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By Tony Holton Frogtown, Ky USA | Outdoor cooking on the grill and smoker.

6 Magical Ways to Top Grilled Corn

Butter and salt are great, but these upgrades are even better.

Grilled corn is one of my favorite summer foods. It's delicious even at its simplest, topped with a pat of butter and seasoned with salt. But change things up, and you'll have a revelatory experience at your next cookout. Can't you just …


Debunking Myths: How to Grill the Ungrillable | FN Dish

If you think of your grill as basically a big oven with a lid, you can cook just about anything on it — providing you have the right vessel. In the …


Repurposing at its Finest: DIY How to Make Your Own BBQ Grill from Car Wheels

In the mood for a good ol’ barbecue but don’t have a grill? Well if you have two car tire rims to spare then you can make what is being referred to …


Master the Flame

Indirect Grilling

Best for: whole chickens, whole turkeys, rib roasts, and other larger pieces of meat that would burn if you used direct grilling.

How to do it: Using a grill hoe or set of long tongs, divide your hot coals equally to each edge of your grill, leaving an open space in between. This …


Makin’ Bacon: How to Dry Cure Pork Belly | Survival

Story Views

by Todd Walker

Vegetarians fear bacon. It’s the “gateway meat”. The temptation heightens with the mere aroma of this sizzling strip tease. …


Banish your charcoal grilling fears with this 101 on fuel, lighting and more

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7 Awesome Grilled Chicken Wings for a Fourth of July Party

No oven necessary for these cookout-perfect wings. From spicy-sweet apricot wings to fantastic Vientamese-inspired ones, here are seven of the best grilled chicken wings to make for a Fourth of July bash.

1. Grilled Chicken Wings with 9-Spice Dry Rub
What's the secret to these extra-juicy wings? Chef …

Independence Day

The Best Steak Grilling Trick You've Never Heard

Get ready for some tender, well-seasoned meat.

Right now, your social media feeds are probably filled with a million and one articles on what to do and what not to do on the grill. But we bet, there's one tip you haven't heard about.

For more evenly-cooked, tender, and flavorful steaks off the grill, …


Grilling Crab is Easier Than You Think

We partnered with Alaska Seafood to show you an easy way to grill different types of crab like king, snow, and Dungeness.

From left to right: Frozen Alaska king crab legs, snow crab legs, and a Dungeness crab

Dungeness, king, snow, bairdi, Jonah, spider, peekytoe, rock, stone, blue, brown, green, and …


Greek Recipe: Pork Souvlaki

For a great, Greek dish straight from the grill, why not try a fantastic pork souvlaki? It's small pieces of marinated pork grilled on a skewer and …

Greek Food

5 Tips for the Best Barbecue of Your Life

Jim Shahin, the Washington Post's "Smoke Signals" barbecue columnist, stopped by to offer a few pointers.

On July 4, 1776, some of America's greatest men signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming us free from our British brethren and asserting our right to sovereignty and …


Raspberry Glazed Salmon - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Posted on 22 May 2013

Graham Rahal’s Raspberry BBQ-Glazed Salmon

“My raspberry BBQ-glazed cedar planked salmon recipe is fairly simple. I use a …


Brisket - High Heat

Brisket - High Heat

Originally posted: 07/05/2010
Last updated: 09/24/2014


Buy a whole, untrimmed 10-12 pound USDA Select or ungraded packer …


For a Better Steak, Cook Directly on Charcoal

We’ve never been the kind of guys to worship outdoor grilling gear and technology. When we were growing up, Dad set the tone, making do with a rusty hardware store hibachi and a metal chimney. We’ve written about the ascetic thrill of using government-issue grills in state parks.

But recently we …


Under 30 Minutes: Spicy Barbecue Sauce

Mop this sauce on everything you grill

We love a basic barbecue sauce as much as the next (wannabe) pitmaster, but we came up with a sauce so …

Cowboy Ribeye Steaks - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Posted on 21 June 2015

Recipe adapted from Jonathan Miller. For more recipes from Jonathan, visit

2 bone-in …


The Best BBQ Sauce Taste Test

Summer is in full swing, July 4th is right around the corner, and that means firing up the grill and eating all the barbecue you possibly can. Do you …


Chipotle Bacon Bombs on a Stick

Patti and I are still working on a few treats to serve “Off The Grill” for tailgating parties. These are a big hit at the Super Bowl parties …


Big Green Egg Asian Style Cornish Game Hens

As some of you may know by now I am a participating cook/blogger for another site named Big Green Brotherhood. This site features several different …

Comfort Food

29 Bucket List BBQ Joints for Every Smoked-Meat Connoisseur

“There was a time when barbecue was like the armpit of the culinary world. It was for the bottom feeders almost,” says Samuel Jones, pitmaster of …


Summer Essentials: Maple-Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe

Ready to be backyard or block party royalty? Homemade maple-bourbon BBQ sauce should do the trick!

Dreaming of the perfect summer cookout?

Try your hand at DIY condiments with this tasty maple-bourbon BBQ sauce recipe that Ashley McLaughlin from Edible Perspective shared on Craftsy. (It’s tomato and …


Welcome to the Official Site for Porkopolis EggFest Cincinnati

Porkopolis EggFest Cincinnati

Welcome to the FOURTH Annual Cincinnati Eggfest sponsored by LaRosa’s Pizzeria & Wardway Fuel!

Please join us on July 11, …


The Best Steak Grilling Trick You Haven't Heard Of

Sherry Rujikarn

Right now, your social media feeds are probably filled with a million and one articles on what to do and what not to do on the grill. …


Firecracker Barbecue Pork

Treat your tastebuds with the taste of this barbecue pork Click HereThe post Firecracker Barbecue Pork appeared first on Big Green Egg - The Ultimate …


Scottish Eggs - Smokedtacular treat

Smoked + Spectacular= Smokedtacular

OK not everything blends together to leave a nice taste on your tongue. Smoketacular is one of those such …

Food (UK)

Go Low and Slow

Step 1

Light your charcoal

"Skip the lighter fluid—it gives your food a funky smell and taste," says Carroll. Instead, use a chimney starter, available at any hardware or kitchen store for about $15. Stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into the bottom of the chimney, set the chimney on the grill …


The 10 Most Tremendous Barbecue Recipes of Cyberspace

My original magnum opus was going to be a 1,000-page epic poem about the Kansas City Royals' journey to the 2014 World Series, but I couldn't find enough good rhymes for Moustakas, so this barbecue season primer and recipe listicle will have to do.

Go to your grill. Put a little shoulder into your …


Nashville-Style Hot Chicken

No doubt about it, six tablespoons of cayenne is a lot, but that’s what Hattie B’s considers “medium.” For a milder heat, decrease to two tablespoons.

Toss chicken with black pepper and 2 Tbsp. salt in a large bowl. Cover and chill at least 3 hours.

Whisk eggs, buttermilk, and hot sauce in a large …


Cook the Ultimate Burger

Welcome to Men’s Health BBQ Master Class, men. Chances are, you think you’ve already made your chops (and your tenderloins, and your ribs…) tending grill. You’ve put in plenty of hours oven the open flame. Hell, you probably think you should be teaching this class.

But if there’s something we’ve …