Jazz Up Your Coffee Bar for the Holidays

These are our top barista tips for making the best cup of joe, since the coffee pot always seems to be brewing when holiday guests are coming and going. Stock up on the best coffee bar accessories, invest in high-quality beans and craft the best lattes, espresso martinis and regular old (but never tired) drip coffee.

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Jazz Up Your Coffee Bar for the Holidays
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    It All Starts with the Right Tools

    When your trusty coffee maker starts gurgling and moaning, it might be time to retire it for a newer option. Once you've got the machine to make the coffee and espresso, it's all about having the right accessories for the drinks you'll be making.

    The Best Drip Coffeemaker Options to Start Your Mornings

    The Best Drip Coffeemaker Options to Start Your Mornings

    Choose the Best Beans

    Espresso beans and coffee beans are slightly different! Make sure you're choosing the right ones for your machine.

    Don't Forget the Add-Ins

    Whether you're sipping an a.m. coffee with nonalcoholic creamers or you're crafting liquor-based libations for holiday guests, the add-ins can make a huge difference.

    The Post-Dinner Espresso Martini

    Rockin' around the Christmas tree with an espresso martini in hand sounds like the ideal way to wrap up Christmas and head into the new year.

    Coffee Desserts from Simple to Decadent

    And last but not least, here are our favorite coffee-inspired desserts (just in case the three cups you had today weren't enough!).

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