Eating Thai Food in Thailand - Yum!

By Thailand Explorer | Food in Thailand is customarily HOT, spicy HOT. Most Westerners cannot handle the level of spice that Thai people enjoy. To help you order a tasty and pleasurable meal #food #traveltips #Thailand #travel #foodphotos #thaifood

Explore Thai Street Food

​Rice - there are three main ways to order rice in Thailand:<p>Khao soi (steamed rice) - served everywhere. The tastiest rice is jasmine type rice but …

Explore Thailand's Street Food

Mango and Sticky Rice on the Street

Delicious somtum..

Tum Zap - Spicy Thai Soup

Tum Zap is a common soup found on the street and in many Thai Restaurants throughout Thailand. The soup is sour with lime juice and can be quite …

Gulf Coast Meal

The Thai Gulf in the area of Petchaburi is famous for the tasty mackerel or "Pratu". Nam Prik Kie Poo is a Tasty dipping sauce made from combining …

Thai BBQ with River Prawn

These types of grilling restaurants are quite common in Thailand. Each table has its own grill in center table and you order the raw meats and …

Thai Pancake on the Streets of Bangkok

Thai Pancake on the Streets of Bangkok are a tasty Treat. They are not like western pancakes, Thai Pancakes are more like crapes wrapped with a tasty …


River Prawn on the Barby

I never get a enough River Prawn and I hope you get a chance to enjoy! A while ago I posted a blog on how to properly grill tasty river prawn. …


Rock Lobster in Thailand

Rock Lobster<p>Guang Gadan and Yum Sam Khai - a delicious meal of Rock lobster, served with a spicy sauce, and three egg salad (crab egg, horeshoe crab …


Rot Fai Night Market feast

Jok Moo - delicious Thai breakfast

Sun Cooked Sea Bass - Thai Style

An interesting meal can be had at the Rue Lae Lay Restuarant in Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi, where they cook fish using the sun focused with a …

Chicken and Rice on the Streets of Bangkok

Chicken and rice is commonly found on the streets of Thailand and can be a tasty and quick dinner. The dish is primarily Chinese but the the Thais …

Chicken Recipes

Thai Food at a Temple Festival

It is summer in Bangkok and getting hot!! This is both good a bad. It means that the rains are few and far between AND the Thais have many fairs and …

Thailand Beach Food

Baan Lung-ya Restaurant

Lunch in Bang Tabun, Thailand at the Baan Lung-ya Restaurant. I had crab meat with seafood sauce, deep fried mackerel and horeshoe crab egg salad. …

Stir-fried Grouper

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BBQ Squid - Thai Style

Tum yum bumi moo - Arun!

Last Night's Meal in Rayong

Last nights meal:<p>Fried sea bass served with spicy green mango salad and seafood sauce.<p>Clams, stir-fried with chilli paste and basil<p>With steamed …

Thailand Explorer: Eating Tips in Thailand

Rim Hat Seafood Restaurant on Bang Sa-Re Beach

Rim Hat Seafood Restaurant on Bang Sa-Re Beach