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By Todd Lappin | Where the future falls back to Earth.

Ancient High Plains wrecking yard packed full of Detroit treasures

1 of 42The view from here is nicer than what you get in most urban wrecking yards.

2 of 42Split windshields, bullet holes, and paint vaporized by …


Removing Fish From a Surreal Abandoned Shopping Mall

Thousands of carp, tilapia and catfish will be relocated to less absurd settings by Bangkok officials.

Devoid of shoppers for years, Bangkok's New World shopping center is losing the thousands of fish that have more recently called the condemned mall home.

An estimated 3,000 fish, brought to the …



Took some photos of an abandoned Carter Sparks custom built modern home in Fair Oaks, CA today. The home was originally owned by artists John and …

Mid-Century Modern

The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Inside the gleaming mall here on the Sunday before Christmas, just one thing was missing: shoppers.

The upbeat music of “Jingle Bell Rock” bounced off the tiles, and the smell of teriyaki chicken drifted from the food court, but only a handful of stores were open at the sprawling …


Nuclear Vogelsang: The Lost Soviet City Everyone Wants to Disappear

Vogelsang in East Germany (all photographs by the author)

Lurking in a Brandenburg forest north of Berlin is a hidden city with a sinister past being …

Cold War

60 Classic cars worth £12MILLION found in French farm garage

The haul of 60 rusting motors, which includes a Ferrari once sat in by Jane Fonda and a Talbot-Lago previously owned by an Egyptian king, was found …

Treasure Troves

Blackout Below Burmingham in the Abandoned WWII Tunnels

Just below the surface of Longbridge, an area just outside of Birmingham, UK, amidst the various residential redevelopments, lies a series of …

Birmingham (UK)

Abandonment Issues: Drone Photos Reveal a Ghostly Candlestick, Torn Up and Awaiting Demolition

The demolition crews aren't rolling in just yet—that comes this winter—but Candlestick is already a pretty lonely place. It's now lying vacant, …

Once a Colonial Hotel, Now an Inhabited Ruin

Inside the quiet Ponta Gea district of Beira, Mozambique sits the Grande Hotel. A relic of luxury marking the cosmopolitan era of 1960s Portuguese …


Spreepark: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauty

In the middle of Berlin, near the Spree river in Plänterwald forest, lies an abandoned amusement park deep in slumber. The Spreepark, formerly the …


Hotel Monte Palace in São Miguel, Portugal

Perched on an isolated mountaintop in the Azores, the Hotel Monte Palace is the dead-eyed shell of a former five-star hotel that only seemed to …


Ruins of Gaza airport tell sad tale - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Author: Asmaa al-Ghoul Posted January 28, 2014

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — Not far from the border gate in Rafah, where thousands of travelers are held up …


14 of the world's most amazing abandoned airports

The amazing stories behind 14 of the biggest, weirdest, most expensive, most historic abandoned airports, with awesome photos.


America’s Boneyards: Where Airplanes go to Die

Image via here

Before they are put to rest, airplanes undergo funeral-esque rituals known as ‘pickling’. Their engines are removed, the windows …


Where Mass Tourism Overrides Memorialization, Chernobyl Is Far from a Time Capsule

There is a popularly held myth concerning Chernobyl, and, more pertinently, concerning the abandoned city of Pripyat which stands at the heart of …

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

Skateboarding in an abandoned psychiatric ward

Photo credit: Sean Colello Skaters Sean Collelo and Rob Miceli take you on a pretty wild ride through an abandoned psychiatric ward in New York …

Abandoned Buildings

“Bayside Pier 33, SF”

Photographing Europe's Abandoned Border Crossings

After nearly 20 years of passport-free travel in parts of Western and Central Europe, many former checkpoints resemble ghost towns.

"Girls! Girls!" a motorcyclist enthusiastically yelled at Ignacio Evangelista, his face red from the heat of the day as he pulled his sweaty head out from under his …


Country Lane Motel

The Man Who Photographs Plane Wrecks | VICE | Australia / NZ

​​Dietmar Eckell has been snapping photos of plane wrecks for years. He began as a hobbyist who framed landscapes with ruins like disused train tracks, cars, and buildings. Then came a point in his life where he began working less at his job and more at photography, which culminated in him crashing …

Archaeology of an atomic test site

Archaeologist Colleen Beck has spent 20 years studying the fake suburban homes, real bunkers, scientific instrumentation, and tunnels at the Nevada Test Site, 1,360 miles of land where more than a dozen atomic bombs were detonated between 1951 and 1962. From Samir S. Patel's feature in Archaeology …

Photos of abandoned discotheques

Photographer Antonio La Grotta captures the lost decadence inside abandoned discotheques in Italy.

"Discotheques, the symbol of 80s and 90s hedonism, were fake marble temples adorned with Greek statues made of gypsum, futuristic spaces of gigantic size, large enough to contain the dreams of success, …

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Prison Hospital


Ruins of Alcatraz