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Sometimes you gotta wait.

Tori Paitan with chashu, chicken breast, lotus root, fresh bamboo, ikura. So good. #onlyinjapan

Midnight Rams w @tetsu_unb #ramen #ラーメン

富士ラーメン (Fuji in Muroran, Hokkaido)

<b>富士ラーメン</b><p>Muroran is an oft overlooked city in Hokkaido, just south of Sapporo. Formerly a bustling port, it is now one of Japans many cities that are …


Acadia kicks off Ramen Sundays

Chicago is officially ramen crazy, if the openings of two high-profile ramen-focused eateries earlier this year (Lettuce Entertain You’s Ramen-San and Brendan Sodikoff’s High Five Ramen) hadn’t already stamped, sealed and delivered our status of devotees of the hearty Japanese soup, that is.<p>Now …

New York City


Back in July, having just returned from Belgium and the Czech Republic, the Missus sent me a text. Something along the lines of "let's go to Japan." …


Hitler, locals express frustration over ridiculous lines at Ramen Festival

Over the weekend, the Ramen Festival — part of the J-Pop Summit Festival — took over the blocks surrounding Japantown. Not surprisingly, it was very crowded. But waiting in line for food is a San Francisco pastime surpassed only by complaining about waiting in line for food.<p>SF Weekly interviewed …

San Francisco

立川のラーメン(^^) 煮干し系うまーv 餃子はタレが鉄板でこんがりでうまー*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・'(*▽*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・* #ラーメン#立川#東京#美味

Ivan Ramen Is So Good It Will Make Your Eyes Explode

Now, two years later, the Big Apple is well into the throes of a ramen revolution and helping to lead the charge is Orkin himself, with a sit-down restaurant on the Lower East Side and a leaner pay-before-you-eat outpost on the Far West Side. And amid our glut of good gluten, you can pretty much …

New York City

RamenWire: Is Momofuku's Meatless Ramen NYC's Best Ramen?

The kimchi jars have been more reliable over the years, with their spicy, salty kick. The shrimp buns have been a more compelling reason to visit, with the heady prawns pressed into White Castle-style squares. The cheap shochu slushies have never been anything but Grade A thirst quenchers. And the …

New York City

Slurp Worthy: The Top 10 Ramen Destinations in New York

Squash blossom butter corn miso ramen with ground pork belly, shoyu-marinated egg, Tokyo negi, garlic-chili paste, and shunggiku

イレブンフーズ源流 東品川店@新馬場 (ラーメン) : らーめん喰倒記

六厘舎 大崎店@大崎 (つけめんシュリンプ・別皿) : らーめん喰倒記

• 2016/12 九州ラーメンツアー2016 まとめ<br>• 2016/10 東京ラーメンショー2016 まとめ<br>• 2016/10 大つけ麺博2016 まとめ<br>• 2016/07 熊本ラーメンツアー2016<p>>>これまでのお知らせ<p>< イレブンフーズ源流 東品川店@新馬場 (ラーメン)<br>• 蔦の葉@巣鴨 (塩そば、醤油そば) …

Tokyo Ramen Street's Rokurinsha Makes A Mean Bowl of Tsukemen Noodles

The last time I was in Tokyo, I didn't make it to Rokurinsha, one of Tokyo Ramen Street's most popular restaurants, which is known for its tsukemen, or dipping noodles. This time, however, I vowed not to be denied, and arrived before noon to make sure of it.<p>By 11am, the line was already wrapped …


Hokkaido Ramen with sweet corn and uni butter. Oh yes.

#latergram #ramenshop #oakland A weekend of hedonism ...

Eight Great Bowls of Ramen to Slurp in Tokyo

GalleryEight Great Bowls of Ramen to Slurp in Tokyo<p>I once read that there are over 20,000 ramen restaurants in Tokyo. That's a lot of noodle slurping for one city. We're talking about dedicated ramen shops, with primary focus on just one food item, like many restaurants in Japan. When you go to a …


The History of the Ramen Noodle

On Monday evening, the Culinary Historians of New York gathered on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to discuss the political and economic underpinnings of ramen-noodle soup. “Next month’s meeting is called Dethroning the Deceitful Pork Chop, ” a member named Linda Pelaccio reminded the audience of about …