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By Tony Holton Frogtown, Ky USA | Outdoor cooking on the grill and smoker.

What is a Chuck Eye Steak?

What is a chuck eye steak? It is often referred to as the poor man’s rib eye and that is for good reason. Rib eyes are cut from the 6th to the 12th …


Big Green Egg Cedar Planks for grilling

10 Best Kamado Grills and Smokers for both...

Kamado grills are ceramic charcoal cookers that claim to have originated in Japan a thousand years ago. These days there are many models on the …


Dirt Cheap Charcoal

Some people use coal for a forge, other gas, and some, some use charcoal.The nice thing about charcoal is that, from what I've read, it burns cleaner …


Grilled Salmon with a Habanaro Peach Glaze

I go through streaks with this blog, sometimes I am feeling the drive to write more and sometimes I am not. I am still cooking a lot and taking …


10 Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes that are Anything But Boring

10 healthy chicken breast recipes that are anything but boring will get you out of a chicken dinner rut!

This might not be the most lady like thing …


Pork Loin, Cured and Smoked

I really haven't done much with pork loin. Most that I have cooked were very dry and with little fat. Well, I bought another one couple weeks ago, …


5 Great Steaks to Remember for Killer Grilling! Plus, a Caveman T-Bone Recipe You'll Never Forget

S T E A K. Five simple letters that spell a world of carnivorous pleasure. A well-grilled steak (like this Caveman T-Bone recipe!) stimulates all your senses: the sight of the dark crust, the scent of smoke, the sizzle of the meat on the grill, the meaty chew, and, of course, the inimitable flavor: …


Big Green Egg Dizzy Pig Seasonings Combo Pack L1

iGrill Mini Review

igrill mini review

iDevices Bluetooth Thermometer

I was really impressed in a recent iGrill 2 review that it was such a cracking bit of kit, so when I …


The Chef-Favorite Grilling Recipes You Need to Try This Summer

The best recipes for grilled steak, shrimp, and chicken — and more — from some of our favorite chefs.


8" Pizza Stone for Mini or Mini Max Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Dizzy Pig Seasonings Combo Pack L3

First time Dirty Steak

Dirty Steak

One of the CountryWoodSmoke Facebook Group regulars Duncan, has recently shared his experience of cooking Dirty Steaks on the coals, and …


50 Incredible Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming more and more popular in new housing designs simply because people love them. Why? Cooking outside is just better. …


50 Luxury Patio Furniture Collections

Temperatures are warming up and so is outdoor living. Now is the time you'll want to start spending more time enjoying the beautiful weather. Todays


The Professional Outdoor Gas Grill Guide

A grill should be the center piece of your outdoor kitchen. A gas grill is a device for cooking food by applying heat evenly by leaking gas through


How to make epic pulled pork

Pulled Pork

Perfect Pulled Pork

BBQ Pulled Pork is one of the most straightforward things to cook on a smoker or BBQ, this pulled pork recipe will show …


Best Woods for Smoking - Smoked Meat's a Treat!

A comprehensive summary of the best woods for smoking meat from around the internet. We replied on personal experience and tedious research to …


What's the Best Electric Smoker? - Smoked Meat's a Treat!

You’re tired of the regular old grilled meat. Those dry burgers, a steak that tastes like leather. We’re eating, not making shoes!

You’re done with …

Smoked Meat

Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu


Bookmark this recipe. Print out the recipe card. You’re going to LOVE it. I’m giving you an Extraordinary BBQ guarantee.

My good friend …


Primo Grills & Smokers | AQUA BBQ | Primo Primo Rib

Roasting a Prime Rib on your Primo is a sure fire way to elevate the perrenial holiday favorite. Utilizing the benefits of a Primo Grills’s …


Smoked-meats glossary: Must-know BBQ terms

Know Mr. Brown from Mrs. White? A smoke ring from a sugar cookie? With Time Out New York’s handy smoked-meats glossary and guide to BBQ styles, you’ll …


Grilled Oysters with Herb Butter

There’s just something about Summer and seafood for me. In the winter, I want comfort food, warming and savory, paired with a spicy red. In the


Pulled Pork Pizza

I know that there’s no Grillin’ Fool out there that ever has left over pulled pork. That you follow the instructions from the couple of pulled pork …


The 50 Best BBQ Joints . . . in the World!

Texas barbecue has no peer on earth. If you’re reading this in Texas, you may wonder why we need to begin with such an obvious statement, but there …


Beer Can Chicken on the Smoker

Spring is definitely on the horizon, there is no denying that after the beautiful sunshine and warm weather that we had this weekend. As the snow in …


Top Five Healthy Grilling Choices

Living in New Orleans, there may be no better weather than the month of March. My advice to you is simple – get out of the house and get active! That …