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Mount Rundle

Ukraine. Zakarpatsky region. Winter forest on the way to Petros

Where to travel every month of the year

LONDON — If you love to travel, chances are your destination bucket list is long and overwhelming.<p>In order to help plan your next trip, we consulted Lonely Planet's "Where to Go When" guide, which acts as a trip planner for every month of the year.<p>The guide provides 30 recommendations for each …

Adventure Travel

The 12 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe for couples

LONDON — The first few weeks of January leave most people dreaming of an idyllic beach holiday.<p>With that in mind, a new report from Post Office Travel Money released today has unearthed the cheapest tourist hotspots in Europe.<p>To produce the ranking, Post Office Travel Money calculated several …


12 spots to frequent in Tokyo if you want to be a true local

Saying Tokyo is overwhelming to visit is a gross understatement. Searching for a decent happy place to unwind or simply enjoy a lazy afternoon can …


Want to retire abroad? Consider these 10 locations

Whether you’re just three years into your post-grad life or nearing 59.5 years (the age when you can start withdrawing 401(k) savings without …


8 Dramatic Landscape Photos to Inspire Your Weekend

It’s Friday, and I’m ready for the weekend!<p>If you’re like me, you use at least some of your free time on the weekends to head to the great outdoors …

Nature Photography

Pro's Choice: Illuminating Landscapes: Jess Findlay Has a Light Touch With Nature

For Jess Findlay, outdoor photography was a natural. Growing up in British Columbia (BC), Canada, surrounded by lush landscapes, enthralling …

Nature Photography

These award-winning photos show planet Earth in ways you've never seen it

It's easy to get caught up in worrying about how crazy the world is. But sometimes it's important to stop and remember that it's also beautiful.<p>There are ice caves that shimmer sapphire blue, glowing swirls in the sky as particles carried by solar wind collide with Earth's atmosphere, and serene …


Travel Photography Ethics

Last week while I was traveling with my group into Bangladesh, I received a link to an article from my friend, Thierry. The article was written by …


A San Francisco Fogaholic’s Stunning Photos

A San Francisco Fogaholic’s Stunning Photos<p>William Boot<p>01.14.17<p>Nicholas Steinberg, an award-winning photographer from San Francisco, takes the world on journey through the eyes of a self-confessed ‘fogaholic.’


New Instagram Photo

A Truly Heartwarming Photos Series That Captures the Loving Bond Between Little Kids and Big Dogs

A photo posted by Andy Seliverstoff (@andyseliverstoff) on Nov 25, 2016 at 4:14pm PST<p>In his wonderful series “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs“, …


30 of the Most Iconic and Influential Photos of All Time Colorized

From Gordon Parks’ defining American Gothic to Frank Powolvy’s captivating portrait of Betty Grable and Eddie Adams’ harrowing Saigon Execution, …


A travel photographer reveals a simple trick for taking unforgettable vacation pictures

Karolina Valeikaite studied photography at Middlesex University in London. She thought she might go into fashion, but she decided to quit her media job and travel the world with her boyfriend, instead.<p>Scroll through her Instagram account and you'll find a breathtaking collection of purple sunsets, …


Photographer David Gleave on Getting Close with Street Photography

<i>All images by David Gleave. Used with permission.</i><p>To create street photography with impact, one of the proven methods is to go dangerously close to …


25 Photography New Year’s Resolutions

As each year comes to an end, there is the hope for a new year.<p>What will you do different in your photography next year? What will you start doing, …


The funniest and most unusual animal photos of 2016

A selection of images captured by photographers over the past 12 months, including a Donald Trump lookalike pheasant, kissing parakeets, and a lost sloth

Republican Party

A response to your questions about taking pictures in developing countries

Last week while I was traveling with my group into Bangladesh I received a link to an article from my friend Thierry. The article was written by …


Using HDR To Augment Your Artistic Vision

Your artistic vision as a photographer is projected through the choices you make in creating your images. These choices include a subject or theme, …


11 Reasons Why the Nikon D810 is the Best Landscape Photography Camera

If you’re a landscape photography enthusiast and want to equip yourself with the ideal camera for that kind of work, there’s plenty of options that …


Beauty on the sidewalk: New photos highlight Lisbon storefronts

Portugal’s capital never looked so good<p>The storefronts of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, got the lensmith treatment thanks to photographer Sebastian Erras, who set out to document the city’s gorgeous, heavily ornamented facades.<p>Produced in collaboration with Pixartprinting, the series, winkingly …


Nat Geo’s Nature Photographer of the Year is packed with impressive shots

An underwater photograph of a school of sardines has just earned French photographer Greg Lecoeur a portfolio review with National Geographic and a …

8 creative camera hacks in under 90 seconds that you can try yourself

Photographers are always coming up with ways to try and think a little differently. Sometimes they add a little uniqueness and interest to our shot. …


Travel Photographer of the Year 2016: the winners – in pictures

From a snow-swirled New York street scene to serene waterscapes in China – and the Wirral – these images from TPOTY are a fascinating and beautiful take on the planet. They will be displayed in Hull as part of the UK City of Culture celebrations from 18 May to 30 June 2017

Photographer Captures Modern Moms And Fights Against Outdated Stereotypes

• Share on Facebook<br>• Leave a comment<p>Image via Celia Sanchez<p>Celia Sanchez snaps photos of moms that don’t fit the ‘typical mom’ mold and it’s …


Tips for Street Photography in Cloudy Weather & Bad Light

<i>Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone</i>. As a street photographer from the UK I should be pretty familiar with my country’s glorious weather. But I must …


Interesting Photo of the Day: Thrilling Shark Encounter

Certain shots and aspects of photography require extreme bravery, experience, and skill to pull off successfully. Wildlife can be unpredictable and …


He Left Everything Behind and Became National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year

I've met photographers who sold almost everything they had to travel the country in an RV, doing portrait sessions along the way. I've known people …