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Images By An 18-YO Photographer Who’s Already Shooting For Brands Adobe & Nike

At 18 years old, self-taught photographer David Uzochukwu has a client list that many could only dream of. In addition to Adobe Photoshop for the …


Beginner Photography Tip: Advanced Controls That Will Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Tell me if this sounds familiar...<p>You've been dabbling in photography for awhile now, but find yourself wanting to learn more.<p>You have a good handle …


How to conduct macro photography on a paper-thin budget

Why it matters to you<p>Giving this method a try can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a dedicated macro lens.<p>Macro photography is one of …


How to Make Simple Photos

I think to make better photos; seek to make more simple photos.<p>1. Simple is hard<p>Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci<p>Leonardo …


Ai Weiwei pays tribute to Ren Hang’s photography

‘The images are fresh, but also empty and superficial. They contain a deep sadness within’<p>Ai Weiwei has shared his thoughts on Ren Hang following his tragic death last month – calling the late photographer’s work “poetic” and full of “sadness”.<p>The artist – who, like Hang, had run-ins with Chinese …


How to Blend 3 Bracketed Exposures for Greater Dynamic Range

Want to learn how to blend 3 bracketed exposures of the same scene to create a single photo with greater dynamic range? Here’s a great 17-minute …


Looking up at the Mosque

Paint it grey: the controversial plan to 'beautify' São Paulo

As part of an effort to ‘clean up’ Brazil’s biggest city, mayor João Doria has been down on his knees, spraying grey paint over beloved street art. Locals are furious<p>For many of the 12 million people who live in São Paulo, sitting in traffic and staring out the window at the graffiti-coated walls …

Street Art

This couple’s incredible hyper-lapse video showcases their six-month adventure through Asia

A Swiss couple has created a stunning time-lapse video that condenses a six-month trip across Asia into just three minutes.<p>Created by Sylvain and Jenny from Lytchee Travel, a website dedicated to sharing informative video content, the hyper-lapse features 3578 photographs edited together to create …


Which Lens Is Best for Portraits: A fast 85mm F/1.4 Prime or a Versatile 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom?

Given a choice between a fast 85mm f/1.4 prime lens and a fast-and-versatile 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom, which lens would you choose to shoot outdoor …


Advice for Portrait Photographers

<i>Todd Hido is one of the most interesting artists using photography today. LensCulture is delighted that he has agreed to be a member of the jury for LensCulture Portrait Awards 2017. In a series of interview questions, we asked if he would be willing to share some insights and advice for</i> …


Bolivia's salt flats – in pictures

The salt flats in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, are the largest in the world and contain 50-70% of the world’’s lithium reserves

South America

How These 6 Instagram Photographers Got a Million Followers

Chris Burkard<p>Four years ago, Chris Buckard was on a trip in Iceland (he has been there 27 times) shooting surfers when one of them introduced him to …

14 soothing images of our underwater world

THERE ARE FEW THINGS that I love more than wild swimming. Be it in Lakes, rivers, or oceans, I cannot resist getting in the water — nothing makes me …

Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria

1<p>2<p>3<p>4<p>5<p>6<p>7<p>8<p><i>I planned this shot out two weeks in advance. I knew I wanted the moon to encompass Lady Liberty’s crown and torch. I love the ferry passing</i> …

The artist combines matte painting, collages and photography to create composites with reality of their own

What do you get when you combine matte painting, cutout fragments of old photos and magazine pictures, photography and digital manipulation? British …


How to Safely Use Any Bag as a Camera Bag

Camera bags are great for protecting your gear, but if you aren’t a professional photographer spending cash on a dedicated bag can be excessive. …

A San Francisco Fogaholic’s Stunning Photos

A San Francisco Fogaholic’s Stunning Photos<p>William Boot<p>01.14.17<p>Nicholas Steinberg, an award-winning photographer from San Francisco, takes the world on journey through the eyes of a self-confessed ‘fogaholic.’


Mount Rundle

Ukraine. Zakarpatsky region. Winter forest on the way to Petros

Where to travel every month of the year

LONDON — If you love to travel, chances are your destination bucket list is long and overwhelming.<p>In order to help plan your next trip, we consulted Lonely Planet's "Where to Go When" guide, which acts as a trip planner for every month of the year.<p>The guide provides 30 recommendations for each …


The 12 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe for couples

LONDON — The first few weeks of January leave most people dreaming of an idyllic beach holiday.<p>With that in mind, a new report from Post Office Travel Money released today has unearthed the cheapest tourist hotspots in Europe.<p>To produce the ranking, Post Office Travel Money calculated several …


12 spots to frequent in Tokyo if you want to be a true local

Saying Tokyo is overwhelming to visit is a gross understatement. Searching for a decent happy place to unwind or simply enjoy a lazy afternoon can …


Want to retire abroad? Consider these 10 locations

Whether you’re just three years into your post-grad life or nearing 59.5 years (the age when you can start withdrawing 401(k) savings without …