'Buy Now, Pay Later' Startups Are Popular, But Users Face Financial Risks

Affirm, Afterpay, and other similar tech companies that provide short-term financing services are doing good business this year. They're either being acquired for billions of dollars or striking partnerships with the likes of Amazon, PetSmart and IKEA. But even though BNPL is available to consumers, it's not always a good thing. A study from Credit Karma found one-third of U.S. consumers fell behind on their payments. Here's what you need to know about "Buy Now, Pay Later."

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'Buy Now, Pay Later' Startups Are Popular, But Users Face Financial Risks
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    What Is Buy Now, Pay Later?

    What Is Buy Now, Pay Later?

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    BNPL everywhere

    BNPL everywhere

    TechCrunch - Anna Heim

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