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@th41004 | 1,362 Articles | 1 Magazine | 9,861 Followers | My passion is grilling and smoking great food. This mag is composed of recipes and tips from folks who love great barbecue. Hope you enjoy.

The Secret Weapon for Your Grilling Needs!

We recently traveled to New York City to meet with top-notch editors and bloggers to showcase the versatility of honey in grilling. We enlisted the …


Smoked Chicken Recipes | All Recipes Food Restaurant

Smoked chicken recipe, crispy skin, juicy meat!, This smoked chicken recipe for whole chicken tastes great. smoking the chicken at a hot smoker …


Team Traeger | Traeger Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak with Lobster

Surf ‘n turf, pier ‘n steer, or beef ‘n reef—whatever you call it, it combines the best of land and sea into one epic plateful. This culinary classic …


Team Traeger | Amazing Salmon

Many salmon recipes claim to be the best, but we’ll just lay down our recipe and let your mouth decide if it’s the best grilled salmon you’ve ever …


Team Traeger | Bacon Bleu Cheese Brisket Burger

There’s nothing like a juicy burger, wood-fired until delicious on a Traeger, to usher in Grill Season. We chose to top our mesquite-smoked burger …


Better Than Sex Brisket Recipe - GrillGirl blog: healthy grilling recipes, big green egg recipes, paleo recipes, low carb recipes, tailgating recipes

I named this “Better Than Sex Brisket” because I’ve never seen my husband go back for “fourths” for anything, ever, until I made this brisket. A …

Best BBQ Tips | Q&A with a Pitmaster - Tony Romas

Calling all aspiring pitmasters! Want to get started in BBQ, but just don’t know how? We sat down with a professional and friend of Tony Roma’s Ribs, …


How to Grill Burgers - Grilling Burgers | Kingsford | BBQ Charcoal for Grilling Meat

• Cut: Chuck
• When it's Done: 160°F

The American cookout classic. Hamburgers are easy to grill but can have two problems: a burned exterior and a raw …

Going Grill Crazy

My wife & I had fallen into a rut of boring grilling. It seemed that every meal was barbecue chicken with baked bean or frozen burgers with fries.
So …

French Fries

The Great Espresso Ribs

Get creative with this coffee-based baby back rib recipe.

Serves: 8


6 pounds baby-back pork ribs

Salt and pepper

2 tbsp minced garlic

2 tbsp …

Coffee Brewing

How To Grill A Steak... If You Are A Real Man

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Want beautiful grill marks, perfectly seasoned, tasty steak that will impress your friends? Check out this video below

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How to Dry Age Beef at Home

Credit: _BuBBy_

Do you know why dry aged beef is so coveted?

The process of aging allows the beef’s natural enzymes to work at breaking down the …


Sweet and Smoky Bernalillo Barbeque Pork Sliders

All-American Barbeque – The beauty of this smoky grilled fare lies both in it’s simplicity of execution & complexity of rich, sweet-spicy flavors …


Brining | Smoking | Grilling – The Complete Guide: Chicken Wings

Cherry Wood Cajun Chicken Wings

Prep time: 9 hours

Cook time: 1 hour

Total time: 10 hours

Serves: 5 Pounds of Wings


3-5 pounds chicken wings, …

Cooking techniques that maximize your meats flavour

When it comes to cooking meat there is no mistaking the unique taste that grilling offers aspiring chefs. In fact research shows that flavour is the …


The Holy Grilling Trilogy

The Grilling Trilogy

The story of the holy trilogy of grilling (or Grilling Trilogy™ for short) is a simple one. Years ago, I developed this technique …



Bacon-wrapped scallops are one of the most luxurious appetizers you can serve, not to mention one of the easiest to prepare. And for me, that’s a …


Grilled Whole Red Snapper Recipe

Grilling a whole fish is a bit intimidating to me but I was up for the challenge when my husband proudly came in with a beautiful whole red snapper …


Mexican Roadside Chicken

As I've said many times before, poultry is hands-down my favorite thing to grill and barbecue, especially chicken. I'm always looking for new ways to …


Recipe - Southwestern Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Peppers and Slaw

Turkey Recipes

Cowboy Chop au Poivre

Father's Day is fast approaching so it's time to plan a meal that's fit for a Dad. The folks at Double R Ranch sent me one of their Cowboy Chops to …


Tips for Grilling Hamburgers with Charcoal



The traditional Italian porchetta (pronounced por-KET-a) is made of a deboned whole hog that is stuffed with garlic and herbs then rolled and roasted …

Grilled Chicken Chalupa Recipe - Cooking Outdoors

What is a “Chalupa”?

In the world of Mexican cuisine, it is a tostada platter, which is a specialty of south-central Mexico.

In my world of Outdoor

BBQ Pork Burgers with Bacon and Cabot Smoky Bacon Cheddar - Cooking Outdoors

Just when you think pork can’t get any better, my friends over at Cabot Creamery sent me a cookbook with a BBQ Pork Burgers with Bacon hamburger …

Injecting Meat to Boost Flavor

Afraid of needles? Don’t let that deter you from enjoying the benefits of injecting. As many barbecue pros know, injecting is the most efficient way …


Primo Prime Rib Roast Recipe

It’s finally time to get outdoors!

If you’re like me, you’re firing up the grill every chance you get. Preparing great food while enjoying the great …


GrillJunkie Grilled Shrimp Recipes with Mango Salsa

Grilled Shrimp Recipes w/ Mango Salsa

The GrillJunkie team cranked up the coals and fired up one of our easy, fast and flavorful Grilled Shrimp Recipes!


Grilled Chinese Char Siu Spare Ribs Recipe

Posted by Josh

It's very likely my first pork rib was at a Chinese restaurant. Growing up in the suburbs of D.C., barbecue was not prolific, but …


Grilled Foil-Wrapped Potatoes With Shallots, Lemon, and Thyme Recipe

Posted by Josh

I've prepared potatoes in more ways than I can count, but no matter how deep down the recipe hole I go, it seems like there's always …