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There’s another story to tell about climate change. And it starts with water

In this time of reckless US action, it’s crucial to shift the narrative beyond despair over fossil fuels and look at water as a primary tool of climate control<p>It’s easy for all concerned about air, water and nature to descend into despair as we watch brazen rollbacks of environmental legislation in …

Parents at #XHIS explain their current understanding of the @ibpyp Incredible!

Give a child a net and they make a 3D shape. Give a child blank cardboard and they understand a 3D shape. #pypchat #mathed

Reflecting on the different communities we belong to #uwclearn

25 Of The Best Resources For Teaching Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

What do humans do from the day we are born to the day we die? #edchat #aussieED

Guided Inquiry Process 🤔 (by @lesliemaniotes et al.) #edchat #education #pblchat #elearning #edtech #engchat

Transdisciplinary Math – An epiphany and a plan!

For the past few weeks I have been helping my teams review their math scope and sequence and decide which math is transdisciplinary and fits <i>within</i> a …


PYP-5 Exhibition Tools

Grade 5 students were given the following product grid detailing some of the elements of their Exhibition project. Many of the products can be …

Assessment: Choose tools that will help you expedite this process!

‘the IB helps schools teaching the Primary Years Programme (PYP) to identify what students <b>know, understand, can do</b> and value at different stages in …


Do My Students Really Suck at Inquiry?

“My Kids Suck at Inquiry.” Someone mentioned this and the other day, and I laughed, along with others, because it feels true so much of the …


the heart of the pyp program

At the heart of our PYP program lies the Learner Profile. The attributes help develop internationally minded students who, in turn, help to create a …


It’s about time: a round-up of time-lining tools

Timelines are a perfect tool for inquiry projects. They force students to see contexts; to make critical decisions about relative importance; to make …

School Libraries

PYP Day Plan Template

One of the biggest causes of learning tension I see with teachers new to inquiry or PYP, centers around planning for inquiry.<p>There are lots of great …


a closer look at transdisciplinary themes

The an effort to promote international mindedness, the PYP curriculum framework, is designed to represent multiple perspectives. The <b>six</b> …


Ring a Ring of Roses

...and we all fall down.<p>Some say that the nursery rhyme arose from the great plague of London in 1665, though many folklorists disagree. I rather …

An Inquiry into the Inquiry Cycle

When teachers are transitioning into the PYP-ways of collaboratively planning a Unit of Inquiry, it is not uncommon to receive requests to spend time …


Planning for Effective Technology Integration in the PYP

"<i>Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no</i> …

Mrs. Axelsson's Science Class

Failure can inspire perseverance and build character @kjinquiry @VisibleLearning @ibpyp

Week 13: Looking deeper into Body Systems

We have explored and investigated all of our wonders about body systems.<p>We have been diving into what each of our organs do and where they are. We …

PYP New Staff Induction as a Unit of Inquiry

This year we had 25 wonderful new staff join our Primary Years Program. As PYP Coordinator, myself and my trusty partner are charged with the …


PYP & Readers Writers Workshop: Are They Compatible?

Tokyo International School<p>​I work at Tokyo International School (TIS) an IB World School. TIS is a rare breed: it is one of only three, PYP …


2 Great ways for teachers to use Spreadsheets in Art


EAL Strategies Mat

Why One Mexican Farmer Got Her Whole Town Hooked On Worms

It's festival season in the farming community of San Lorenzo Toxico, Ixtlahuaca, about an hour north of Mexico City. The windows of the church in the center of town brim with colorful flower arrangements. I wander around the plaza outside the main chapel, snapping photographs of the bountiful …


Gorgeous mindset poster seen in G3 pod today #uwclearn #pypchat #isedcoach

Live Action Storytelling

In EL 3 we are inquiring into STORIES. Our big question for the week is; what makes a story great? The children had various answers which we were …


Lego-superhero-themed essential agreements

Hello there! It has been a busy first week back with the children. Some people were asking me to share how the Lego superheroes turned out, so here …