Have Yourself a Very Soulful Christmas, by Tastemaker Rosie Mayes

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm here to bring some holiday cheer! When I was growing up, and still until this very day, our Christmas spreads always included gumbo. Not just any gumbo, but authentic Louisiana-style gumbo full of crab, shrimp, andouille sausage, and chicken. Here’s my family recipe as well as some of my other favorites including delicious side dishes and fabulous desserts. So get comfortable, grab some eggnog, and let's get to cookin'!

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Have Yourself a Very Soulful Christmas, by Tastemaker Rosie Mayes
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    A Breakfast Essential

    What’s better than thick slices of French toast drizzled with melted butter and sticky golden syrup in the morning? A second serving!

    Easy French Toast Recipe | I Heart Recipes

    Easy French Toast Recipe | I Heart Recipes

    What's a more perfect breakfast than french toast? This simple recipe is a classic family favorite that can't be beat! Perfect for weekend brunch.

    Delicious Sides

    Candied yams like you would get from a soul-food restaurant, super creamy broccoli casserole topped with crackers, corn pudding that's so good you might eat the whole damn dish, and a pasta salad that's easy to make and perfect for lunch or a potluck as well as a holiday side.

    The Main Event

    Slow-cooker ham that's glazed with brown sugar, honey, mustard, and the syrup from the canned pineapples, a deliciously spicy jerk chicken, and — of course — that gumbo recipe.

    A Little Something Sweet

    Finish off with a cream-cheese pound cake or the world's best red velvet, topped with super creamy homemade cream-cheese frosting.

    More inspiration from Rosie Mayes

    Rosie Mayes is a self-taught cook based in the Pacific Northwest. She's a full-time food blogger at and has written two cookbooks, "I Heart Soul Food" and "Super Soul Food With Cousin Rosie." She also has her own range of seasonings, RosaMae.

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