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RT @Shaughn_A: “@jjauthor: #ObamaLieOfTheYear o knows what he is doing! @CandiLissa @Shaughn_A” Totes O_O http://t.co/aNsEujzJAY

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RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge All excuses beyond arms reach can't be discounted beyond the facts that discounts them. http://t.co/UAYxt4jWU2

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge There's nothing to see here because everyone is having a wonderful time at the alter. http://t.co/cHd0SS3cme

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge Laws are necessarily made to hasten the approval of legal theft of the #American people. http://t.co/bHmhXvqTxe

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge All hail the king. http://t.co/kvKUt6W1Ed

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge 'Feeling good' about the state of our union is always a fudged report away. http://t.co/Qog0N8WOBT

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge The shadiness continues to run deep with contempt for most #Americans people. http://t.co/pDHVWnXPWD

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The News with Sen. Cruz - December 13, 2013

As the disastrous effects of Obamacare come to light, two things become increasingly clear: Obamacare isn't working, and it is hurting millions of …


HHS extends more Obamacare deadlines

The Obama administration on Thursday announced it would take steps to push back an already-delayed deadline to help those struggling to obtain health …

RT @SenTedCruz: FIFY MT @WhiteHouse: President Obama: #GetCovered because ... http://t.co/8SylaoZNcM

Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter: "Obamacare architect: If you like your doctor, pay more: http://t.co/PH3oANgeA4 Don’t recall pitch going like this: http://t.co/77PLKRgm3t"

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RT @catwahler: BEST TWEET OF THE MONTH!! RT @HerZop For reals! #ImpeachObama http://t.co/TEdZ0pCGXt

Twitter / Account Suspended

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RT @TheTeaParty_net: Obama Makes Richard Nixon Look Honest ➨ http://t.co/wje4Ejq9p8 #ImpeachObama #TeaParty #tcot #tlot

RT @Cate_Tweeting: #IMPEACHOBAMA Presidential Proclamations. http://t.co/FztJE9GjvN

RT @hildismom: He vowed to unite the country... #ImpeachObama #JusticeForBenghazi4 #Obamacare #IRS #NSA #Extortion17 #PJNET http://t.co/hwoUQ4ddxw

RT @Shaughn_A: Phony birth, phony care, phony kept plans, phony scandals, phony redlines, phony interpretative president. #Ophony http://t.co/34G8rGmaoq

RT @Shaughn_A: #Obamacare Yeah....what's happening in this pic pretty much. I know...I know....I'm a racist....right? :| http://t.co/Xcsi9VSpcM

RT @Shaughn_A: “@GodReviveUSA: Respect yourself. Don't tolerate abuse. #IMHO” And band aids to cover post-abuse happs don't work. http://t.co/TPe66ohvVD

RT @Shaughn_A: Yeah..I can see how this could be factual. He doesn't know Chi-town kids either. #tcot #p2 http://t.co/6QNBRj4tRm http://t.co/xxSRUBOF61

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge If you have a home not foreclosed on 2go2 for the holidays, #Obamacare bug your family. http://t.co/I2EGATzswR

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge Why not let other governments be in charge of you too? http://t.co/OJFQJrk3xG http://t.co/6EG5VtiThI

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge They're simply abiding by the laws forced on us by #Obama. http://t.co/7RMut7GY7T http://t.co/iQWXTwmcQj

RT @Shaughn_A: #WithGovernmentInCharge Disrespecting it with a black man as president is a determiner of how hard U go w/racism. http://t.co/SyR8sWnO8m