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Street Photography Japan – Part I: After Midnight (5 photographs)

After Midnight, no trains or subways are bringing you home. Osaka and Tokyo are some of the densest populated cities in the world and the nightlife …


New Instagram Photo

New Instagram Photo

Incredible Aerial Photography by Niaz Uddin

<b>Niaz Uddin</b> aka neohumanity is a talented photographer, filmmaker, certified scuba diver and computer programmer currently based out of Los Angeles. …


Wanderlust-Inducing Images Capture Majestic Views of Iceland

Self-taught photographer Lukas Furlan recently traveled to Iceland, where he shot an incredible series of images that capture the country's spectacular landscape. Iceland's scenery has long been a draw for photographers, who can't help but be inspired by the moody Nordic environment. From iconic …


[NSFW] Nude Occult Rituals Staged Against Norway’s Stark Landscape | The Creators Project

<i>This article contains adult content.</i><p><i>ÍSS (2016), courtesy of Daria Endresen</i><p>Still frames of silent horror, steeped in Scandinavian mythology and replete with Nordic rituals: welcome to the world of Daria Endresen. The Norwegian artist's earlier work comprises series upon series of ghostly …


Young Photographer Created A Series Of Digital Art Photography To Say Stop The Violence!

1# “Her soul dissolves and her dignity was slowly lost.<p>And she was there! Clinging to the memory of a man who gave her, swearing eternal love, a …


Into the Past

Leonard Cohen



Build a Stunning Portfolio

Share109<p>Tweet<p>+1207<p>Pin<p>Shares 316<p>Landscape photography is all about experiencing the moments that leave us breathless… moments that move us and leave …


2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners, finalists

Wildlife photography often captures the majestic and awe-inspiring side of nature. But the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards look to highlight the lighter …


The Art of Becoming Santa (Photos)

The Art of Becoming Santa (Photos)<p>The Daily Beast<p>11.25.16<p>At a special school in Michigan, potential Kris Kringles come from all over the world to learn how to pull off the real deal.

Toys "R" Us

Think Stock Photos of Hackers Are Cheesy? Blame This Guy | Motherboard

Trust me: picking stock photos for an article on hacking is the bane of a security journalist's existence. Either, you've got some abstract illustration of a padlock surrounded by <i>The Matrix</i> typography, or a dark hooded figure leaning menacingly over a laptop; there isn't much in between.<p>But, to …


I’m A 16-Year-Old Photographer Who Loves To Capture Small, But Beautiful Mountains Near My Home In Slovakia

After those two years, I realized that it’s not enough anymore, so bought my first DSLR camera. It was used Nikon D200 with a second hand kit lens. …


Here’s How to Take Long Exposures Without a Filter

You always hear how you have to use a neutral density filter to take a long exposure, right? The thing is, you can get long exposure images without …


Drone photography captures the dramatic inequality of Nairobi

Kenya, the largest economy in East Africa, has some of the starkest inequality in the region. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Nairobi, where the wealthy and middle class live and work next to slums housing some of the country’s poorest.<p>American photographer Johnny Miller, supported by Code …


These Pre-Fame Pictures Of Emily Ratajkowski Leave Absolutely Nothing To The Imagination

The unseen polaroids are seriously not suitable for work.<p>Before her "Blurred Lines" video and <i>Gone Girl</i> cameo made the world fall in love with her, Emily Ratajkowski spent two nights in a house in New York with photographer Jonathan Leder.<p>The images from the shoot with the then model in 2012 have …



Traditional Asian Ink Paired with Cartoon Lines Create Larger-than-Life Comic Worlds | The Creators Project

<i>Images courtesy of the artist</i><p>In the comic and cartoon worlds, "adult" often refers to excessive gore and sexual material. But what happens when the art form is elevated to a higher level of thoughtfulness with diverse subject matter and lifted out of standard page sizes? Enter Kim Jung Gi, a Korean …


Time magazine picks 100 most influential photos of all time

NEW YORK (AP) — A single drop of milk. A newborn baby. The ravages of war and terrorism. The defiance of those who protest and the fear of those entrapped.<p>All are included in a multimedia project featuring Time magazine's most influential images of all time , released Thursday through a new book, …


Female photographer shoots nudes to explore the 'female gaze' [NSFW]

You’re probably familiar with the ‘male gaze’, a term coined in 1975 by feminist critic Laura Mulvey, and you’ve certainly come into contact with it …


In pictures: this award-winning photographer takes stunning portraits celebrating London's diversity

It was three years ago that American-born photographer Peter Zelewski started approaching strangers in the street to take their portrait. Good thing …


8 lies you're telling yourself while trying to find your purpose in life

Thirty years ago, a job title told others how you earned money. Today, a job title tells others who you are.<p>In a highly capitalistic society, it makes sense that our sense of self would be derived from how we earn money.<p>We've been taught that there's who we are, what we love to do, and how we earn …


Take a peek inside a landscape photographer's travel bag

Travelling to make photographs can be challenging. One of the big tasks is figuring out what to pack. You want to pack as little as possible, but you …


Start shooting like a pro with this Complete Guide to Photography

It's easy to recognise great photography. If you'd like to pick up the skill –whether it's to make a career out of it or just to take better photos …


TIME debuts '100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time'

TIME is debuting an unprecedented exploration of the 100 most influential photographs of all-time to commemorate the 175th anniversary of photography …


A Few Mistakes Beginner Photographers Need to Avoid

Photography is a fun hobby (and a great job for some people). But it certainly isn’t something that you can just jump into and have tons of success. …


Bloody Sunset