Fried Chicken Recipes for Football Season

Chicken wings, like beer and pizza, just make game day better. Here are some fun ways to fry your chicken so you never get tired of it.

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Fried Chicken Recipes for Football Season
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    Let's Start with the Wings

    Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, and always simple.

    Best-Ever Fried Chicken Wings

    Best-Ever Fried Chicken Wings

    The Basics

    Wings, thighs, breasts—no matter your favorite cut, these fried recipes will fit the bill. Plus, we have reheating tips for leftovers.

    Changing Things Up

    Need a break from the usual? Try air-frying your chicken or cook them with a cultural twist.

    Never Forget the Sides!

    What would fried chicken be without trusty sides? These are all our favorites.

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