverage cans as weapons.

However, United Airlines said that the exchange resulted from a …


Reporter Said She ‘Got Caught Up in a Couple Brawls’ at Mosque Protest. Watch the Video and See If You Can Spot the Violence.

They weren’t fistfights.

They didn’t even technically appear to be “fighting words.”

But one reporter still called what happened a “brawl.”

At the “free speech” protest held at a Phoenix mosque Friday evening, armed protesters shouted anti-Islamic messages as counter-protesters shouted back, and on …

This Is Who U2 Asked to Pray With Them Before Their Concert Hours After Their Tour Manager Died

Hours after U2′s longtime tour manager Dennis Sheehan was found dead Wednesday morning in his Los Angeles hotel room, the band brought in Pastor Rick Warren of nearby Saddleback Church to lend spiritual support.

Recalling the time he spent with the band, Warren noted on his Facebook page that U2 was …

Conservative News

She Believes This Dream ‘Was Sent By God’. And What She Did Two Decades Later Saved Thousands of Lives.

Christina Noble had faced struggles and adversity for most of her life when she had a transformative dream one night about the desperate conditions in Vietnam — a Southeast Asian country that was thousands of miles away from her native Ireland.

At the time, Noble had never been to Vietnam and had no …

Conservative News

The Moment Hillary Clinton Randomly Approached a Pastor Who Was Silently Reading His Bible and Started Talking Openly About Scripture

Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about “religious beliefs” needing to be changed in order to protect women’s health certainly sparked a plethora of controversy, but it’s no secret that the 2016 Democratic presidential contender is a lifelong Methodist who claims allegiance to the Bible.

And, …


Bakery Found Guilty of Discrimination and Forced to Pay Damages to a Gay Activist for ‘Injury to Feelings’ Is Fighting Back

A bakery in Northern Ireland at the center of a legal battle that has attracted international attention plans to appeal a discrimination conviction that its Christian owners received earlier this month after refusing to make a cake with a message supporting gay marriage.

Ashers Baking Company, which …

Megyn Kelly Hits Back at CNN Host for Comparison Between Drawing the Prophet Muhammad and Saying the N-Word: ‘Offensive to Whom, Chris?’

Megyn Kelly hit back at CNN host Chris Cuomo’s comparison between saying the N-word and drawing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Thursday night, claiming that Cuomo simply doesn’t understand the issue.

“Once again, he doesn’t get the position, which is the reason the speech is so important is …

Hollywood Filmmaker Who Made a ‘Positive Impact in Our Culture for Christ’ Dies

Christian filmmaker Russell Wolfe — co-founder of Pure Flix and an instrumental force behind the popular film “God’s Not Dead” — died on Wednesday after a battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Wolfe, 50, who was diagnosed with ALS in December 2013, was open …


Young Earth Creationist Says Finding Rare Fossils Dated at 60 Million Years Old ‘Hasn’t Changed My Mind’

Edgar Nernberg, an active young Earth creationist who lives in Canada, was just doing his job when he made an important scientific discovery that scientists would say counters his own beliefs about the age of the Earth.

Nernberg, who works for an excavation company in Alberta, was digging a basement …

Priest Has a Major Revelation Following ‘NOH8′ Photo Controversy: ‘I Have to Be Myself’

The priest who claims that he was fired from his Catholic university post after sharing a Facebook photo about LBGT discrimination has a major revelation: he’s gay.

The Rev. Warren Hall, who was the director of Seton Hall University’s campus ministry in South Orange, New Jersey, until he says that …

Is Matthew 25:40 Being Interpreted Wrong?

A Bible professor’s recent blog post taking aim at the popular understanding that the phrase “least of these” — which is mentioned in Matthew 25:40 — is a reference to the poor has sparked a fair amount of discussion and debate.

Denny Burk, professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College in …

‘Snap Out of It’: CNN Host Likens Drawing the Prophet Muhammad to Saying the N-Word

Activist Pamela Geller clashed with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday morning, accusing him of “very shallow journalism” and pushing back against a comparison that he made between saying the N-word and drawing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The heated segment started with Cuomo discussing the Garland …

Hannity and Prominent Pastors Clash With Atheist Activist Over ‘Bigotry’ and Homosexuality: ‘America as We Know It Will Cease to Exist’

An atheist activist clashed with Sean Hannity and two prominent pastors on Wednesday night over the debate surrounding homosexuality and religious freedom, with the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez warning that “America as we know it” will cease to exist if biblical truth is defined as hate speech.

Hannity …