Tesla Reveals Its $20,000 AI Bot

It wasn't a guy in a bodysuit this time. At its annual AI day on Friday, the automaker showed off its Optimus robot prototype, having it walk on stage untethered. Chief executive Elon Musk said the company hoped to have thousands of these bots in factories to perform single repetitive tasks. But what do robotic experts think?

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Tesla Reveals Its $20,000 AI Bot
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    Tesla robot slowly walks on stage at AI Day

    Tesla robot slowly walks on stage at AI Day

    CNN - Matt McFarland

    Washington, DC CNN — Tesla revealed on Friday a prototype of a humanoid robot that it says could be a future product for the automaker. The robot, dubbed Optimus by Tesla, walked stiffly on stage at Tesla’s AI Day, slowly waved at the crowed and gestured with its hands for roughly one minute. Tesla …

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