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Art in America

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele barely lived to see the rigid bureaucracy of the Habsburg Monarchy smash into a mosaic of clashing cultures, but even …

Manual for Freedom, Research & Creativity.

Last week we held a cocktail launch party at WOMAN / MAN in Munich (the original Helmut Lang store, whose interior remains untouched!) for 032c …

New York City


Olaf Hajek’s acrylic tableaux are globe-trotting, combining icons and textures of varying cultures. A recent body of work shown at Southern Guild in …

Cape Town

Juxtapoz Magazine - Home

Home | National Museum of American History

As interns in the Making American Music project, we use the inspiration of the museum collections and exhibitions to make music and engage museum …

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About Plant vs Zombe<p>Do you know about plant ? If you don't know I'll tell you. It is a very fun game. There are 2 kind. Plant vs Zombe 1 and 2. Plant …

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About Ms.Kingsbury<p>Ms.Kingsbury is a teacher. She teaches my class and me. She teaches many kinds of things. For example, she teaches social studies, …

The boringest day

The Pamphlet War and the Boston Massacre

Colonists had thought of themselves as part of the extended British nation, but by the outbreak of Revolution, many came to see themselves as …

The American Revolution

A timeline of the American Revolution from 1763 - 1787

1773<p><b>July: Publication of Thomas Hutchinson letters</b> <br>In these letters, Hutchinson, the Massachusetts governor, advocated a 'great restraint of natural …

LIBERTY! - The American Revolution | PBS

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Myths of the American Revolution

<i>We think we know the Revolutionary War. After all, the American Revolution and the war that accompanied it not only determined the nation we would</i> …

Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War (1775-83), also known as the American Revolution, arose from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain’s 13 North …

American Revolution

American Revolution

Dig deeper into the history of the American Revolution, the war between Britain and the American colonies. Get the facts on how the U.S. won its …

America's Founding Documents


Find Vintage Public Domain Posters and Advertisments on Viintage

Viintage is a neat site that developed by a husband and wife graphic design and photography team. Viintage features collections of vintage posters, …