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10 Signs She Will Make A Good Wife

<b>It is certainly not an easy decision to choose a partner in marriage. Lots of people have made the mistake of choosing wrongly and this usually ends</b> …


How I Found The Best Non-Chemical Ways For Mind-Blowing Sex

After our correspondent mistakes Aleve for Viagra, and has amazing sex with her boyfriend, she creates a horny action-plan to bring even more lust …

Reasons Why Guys Love it When You Orgasm

Still don't believe that me? Here are eight reasons we love it when you orgasm:<p><b>We like to feel accomplished</b><br>You ever see a guy right after he receives a promotion at work? Or after his fantasy football team wins the league? He stands a little taller, puffs his chest out a little more. We crave that …

No Sh*t! Why Pooping In Front Of Your Spouse Is The New 'I Love You'

weheartitPeople automatically think that saying the words "I love you" will take your relationship to the next level. But they couldn't be more …




Breezy exposes burglar on Instagram

United States (US) singer Chris Brown has been criticised by fans for his decision to post a picture of a 21-year old woman who broke into his …

Chris Brown

In Case Of Fire


Lions players react to Day 2 picks

Below is a look at how Detroit Lions players reacted to the Ameer Abdullah and Alex Carter picks on Friday.<p>Man God is awesome!<p>— Ameer Abdullah …

Mix Up


FYI: Just having one is sexy as hell.

20 Celebs Who Look Like Disney Princesses Come To Life

<b>These stars are essentially living, breathing Disney princesses—but not for the reasons you'd think.</b><p>Emma Watson being cast as Belle in <i>Beauty And The</i> …

Emma Watson

5 Life-Saving Fashion Rules To Follow When Meeting His Family

<b>Heed them or weep</b><p>The last time that I joined a boyfriend home for the holidays, I agonized over what to wear before finally settling on a plain black …

Yom Kippur

Rock On, Singletons: 20 Reasons It Feels DAMN GOOD To Fly Solo

<b>No ex-girlfriends stalking your page. Enough said.</b><p>There are pros and cons to everything in life, including being in and out of a relationship. While …


If You Do These 11 Things, Prepare To Die Alone

<b>If you believe in "the one"... good luck.</b><p><i>By Neal Stastny</i><p>Christopher Paolini wrote in his book Eldest that “everyone dies alone…whether you are a king …


Somehow Bud Light Missed The Entire #RapeCulture Conversation

<b>Seriously, is your entire company really not paying attention?</b><p>As if getting raped when you're passed out drunk isn't traumatizing enough, Bud Light, …


The Secret To Boosting Your Confidence

Do you apologize for everything? For mistakes others make? For expressing an opinion that might be unpopular? For walking into a room? Do you take …

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