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@th41004 | 1,185 Articles | 1 Magazine | 9,689 Followers | My passion is grilling and smoking great food. This mag is composed of recipes and tips from folks who love great barbecue. Hope you enjoy.

How to Make Brunswick Stew (mine is with smoked chicken)

One of my co-workers invited me over for a Brunswick Stew party. I usually associate that with fall, but it was so yummy that I've had it on my mind …

Chicken Recipes


Tweet The Tri-Tip is a triangular muscle cut from the bottom sirloin of the cow. While this steak is very popular on the west coast, it’s not so easy …

Brisket Basics

I had the opportunity this past weekend to smoke a brisket and wanted to share my process. It takes time and a little patience, but I think the …

Paleo Stuffed Pork Chop

Tweet This is another great Paleo friendly recipe that got rave reviews at my house. Click on the picture for a step by step photo recipe. These …

Rib Eye 101: How-To Grill A Great Steak

Rib eye is hands-down my favorite steak and a great one for the grill. The marbling in a rib eye makes it juicy delicious and pretty hard to overcook …


GrillJunkie Grilling Guide with Time and Temperature Charts


The GrillJunkie team is pleased to provide our Grilling Guide. Depending on “What Fires YOU Up”, whether it be a gas …


Is Lump Charcoal Really that Good?

Is Lump Charcoal Really that Good? Abso-friggin-lutely.At one point in my life I was the biggest charcoal snob on the planet, but that was pretty …


Brined Chicken Grilled with BBQ Sauce

Don't save the grilling season for summer. Any time of year is a great time to enjoy something off the grill and here I brined a half chicken, added …


Smoked Pork Chops

I found some beautiful thick cut pork chops the other day and decided to slow cook them on my little Genesis Silver. The end product was delicious …


Foolproof tips for grilling Jerk Chicken

The classic way to cook jerk is over hot coals and pimento wood. Well, most of us don’t have this set up at home so the next best thing is a …

Chicken Recipes

Grilled Mahi Mahi

They are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean, growing as fast as an inch a week. That means they grow from minnow to fish taco faster than …


Grilling the Perfect Prime Rib

You’ve grilled sirloins before, you’ve grilled Ribeyes, you may even have tried your hand at the mighty Tomahawk—but have you ever attempted to grill …


10 Tips for Grilling like a Top Chef

The joke goes that it took a few thousand years for mankind to discover fire, and then ten more minutes to discover barbequing. Despite …


Eight Things No One Ever Teaches You About Grilling

1. Get the Grill Screaming Hot

2. ...and Squeaky Clean

3. ...and Well-Lubricated

4. Edible Skewers

5. The Beer Bottle Basting Brush

6. The Four-Finger Thermometer

7. Cook on the Coals

8. The Indirect Method


Flank Steak Recipe - Teriyaki Glazed

Unique Grilling: Crispin Cider-Brined and Glazed, Grilled Pork Chops

Crispin Cider does double duty in the dish, both a the brine for pork chops and as a glaze when they're grilled. [Photograph: Jennifer Olvera]

Crispin Cider forms the foundation for a brine to keep pork chops moist. Then, a quick, easy glaze made with additional hard cider, orange juice, brown sugar …


Grilled Memphis Pork Tenderloin Filet Sandwiches

A melt in your mouth piece of wonderfulness. Pieces of pork tenderloin with a tasty spicy rub that cooks in 8 minutes. Based on my own Memphis pork …


Our 20 Most Popular Grilling Recipes of All Time


The Controversial 3-2-1 Method for Ribs

Barbecue controversy alert! Are you familiar with the popular 3-2-1 method for cooking ribs? I first encountered the technique researching my book Ribs, Ribs, Outrageous Ribs. (Competition barbecuers sometimes call it the "Texas Crutch.") In a nutshell, you break cooking ribs into 3 time blocks:

3 …


How to turn your barbecue into a home smoker

Pack even more flavour into your barbecued meat by following this easy guide by Pitt Cue Co.'s expert chef

• Make a pickleback cocktail to drink with your barbecue • How to create Pitt Cue Co.'s pickles and sauces

There's a primal enjoyment to building a fire. I've been told that when humans smell …


A Guide to Offset Barrel Smokers

Water smokers, box, barrel, and pellet smokers do a fine job smoking meats and seafood. But nothing establishes your street cred as pit master who …


New Kid on the Block: Pellet Grills

“It’s easy—maybe a little too easy,” I told the crowd of Barbecue University students gathered around the first wood pellet grill many had seen. …


Had to try pizza on the Weber Genesis - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS.

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Had to try pizza on the Weber

BBQ Pan Pizza

An easy way to bake pizza using a cast-iron pan and your BBQ. Don't heat up your house this summer! Use your BBQ as an oven and enjoy delicious, …


Giveaway: Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Bluetooth® BBQ Thermometer

Are giveaways running or loading slowly for you? Some users have reported success with clearing their browser cache and reloading the pages.No need …


Herb-Crusted Lamb Skewers with Dijon Mustard

Last summer I went on a mission to create some the most flavorful skewers of meat as possible. That led me to awesome things like beefy steakhouse …


Welcome to the Official Site for Porkopolis EggFest Cincinnati

Porkopolis EggFest Cincinnati

Welcome to the FOURTH Annual Cincinnati Eggfest sponsored by LaRosa’s Pizzeria & Wardway Fuel!

Please join us on July 11, …


Smoked Baby Back Rib Sandwich

Can you imagine a smoked juicy delectable hunk of smoked baby back ribs, bones removed, on a sandwich bun or a french loaf? Its the smoked baby back …


The Best Homemade Steak Sauces

Learn to make béarnaise, chipotle butter, mushroom gravy and more

Chestnut and mushroom gravy | Photo: Lizzie Munro/Tasting Table

Okay, so you've …