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Westminster London

Cheeky Photos Of Vintage Barbie Dolls Caught In Naughty, Suggestive Scenarios

New York City-based artist David Parise takes fun, flirty photos of vintage Barbie dolls caught in naughty scenarios.

It all began when he came across …

Historical Photography

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Cities Around The World.

There are more abandoned cities than you’d think. But they’re also probably at least as creepy as you would imagine in your nightmares. Take a look at …

Abandoned Buildings

Tips for Taking Better Still Life Photos

Still life photographs don’t require photographers to travel to exotic places — not even to venture outside the comfort of their homes. In fact, not …

Still Life

The Biggest Legal Mistake Photographers Make

A Post By: Rachel Rodgers

Whether photography is your bread and butter, or something that you’ve started out doing casually with machinations of …


Understanding Color in Photography

The appropriate use of color in photography adds a dynamic element to your images that is very pleasing to the eye. The correct use of it will allow …


10 camera settings every new camera owner should know

If you have got a new camera for Christmas or in the January sales, it can take a while to get the hang of where everything is, particularly if you …


The Basics of Shooting Better Cityscape Photos

Cityscapes in many ways are similar to landscapes, but instead can combine lots of geometrical shapes and can be a bigger problem when it comes to …

Myths and Truths About Microstock Photography

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Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on The Odessa …


How to Take Pictures of a Sunrise

Waking up to photograph the sunrise isn’t the only hard thing about capturing the sun, there are plenty of technical details that a photographer must …


Using Photoshop to Create Beautiful Glowing Skin

Many makeup products can make the skin glow and can look great when associated with a good contouring. However, shiny products when used under strobe …

Adobe Photoshop

3 Tips for Getting Great Skin Tones Using Adobe Camera Raw

A Post By: Emily Supiot

Skin tones can be one of the more difficult aspects of a photograph to master. Getting pleasing skin tones will make your …

Shutter Speed

Five Fundamental Compositional Theories You Should Master Today

Welcome to Time Out with Tanya, where I’ve put my fast paced graphic design career on hold in favor of adventures in motherhood. I’m capturing every


Photographers, Be Happy With the Camera Gear You Have

If you have been into photography a little while, think back a few years. Remember the early days of digital. Remember all those articles telling us …


Magnum Photographer Jonas Bendiksen Shares the Story Behind His Iconic ‘Satellites’ Shot

Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen spent seven years journeying through the former Soviet Union and documenting the lives of the people there. Along …


'Photography Woes' Meme Shares the Cringeworthy Things Photographers Hear

There’s a new set of photography memes that have generated quite a bit of attention over the past week. “Photography Woes” is a set of meme images …


Revealing Photos of Skylines and Apartment Windows Capture Solitude of City Life

Living among millions of other people and bumping shoulders on overflowing sidewalks doesn’t always equate to a sense of community. Ironically, the most thriving metropolis can create the strongest feelings of isolation. French photographer and graphic artist Floriane de Lassee offers an …

Coachella 2015, day one – in pictures

Pop art meets coffee with #sleevebucks

You'll never look at the Starbucks mermaid the same way again.

An amazing Tumblr artist is using Starbucks sleeves to recreate pop culture icons. Dubbed #sleevebucks, it's a whole new way to reimagine everyone's favorite mermaid.

Most people would just throw their cups away, completely unaware of the …


This picture nearly got him killed

Photo: Atif SaeedIN THE AGE OF TELEPHOTO LENSES and lion-proof cars, a picture like the one above is awesome, but isn’t super impressive: you’d …


dreamy Kirkjufell

The Mechanoid

This is What You Get When You Strap Fireworks to a Drone for Long Exposure Photos

Photographer Calder Wilson recently did some experimentation by attaching fireworks to a drone and then flying it around in a long exposure …


5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make in Photography

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Photographer who loves challenging and experimental photography and is not afraid to share the knowledge …


Photographer Journeys Around the Globe and Documents the Beauty of Women from Different Countries

Some 24 months ago 29-year-old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc ditched her day job and began journeying around the globe in search of women from …


This Photo Shows a Halo Created by Both the Sun and the Moon

This unique and beautiful image shows sun and moon haloes side by side. There was perfect halo conditions in the sky yesterday in Östersund, Sweden, …


So Your Company Has Been Found Using My Photos Without Permission. What Next?

In August I hired ImageRights International, a reputable copyright enforcement agency, to assume the routine handling of commercial infringements of …

University of Texas

Dudes with Cameras: Behind the Scenes with Joey L on Shoots Around the World

Joey Lawrence (more commonly known as Joey L) is a 25-year-old photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His career has taken him to the far corners …


Dreaming of Blue