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Why Professional Photography As You Know It Is Dead - Best HDR Photography

Find Your Voice and Vision

Do you have a voice and vision?

Unless you have your own voice and vision, you are of no value as a professional …


How to Watermark Your Images Using Lightroom and Photoshop CC

A Post By: Leanne Cole

Watermarks, love them or hate them, are a way of protecting your images. Although, just because you have one on your image …

Adobe Photoshop

Why One Company Refuses To Let Polaroid's Instant Photography Die

Polaroid jumped into the digital sharing-happy world last week with the Cube, a new WiFi-enabled camera that uploads images directly to the Web. It’s a break with Polaroid’s legacy of instant printing—rather than instant uploads.

The Cube would be cold comfort to Polaroid fans still mourning the …


8 Easy Ways to Become a Better Photographer

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Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), …


Here’s What Adobe Dehaze Can Do for Photos Taken in a Blizzard

I took a trip to Iceland this past March, but weather wasn’t the greatest while I was there. We encountered a few blizzards, and I took some photos …

Adobe Photoshop

Ethereal Images Laced with Mystery and Sensuality

Sarah Allegra is a fine art photographer whose ethereal work evokes images of the mythical, sometimes laced with sensuality and mystery. Her images …


Tip-Top Tips for Shooting Fireworks

With the 4th of July fast approaching, you’re probably already searching for the best ways to shoot them ‘werks.We’ve got you covered here with a few …


4 Things You Didn't Know About M.C. Escher

A new exhibition sheds light on an artist who, despite producing some of the most popular images in modern art, remains an enigma.

Even if you don’t know much about the man, you know M.C. Escher’s work. References to his mind-bending imagery can be spotted in films like Interstellar and Harry Potter …


Cherry Tree



Right under your nose


The Best Seat in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

A travel photographer reveals how to get the best photos while traveling

Whitney Tressel is a hybrid travel photographer and photo editor who has dozens of cross country road trips and travels under her belt, documented for the likes of Esquire, Budget Travel, and Hemispheres. Professing that she's always had the travel bug, she's rarely not on the road, as summers see her …


Cape Daisies

Getting Their Shot

7 Tips for Better Skyline Photography

A Post By: Richard Schneider

Reminder: now until July 7th (AUS EST) the Landscapes, Cityscapes & Photography Tricks eBook is on 50% off at …


Photographer Captures Mini Lightning Storms In Honor Of Tesla

Have you ever seen a Tesla coil up close? What about a lightning storm caught in a single image? Marc Simon Frei’s enveloping photographs let you take a glimpse at both, bringing viewers far closer to raw electricity than they thought possible.

A self-professed “child of science,” Frei originally …


14 Women Artists Who've Changed The Way We Think About Design

Much like today, the design world of 1950s and '60s America buzzed with big names. Crack open a history book on the era and you'll find chapters devoted to them -- Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, Isamu Noguchi, Donald Judd, Richard Serra. Except, unlike today, there was a discernible, if …

Fashion Design

Beauty in ruins: abandoned places in Europe and Asia – in pictures

Architectural Photography

UrbEx Photographer Explores Some of Europe’s Abandoned Places During 22k Mile Road Trip

Child Dream

Ever since he was a teenager, Franco-German photographer David de Rueda has practiced urban exploration. Traveling on adventures to seek …


Quick Photoshop Secret: How To Make a More Impactful Sunset or Sunrise

Jimmy McIntyre is a world-renowned travel photographer, educator, and 500px ISO contributor. His photos have been published in local and national

Adobe Photoshop

Lightroom SOS - how to rescue badly exposed, noisy shots

With the best will in the world, there are times we can’t get it quite right in camera. Maybe the light is poor, or we haven’t bought along a fast …

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Why Cell Phones Won't Ever Replace Professional Cameras

I have an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s amazing. It has a backside illuminated sensor, an f/2.2 lens, and optical image stabilization. Yes, I have optical …


The Secret to Capturing Great Photos Anywhere You Are

Have you ever experienced this? You grab your camera and go take a stroll around your neighborhood or the local park; but, after about 45 minutes of …

Glacier National Park

The Inspirer - An Interesting Interview with Documentary Photographer Saud A Faisal from Bangladesh

Share the post "The Inspirer – An Interesting Interview with Documentary Photographer Saud A Faisal from …


How to Use a Negative of an Image to Improve Your Retouching

Great retouching is all about small details. They often make the difference between a well-retouched image and a world-class retouched image. …

Adobe Photoshop

Impressive: The Nikon P900’s 83x Zoom Can Show the Moon ‘Moving’

The new $600 Nikon P900 compact camera has received a good deal of attention lately thanks to its record-breaking 83x optical zoom lens, the …