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The American Dream, Under Construction Since 1776

Though it’s not quite an accelerator (of anything really), the White House has decided to hold its very first White House Demo Day, wherein more than 90 entrepreneurs from over 30 different companies will have a chance to share their entrepreneurial story.

But, this wasn’t a typical Silicon Valley …

Venture Capital

Taking The 2016 Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit For A Spin

The new 2016 Audi TT virtual cockpit boasts high-definition, crystal-clear digital graphics, Google Earth imagery and navigation, haptic feedback, Google-like search, voice command operation and “just write” touch features.

The display is pretty slick, with 60fps PC gaming speeds and Nvidia’s …

Audi TT

Gagan Biyani, CEO Of Sprig, Will Bring Kale And Quinoa To Disrupt SF 2015

Gagan Biyani, CEO Of healthy food delivery startup Sprig, will be joining us this year at Disrupt 2015 in San Francisco. In case you don’t remember, Biyani is a TechCrunch alum, having covered mobile apps for almost two years at MobileCrunch.

Sprig has raised $56.7M in funding from prestigious …

Northern California

This Ridiculous Frankenwatch Embodies Everything The Swiss Are Doing Wrong

Much has already been said about the new mullet watch by Nico Gerard. The watch, called the Pinnacle, costs $9,200 and is essentially a metal band with two watches attached to it. On one side you have an automatic three-handed “chronograph” with Swiss movement and, on the other side, an Apple …


Apple Denies Making Plans To Be A Wireless Carrier

A fair amount of folks reported yesterday that Apple was testing its own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), to become, in essence, a mobile carrier while borrowing components from other carriers. You’d be paying Apple for your calls, texts and data. Fancy.

Its not the first time that Apple …


Solar Power Startup Bright Raises $4 Million To Distribute Energy In The Developing World

Bright, a solar panel installation and distribution startup, pulled in $4 million in seed money to build out its solar software and financing team.

The startup launched out of the last batch of Y Combinator and began building in Mexico last year. Energy is expensive and often complicated in the …

Renewable Energy

Want To Make An Impact With Your Work? Try Some Advice From 80,000 Hours

People in the tech world like to talk about doing great things. But what does that actually mean for your career? If you’re serious about making a positive impact on the world, should you go work for a startup? A nonprofit? Or none of the above?

80,000 Hours is an organization aiming to help with …

Conflicts of Interest

Square’s Board Adds Former Brown University President Ruth Simmons

Square announced a powerful addition to their board today, former Brown University President, Ruth Simmons. Before her 11-year post at Brown, she was the President of Smith College, establishing the first engineering program at an American women’s college.

Jack Dorsey, Square’s CEO, had this to say …

Brown University

Children’s Magazine Highlights Is Moving To Mobile With Help From SF-Based Startup Fingerprint

You probably remember flipping through Highlights magazine as a child, perhaps while in the waiting room of your doctor’s office. But now, this longest-running children’s magazine of 69 years is attempting to make an impact on mobile. The company has partnered with San Francisco-based startup …


Get Ready For A 21.5-Inch iMac With 4K Retina Display

The 27-inch, 5K retina iMac is a beautiful desktop computer, but it’s a bit too expensive for many people. This is about to change as the latest beta of OS X El Capitan tells us more about an upcoming iMac that features a smaller 21.5-inch display with a 4K resolution — an insane 4096 x 2304 …

Retina Display

TapHeaven Promises True Automation For Mobile Advertisers

The pitch for TapHeaven might sound a little familiar. Co-founder and CEO Chris Hoyt said his technology delivers truly automated ad-buying.

What makes TapHeaven more than just another ad startup that talks a big game about its technology? Well, it says it’s actually delivering big results with its …

Mobile Technology

Loyalty Startup Belly Builds On Opportunities Of Apple Partnership, Launches New Marketing Suite

Fresh off of Apple’s WWDC announcement earlier this summer that they would be partnering with loyalty rewards program Belly as one of their “mobility partners,” Belly announced today that it will be rolling out a major product update to its merchant partners.

The update focuses on Belly Complete, a …


Genius Launches Android App, Redesigns Home Page And iOS App

Genius, gone from rap song explanation site to annotator of the entire Internet, has today launched a revamped version of the website, the iOS app, and for the first time ever, an Android app.

