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Carolina-Style BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pork Shoulder

3 pound bone-in, skin-on pork shoulder (scored)
• Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste)

Carolina BBQ Sauce

1 cup white wine …

Barbecue Recipes

Best Ever Barbecued Ribs

This go-to recipe for classic barbecued ribs embraces what we refer to as our "oven-cheat" method -- a technique that'll get you ultra-tender meat …


How I Cook Smoked Ham On The Kamado Grill

Whether it is a special holiday meal or just a craving, it is hard to beat a good ol' glazed ham fresh off of the grill.

I don't think there is an …


Cheesy Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs - Smoking Meat Newsletter

These smoked chicken thighs are stuffed with lots of white cheddar and jalapeños, seasoned with Jeff’s original rub (purchase recipes here) and …


Better Than Sex Brisket Recipe - GrillGirl blog: healthy grilling recipes, big green egg recipes, paleo recipes, low carb recipes, tailgating recipes

I named this “Better Than Sex Brisket” because I’ve never seen my husband go back for “fourths” for anything, ever, until I made this brisket. A …

Cherry Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork for Super Bowl - Smoking Meat Newsletter

In this this week’s special Super Bowl newsletter recipe I will show you how to make my cherry Dr. Pepper injected pulled pork in all of it’s complete …


Barbecue 101

SmokeLet’s begin not with the meat, but with the smoke. With the fire. Let’s talk ambition: Is it our aim to do the whole thing over hardwood? To …


5 Cold-Weather Grilling Tips For Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is a time for football, friends, occasionally creative commercials, and food, lots of food. But firing up the grill on a February …

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Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Wings


Combine the salt, chili flakes, garlic, avocado leaves, and sugar in a gallon of water, stir to dissolve. Place the chicken wings in the mixture, …


Thermal Tips: Chicken Wings for the Big Game

Posted by Kim on Feb 4, 2016 in Blog, Chicken, Cook, Frying, Grilling, RT600C, Temperatures | 0 comments

Chicken wings are the quintessential game-day …

Chicken Recipes

Cheesy Smoked Meatballs for Super Bowl - Smoking Meat Newsletter

Meatballs and super bowl parties go hand in hand and when they are smoked meatballs full of cheesy goodness, it’s a no brainer!

Get ready to cheer on …


Anatomy of a Smoke Ring

By: Brew City Egger

When you think of barbecue, most of us envision a nice piece if brisket, with a beautiful pink ring around the outside. We …


Lomo al Trapo: The Colombian Technique That Will Change the Way You Grill Beef

Get Recipe Lomo al Trapo (Colombian-Style Cloth-Wrapped Grilled Beef Tenderloin)

Remember that scene at the end of Ghostbusters when the boys in gray crack Sigourney Weaver out of the petrified remains of the ghost dog Zuul? Picture that scene at your next dinner party, but instead of a whip-smart …

Chicken Thighs

Star chef Paul Kahan is a big fan of chicken thighs because they have so much flavor and are so inexpensive—the best of both worlds.


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Star chef Paul Kahan is a big fan of chicken thighs because they have so much flavor and are so inexpensive—the best of both worlds.

You May Also …


5 Stovetop Steak Recipes for When It's Too Cold to Grill

A fantastic stovetop steak is possible as long as you know what you’re doing and choose the right cut. Here, our best recipes for cooking a perfect steak inside.

1. Steak au Poivre

This classic steak with a creamy brandy-spiked pepper sauce is a great one-skillet dish.

2. Pepper-and-Spice-Rubbed Rib …


Blacksmithing Tools Making An Anvil Hold Down

Blacksmithing - Forging Tongs (flat style)

Blacksmithing - Forge Welding A Motorcycle Chain By Hand

Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp with Mozzarella and Basil

This recipe appears in:

Grilling: Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp with Mozzarella and Basil

About the author: Joshua Bousel brings you a new, tasty condiment each Wednesday and a recipe for weekend grilling every Friday. He also writes about grilling and barbecue on his blog The Meatwave whenever he can be …

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Provolone, Prosciutto and Fresh Basil from the garden

Awesome dinner tonight that I couldn’t help but to share with you. We made a pork tenderloin stuffed with provolone cheese, prosciutto and fresh …


Kanye Learned He Wasn't Special, Forced To Wait In Line For BBQ

Giant hype lines aren't anything new at popular restaurants, and if you have connections with the restaurant, maybe you'll get a chance to skip the …

Kanye West

Leaping Frog Chicken

“Every so often a recipe comes along that will change your life” These are the words from Jane Daniels Lear that convinced me to try this recipe from …

Charge your gadgets with wood and fire while you grill

BioLite's camping stove combines a fire pit, grill, and gadget-charging station for when you're far away from an outlet.

BioLite first hit the …


South Carolina Mustard Barbecue Wings

The wings have awaken! Yes, it's January, the month where I drop all other grilling and devote my attention to one of favorite things in the …

South Carolina

The Only Technique You Need to Know for Grilled Fish

We’re about to let you in on the secret to perfectly grilled fish that doesn’t fall apart: It’s called escabèche, and it’s pretty genius. Instead of marinating the fish before it goes on the grill, you’ll grill it first, then take it off the heat and give it a post-grill marinade bath to deliver …

Step by step summary of the perfect thick steakhouse steak using the reverse sear

You are here: Home » New » Step by step summary of the perfect thick steakhouse steak using the reverse sear

The goal is to get a really dark crispy …


Yes, You Want to Grill This Big and Beautiful Pork Chop Immediately

The next time you’re grilling for a crowd, skip the individual pork chops and opt for a massive, triple-cut pork chop cooked to share. We don’t just love a cut of meat this big because it looks good (though that never hurts). Cooking a chop this size will give you a golden brown, crunchy exterior

15 (New! Exciting!) Ways to Season Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken doesn’t need much more than salt, pepper, and a little char. But hey—when were we ever ones to settle for “good enough”? Doctor up your chicken with these marinades, rubs, and seasoning ideas before tossing it on the grates, and get ready to give boring old chicken the, uh, …

Pork Crown Roast


1 crown roast of pork (or a bone in pork loin)
• Meat Church Honey Hog Rub
• Aluminum foil
• Roasting pan or disposable aluminum 1/2 pan
• Apple juice …