Cookies and Cakes for the Holidays, by Tastemaker Joanne Chang

After 20+ years of baking at Flour and creating hundreds of beloved recipes, I've realized that we really make just one thing — the feeling you'll have sharing homemade treats with someone you love. This holiday season, I hope you enjoy baking my recipes at home and then sharing the fruits of your labor with friends and family. From holiday cookies and seasonal desserts to some of my favorite Flour pastries that are perfect for brunch, these recipes are sure to make your holiday season sweeter.

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Cookies and Cakes for the Holidays, by Tastemaker Joanne Chang
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    Holiday Baking that Warms the Heart

    Add holiday flavor to fortune cookies, make Flour Bakery faves like banana bread and sticky sticky buns, and try out some classics such as chocolate eclairs. Plus, your holiday dessert centerpiece: An eggnog cheesecake topped with gingerbread people.

    Homemade Ginger Fortune Cookies Recipe from Joanne Chang

    Homemade Ginger Fortune Cookies Recipe from Joanne Chang

    These homemade ginger fortune cookies combine Joanne Chang’s Asian heritage and the unmistakable taste and aroma of ginger around the …

    Chocolate-Frosted Éclairs

    Chocolate-Frosted Éclairs

    12 éclairs A good éclair can be hard to find, but the best, like this recipe, are absolutely spectacular. Joanne Chang loves this classic dessert, especially since she lightened the typically thick pastry cream filling with whipped cream. The result is the fluffiest éclairs around. You can make each …

    The Science of Sugar

    Want to get nerdy about your sweet treats? Here's a look at the science of sugar.

    Joanne Chang: The Science of Sugar

    Joanne Chang: The Science of Sugar

    Enroll in Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science from HarvardX at

    The Perfect Holiday Breakfast

    This egg sandwich is a bestseller at Flour bakery, and an easy, tasty breakfast on busy days over the holidays.

    Famous Egg Sandwich From Flour Bakery

    Famous Egg Sandwich From Flour Bakery

    We never meant for our egg sandwiches to become famous. In fact, for the first seven or so years we were open, we only offered them on Sundays in a limited amount and on a first-come, first-served basis. The original Flour is just a short walk from one of Boston’s classic diners, Mike’s City Diner, …

    More Inspiration from Joanne Chang

    Joanne Chang started off with a passion for the academic — she has a degree in applied mathematics and economics from Harvard — but after a foray into management consultancy, she switched to food and is now the owner of Boston's Flour Bakery (famous for sticky buns) and a James Beard award-winner. She's the author of five cookbooks and a judge on Netflix's "Baking Impossible."

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