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2016 Roundup Of Cloud Computing And Enterprise Software Predictions

• Deloitte Global predicts in 2016 more than 80 of the world’s 100 largest enterprise software companies will have integrated cognitive technologies into their products, a 25% increase on the prior year.<br>• Gartner predicts the use of connected things in the enterprise will drive $868B in spending in …

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How To Succeed When Facing Digital Disruption

Jeanne Ross Contributor<p>Jeanne W. Ross is the director of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research.<p>In a digital economy, companies are constantly faced with opportunities, challenges and threats. Business changes are critical to successfully navigate in this environment, but there are plenty …


Someone is launching cyberattacks against Ukrainian infrastructure

The new year has brought a sustained campaign of cyberattacks against Ukrainian infrastructure. This week, malware was discovered on networked systems in Ukraine's largest airport, according a new report from Reuters. The malware doesn't appear to have been activated or done any tangible damage to …


Twitter suffers large outage on web and mobile

Social network has been suffering an ongoing outage across all platforms since 8:20am GMT<p>Twitter was unavailable for users worldwide on Tuesday morning, with the site apparently suffering a total outage followed by serious access problems lasting over an hour.<p>Access to the service began failing …


US Memory Champions Share Expert Techniques For Remembering Anything

We spoke to USA Memory Championship Winners Nelson Dellis and Ron White to learn their best techniques for remembering anything.<p>First, here's their basic two-part memorization technique:<p><b>1. Turn the information into a mental picture.</b> It's much easier to memorize visual images than abstract …

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The Fourier transform lets you have your cake and understand it

Teasing apart the ingredients of a jumble helps scientists to study complex things that change over time or space<p>If there's a mathematical idea that applies itself to almost everything in everyday life but is almost unknown outside the scientific world, the Fourier transform has to be the most …

Inspiring Quotes On Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness From Every US President

They include life lessons from George Washington, leadership advice from Thomas Jefferson, and reflections on success from Abraham Lincoln.<p>These leaders probably had the toughest job in the world. Here are a few of the things they learned from it.


8 Tips For Successfully Penetrating The Hidden Job Market

Fred Coon, an author, licensed employment agent, and CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, says experts estimate that between 80% and 85% of all jobs openings are unlisted.<p>"Current social media trends and technology advances allow companies to find applicants without listing a position," Coon says. "Some …


7 Body-Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

And according to Leil Lowndes in her book "How To Talk To Anyone," you can capture — and hold — anyone's attention without saying a word.<p>We've selected the best body-language techniques from the book and shared them below.<p>"Don't flash an immediate smile when you greet someone," says Lowndes. If you …

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11 Habits That Exude Success

Success is all about being noticed. You get noticed by showing the goods.<p>By adopting the following habits, you'll televise your qualities to the world (discreetly, of course).<p>Just watch how people react to you.


7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience

Writing your very first resume can be a daunting process. And it doesn't help to know that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on candidates, according to research conducted by TheLadders, an online job-matching service for …


7 Smart Questions To Ask At The End Of Job Interviews

Everyone knows they should ask questions at the end of a job interview, but what do you ask? We found some answers.<p><i>Produced By Matt Johnston.</i><p><b>Follow BI Video on Facebook</b>

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14 Interview Questions That Are Designed To Trick You

"To uncover areas that may reflect inconsistencies, hiring managers sometimes ask these tricky questions," says Tina Nicolai, executive career coach and founder of Resume Writers' Ink.<p>Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage …


7 Tips For Getting A Fat Pay Raise

But if you've been going above and beyond, or you realize you're making less than the average worker in your position, it's time to ask for a raise.<p>Once you decide to take the plunge, start constructing your argument, suggests Katie Donovan, salary negotiation consultant and founder of …


19 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Here's a list of websites that will actually make you smarter:<p><b>Digital Photography School—</b> Read through this goldmine of articles to improve your photography skills; they're helpful even if you're a complete beginner. There's also an active forum where you can find a community of other photographers …


58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do

In fact, we are prone to hundreds of proven biases that cause us to think and act irrationally, and even thinking we're rational despite evidence of irrationality in others is known as blind spot bias.<p>The study of how often human beings do irrational things was enough for psychologists Daniel …


