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My new puppy | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

My family got a new puppy on Friday. He is a border collie (9 weeks old) called Clari. He is really cute and is very playful.


My dog Miso by Maude | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

ikopix via Compfight ikopix via Compfight Hi every body I like dogs and I have a dog called Miso. It is a girl and she is a rather big dog because …


A funny Story About My Dog and Things My Dog Loves!! By Samara | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

Hi everybody I am going to tell you a funny story about my dog!! I have a dog called Cody she is 3 years old. And she is a Greyhound. She loves pats …


Ocean poems. | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

The deep blue sea is as deep as can be<p>All the tropical fish amaze me!<p>All the coral is as pretty as can be<p>The ocean astonishes me!<p>The deep is …


Kung Fu Fighting By Spike » Blogging in 3/4

Kung fu is the oldest and most famous martial art.<p>Shaolin monks invented kung fu in China thousands of years ago.<p>Bruce Lee was one of the best …


Blogging in 3/4

Badgers have short legs but they can hurt you a bit.<p>They’re related to otters, wolverines, polecats and weasels.<p>There are honey badgers, Japanese …


My Name Train! | Claudia and Dogs

The Challenge | Wonders of the World

Hi Everyone,<p>I’ve got a challenge!<p>I want you to think about <i>all</i> the plants and what colours grow. If you think you’ve found a colour you don’t think …

Wonders of the World

Trip to the TMAG

Today we went to TMAG (the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) as a class so we could be recorded to help people get around the museum. The museum …


Westpac Helicopter Visit | MBPS - Sharing Our Learning

On Monday the 4th the Westpac Rescue Helicopter came to our school.<p>We had a raffle to raise money for Westpac, then the raffle was drawn and two …


Looking back in time » Mira goes Exploring

Every time you look at something, you’re looking back in time. Scientists have even seen a few seconds after the big bang. It’s the same with feeling …


Information about my rabbits | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

My rabbits lived for about two to three months. None of them ate carrots! One of them was called Twitch because when we got her Twitch twitched her …


Samara’s trip to London and Dubai | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

Hi everybody?! I am having an awesome time away so far ??When we got to the Hobart airport we had to wait 2 hours till our plane arrived and then we …


Tassie devils » Mira goes Exploring

Tassie devils are scavengers. They have 20-40 babies.<p>They only have four teats, so only 0-4 of them survive the pouch life. The mum find may even eat …


Sentences | 4/5 Farran

For word study we created a creative sentence using a word for each sentence. Here are my sentences.<p>word:glove box<p>I opened the shattered <b>glove box</b> to …


Our Story Performance | 4/5 Farran

On Tuesday the 1st of March we had a performance called Our Story. We learnt about the history of Australia in a fun way, including comedy, tricks …

The Arts

Pyjama and Onesie Day | MBPS - Sharing Our Learning

Last week, on the 17th of March, we had a pyjama and onesie day.<p>The reason we had a day like this is to raise money for “Save the Children“.<p>There …

Save the Children

Samara with PUGS!!!!! | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

DaPuglet via Compfight<p>Hi, as you can see I love PUGS!!!! They are awesome!! I have always wanted a pug called Ruffles. I have seen pugs before on the …


Maude with guinea pigs | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

Hi, as you can see I love guinea pigs. They are awesome!! I see them all the time because my cousins have two guinea pigs.<p>Did you now that I might be …


Wild Lola | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

Hi everybody welcome to my page. On this I will give you lots of information. Firstly I will start with bush tucker.<p>Firstly: it tasted funny but …


Imogen with pets! | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

I love pets!<p>My favourite pets are pugs I wish I was allowed a pet pug. Alejandro Matos via Compfight<p>I also like cats because they are funny!<p>I only …


Imogen loves rabbits. | Blogging with 2/3 Moore

I love Rabbits because they are so cute. Tjflex2 via Compfight<br>I did have rabbits once, but they all died.


First post ever

Hi everybody this is my first ever post. Well unless you consider the posts on the class blog but anyway. It’s so cool. I love animals and books. I …


Excursion to the TMAG to make audio guides » Blogging in 3/4

Today our class went to the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery to help the museum staff make audio guides for visitors to the museum. We were interviewed …

Lucy's Blog » Blog Archive » Weevils

Dear Miss J,<p>Mark Gurney via CompfighT<p>I found out that weevils are a small,common insect,<p>There are about 40,000 species of a weevil. female hazelnut …


Tadpoles » Blogging in 2/3

This week got some class pets! They are going to go through metamorphosis.<p>“This means that they change into frogs from tadpoles” (Jack …


Whales » Mira goes Exploring

Whales, ( although it’s hard to believe), do poos. A whale has only one predator ( apart from bacteria,viruses,etc) and that is humans.<p>Baleen is used …