The redesign brings with it a new brand design, color palette and enhanced song pages, as well as a new …

iOS Apps

YouTube’s Desktop Web Player Gets A New Look

Does YouTube look different to you today? If you’re noticing that the YouTube player on the desktop seems to have a sleeker look-and-feel, then you’ve probably spotted the update YouTube has just rolled out. The company launched a new HTML5 video player for desktop users, which now features a …


Instacart Makes Its First Acquisition With “Acqui-hire” Of App Maker Wedding Party

On-demand grocery delivery service Instacart has made its first acquisition since raising hundreds of millions in venture funding for its growing business. The company is “acqui-hiring” the team from NEA-backed Wedding Party, a mobile application that allowed wedding guests and friends to …


Republic Launches New Platform To Send GOP To White House

Software is eating the world, and it is continuing its monstrous diet in politics. The traditional shoe leather approach of political campaigning has been replaced by rooms of engineers, AWS instances, and data science APIs designed to maximize votes for the lowest cost. Your “gut” need not …

Republican Party

Berlin’s Zeotap Raises $6.4M To Let Telcos Sell Customer Data To Mobile Advertisers

Apparently, telecom operators are sitting on a huge amount of unique customer data that could provide much-needed revenue by being packaged up and sold to mobile advertisers and content providers to help them better target users. Or so says Zeotap, a startup that provides technology to enable …


Kobalt’s AMRA Inks Its First Licensing Deal: A Global Agreement With Apple Music

Two months ago, Kobalt — a startup whose technology tracks and collects music royalties from streaming music providers — acquired and revamped and royalty collection agency AMRA to ramp up its music licensing collection activities. Today, it is announcing its first licensing deal: a centralised, …

Entertainment Industry

Gurgaon-based Local Delivery Startup Pickingo Picks Up $1.3M

Pickingo is the latest hyperlocal delivery startup in India to get funding. The company, which transports items between merchants and customers in six cities, has raised $1.3 million led by Rehan Yar Khan of Orios Venture Partners with participation from Zishaan Hayath.

Co-founder and CEO Rahul Gill …


Panorama Raises $12 Million To Help Schools Understand Their Students

Panorama Education, a startup that surveys students, parents and teachers to collect actionable data, has raised $12 million in new funding to help school districts make better decisions.

Spark Capital and Owl Ventures led the Series A round. Panorama’s seed investors include Y Combinator, Google …


Alibaba Hires Goldman Sachs Veteran To Grow Its International Business

Alibaba is continuing its international push after hiring a Goldman Sachs veteran to lead its international business. Michael Evans, a thirty-year finance executive, has joined the company as its new president.

Evans, who left Goldman at the end of 2013 after 20 years with the firm, is not a new …

Goldman Sachs

Battery Attributes Can Be Used To Track Web Users

A team of European security researchers has published a paper analyzing how the battery life of mobile devices could be used to track web browsing habits of Firefox users on Linux, using the HTML5 Battery Status API (via The Guardian).

The specific method they expose in their paper has been fixed by …


GIF Keyboard Maker Riffsy Raises $10M Series A

GIF keyboard maker Riffsy has raised a $10 million Series A to make sure you never have to communicate using only boring sentences and emojis again. The round was led by Menlo Ventures with participation from returning investor Redpoint Ventures, as well as Cowboy Ventures and Signia Venture …

GIF Animations

Tencent Wants To Buy All Remaining Shares Of Elong, One Of China’s Top Travel Sites

Tencent has made a bid to buy all outstanding shares of eLong, one of China’s biggest online travel agencies (OTA).

The maker of WeChat, China’s largest messaging service, already owns shares that give it a 15 percent voting stake in eLong, which said in a statement that it is still considering the …

China Travel

#ILookLikeAnEngineer Aims To Spread Awareness About Diversity In Tech

When OneLogin Platform Engineer Isis Wenger agreed to participate in the company’s recruiting campaign, she felt pretty apathetic about it. She also didn’t anticipate the backlash that has come from it.

“As a genuine introvert I have never cared much about gaining public attention and I really …


Swipe To Patent: Design Patents In The Age Of User Interfaces

Editor’s note: This is a Q&A between attorneys Beth Ferrill and Lauren Dreyer of Finnegan, and UX/UI designers Erik Dreyer of GoodShuffle and John Sanchez of Academy.

User experience and user-interface design is an emerging field in the technology industry, even more so in the legal world of patents. …


Uncovering ECHELON: The Top-Secret NSA/GCHQ Program That Has Been Watching You Your Entire Life

If history is written by the victors, government surveillance agencies will have an awfully long list of sources to cite.

Domestic digital surveillance has often seemed to be a threat endured mostly by the social media generation, but details have continued to emerge that remind us of decades of …

National Security Agency (NSA)

Hacking Diversity In Tech By Emphasizing Retention

Conversations around diversity in tech often focus on the “pipeline” and getting more people from underrepresented groups through the door. But that’s just a first step. The next, most critical step is retention. There’s no point in a company using its resources to hire a diverse people if they’re …


Disruption In Healthcare Could Be Costly

Entrepreneurs are giving the healthcare industry a much-needed injection of innovation. Enthusiasm for new ideas and solutions in healthcare is clear from the 200 percent growth in funding for digital health companies between 2010 and 2014.

Digital health companies received a record-breaking $4.1 …

Health Care

Controversy Fuels 9X Growth For Reddit

Any press is good press, apparently, as Reddit hit a new 8 billion page view record in July admist community upheaval over new policies and leadership. Reddit grew from 175 million unique visitors in May to 177 million in June. But as hot takes flew in a media frenzy around volunteers blacking out …