7 Memory Skills That Will Make You Smarter

Take it from Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel, authors of "Make It Stick: The Science Of Successful Learning."<p>"We need to keep learning and remembering all our lives," they write. "Getting ahead at work takes mastery of job skills and difficult colleagues ... If you're good at …


3 Signs You're Destined To 'Make It Big'

Curious to know if you're one of them?<p>Here are three signs you're on the fast track to success, according to Coombs:<p><b>1. You're (just a little) cocky.</b><p>If you want to achieve success and make it big, you've got to have confidence in yourself and your abilities, Coombs explains. "Without confidence, you …


This Is Exactly What A Hiring Manager Scans For When Reviewing Resumes

Hiring managers only spend 6 second on your resume before they decide on you — this is what they look at.<p><i>Produced By Matt Johnston.</i><p><b>Follow BI Video: On Facebook</b>


25 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us At Graduation

So we decided to ask our co-workers at Business Insider, "What do you wish someone had told you at graduation?"<p>From where you should try to get a job, to what you should drink, to how you should spend your money, our colleagues had a lot to say.<p>But it's all valuable and comes right from the brains …


If You Want To Get Hired, Act Like Your Potential Boss

Instead, it could depend on whether you have a "spark of commonality" with the hiring manager you interview with.<p>Drawing from 120 interviews with employers, as well as participant observation of a hiring committee, Kellogg School of Management professor Lauren Rivera has found that hiring managers …


14 habits of exceptionally likable people

One thing that will never change in business is the advantage charisma offers. The ability to form lasting relationships built on genuine empathy will always beat out a cold-blooded Machiavellian approach in the long run<p>The writer Napoleon Hill recognized this as a young business journalist and …


24 Rules Used In The Dark Art Of Seduction

The master of persuasion has another book titled, "The Art of Seduction<p>Greene also identifies 10 different types of seductive characters, including "The Siren," "The Charmer," and "The Natural."<p><i>Greene gave us permission to republish these rules</i>


3 Habits Of Super Successful Job Seekers

And, according to Key, they share a few additional habits, as well.<p>In his post he laid out 12 strategies that consistently generate strong results for job seekers. Here are a few of our favorites:<p>"As you continue applying for positions in various companies, take care of how you interact with …


5 Keys To Making A Great First Impression

According to new research out of Princeton, it's about 100 milliseconds— the same amount of time it takes for a giant hummingbird to flap its wings.<p>We're all constantly practicing what psychologists call physiognomy, or reading a person's personality traits from their appearance.<p>"Appearance is our …

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7 Psychology Tricks To Influence People And Get Exactly What You Want

You really can have it all. And there's a science behind getting it. These tips will help you infliuence people to do what you want them to do.<p><i>Produced By Matt Johnston.</i><p><b>Follow BI Video: On Facebook</b>


How To Get A Job Without Applying Like Everyone Else

If you're trying to find a job at Zappos, you might be surprised to stumble upon this message on its website, "No job posting? That's right! We want to get to know who you really are and not let our first meeting just be through a job posting. We invite you to get to know us, and we want to get to …


7 Ways You Can Become More Successful By 'Thinking Like A Freak'

The authors have returned with a new book, "Think Like a Freak," which lays out the unorthodox tactics and styles of thinking they use to reach their surprising conclusions.<p>This way of problem-solving, they argue, can allow you to overcome seemingly impossible challenges and soften up even the most …

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Here's Your Complete Preview Of This Week's Big Economic Events

All eyes will now turn to the retail sales report for confirmation of an economic snapback.<p>We also have three Fed speeches on Monday. St. Louis Federal Reserve president James Bullard will speak on the economy and monetary policy in Florida.<p>Boston Federal president, Eric Rosengreen, is slated to …


6 Powerful Communication Tips From Some Of The World’s Best Interviewers

Listening intently isn’t just for journalists. Here’s how to sharpen your interviewing skills to get the most out of your connections.<p>Everyone knows that particular feeling of dread that accompanies a lull in conversation at a party, networking event, or even a job interview.<p>You’ve already covered …

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