No More Weaponized Robots

We've all seen videos of robots learning parkour, opening doors and performing other acts. But if you're worried about these machines rising up or being used to overpower our enemies, rest easy. Boston Dynamics and other bot makers have vowed not to allow their creations to be turned into "killer robots." Will their actions convince our leaders to enact policies that will prevent the creation of a real-life "Terminator"?

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No More Weaponized Robots
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    The race to stop weaponized robots

    The race to stop weaponized robots

    A Twitter post featuring a video of a robot dog firing a gun that’s racked up nearly 120,000 likes since July. Videos of Ukrainian soldiers apparently modifying off-the-shelf drones to airdrop weapons. An art project featuring Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot most known for viral dancing videos, …

    They’re putting guns on robot dogs now

    They’re putting guns on robot dogs now

    The Verge - James Vincent

    It was only a matter of time Quadrupedal robots are one of the most interesting developments in robotics in recent years. They’re small, nimble, and able to traverse environments that frustrate wheeled machines. So, of course, it was only a matter of time until someone put a gun on one. The image …

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