An Italian American Christmas, by Tastemaker Rossella Rago

Nothing brings family together like delicious food around the holidays, and I have all you need to keep your family full and happy — the Italian way. If you want to make classic dishes, try my recipes for panzerotti and zuppa di pesce. If you’re looking for tips like what to do with an extra panettone, I’ve got you covered too. I’m even sharing videos on the meaning of the Feast of the Fishes, and a playlist of Italian American Christmas music. Buon Natale to you and yours!

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An Italian American Christmas, by Tastemaker Rossella Rago
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    Seafood Flavors

    It's an Italian American tradition to celebrate Christmas Eve ("la viglia") with the Feast of the Seven Fishes, where families gather for a seafood feast. There are no specific dishes or fish that must be included, but you need the best quality fish — so get to know your grocer!

    Seven Fishes Seafood Salad

    Seven Fishes Seafood Salad

    The Most Delicious Italian Snack

    These are a popular street snack in Puglia, southern Italy. Fry them as soon as you make them for a tasty golden treat.

    Sweet Sensations

    Nothing pairs better with trimming your tree than almond cookies baking in the oven. While you’re at it, stir up the traditional Neapolitan struffoli with an exciting chocolate twist. And if you've to too much panettone (is there such a thing?!) then why not turn them into a trifle? Plus, cookies for la befana, a festival on Jan. 5 where a friendly witch delivers goodies for kids.

    Italian American Culture

    Learn more about the Feast of the Fishes and how to master food shopping with the hosts of the Italian American podcast. Plus, your soundtrack for the season — six hours of Christmas hits guaranteed to bring your famiglia a buon natale.

    "Twas The Feast of the Fishes" - an Italian American Christmas Eve Poem

    "Twas The Feast of the Fishes" - an Italian American Christmas Eve Poem

    More Inspiration from Rossella Rago

    Rossella Rago is the host of the popular online cooking show and food series Cooking with Nonna, an entrepreneur, co-host of Italian American Podcast and the author of "The Cooking with Nonna Cookbook," "Cooking with Nonna: A Year of Italian Holidays," and "Cooking with Nonna: Sunday Dinner with La Famiglia."

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