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20 Easy Recipes That Will Make Your Mornings Better

As the first meal of the day, breakfast holds a lot of power in swaying the way we start our mornings. Even if you're more likely to grab a cup of …

The ‘One Exercise Workout’ for Anytime You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Use this approach anytime your mind gets in the way of your exercise<p>Ever had one of those days when your body is willing to work out, but your mind is not?<p>The reason doesn’t matter: It could be a stressful day at work, or a family matter that you can’t get out of your head. It could even be the …

Bush's Black Bean Crock Pot Lasagna

Entertaining with Kids and Bush’s Black Bean Crock Pot Lasagna<p>Today’s dish, <b>Bush’s Black Bean Crock Pot Lasagna</b>, is easy to prepare and start cooking …

Bands will make her dance ...and she'll require strong and agile legs!!! All you need is a resistance band to get going (found online, try Rouge Fitness). With the #NikeFootballSociety season about to begin I need to incorporate these movements back into my routine!!! #ThickFIT #tbt // Tshirt by @letsgetmade ••• PROMO CODE: LITALGM for 10% discount.

CORE CONDITIONING // Core, not just abdominal muscles, our cores include everything between our shoulders and hips, an entire 360 degree spin of our bodies that include not only your outer ab muscles but your deeper abdominals, lower back and pelvic muscles, oblique muscles as well as your upper thighs. In order to strengthen your core you can't limit yourself to 1000 crunches. // CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT that will test as many muscles of your core that you can be it a circuit for all core strength and conditioning or something like this; here in this video I make sweet core love with a Bosu Ball, haha. // #AbChiseler Training Programs

ABS + CORE: STIR IT UP!!! 360 rotational circles using your elbows on a Swiss ball. Both directions! // #LitaChallenge #ThickFIT ✊ ___________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com // #LegsAndGlutesBlaster #AbChiseler ✔️✔️

Let's do it for the CORE real quick // UP & OVER & SIDE to SIDE, hitting all angles with the help of your weighted medicine ball. You got this one! #ThickFIT Training For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit: www.litalewis.com /// #LegsAndGlutesBlaster #AbChiseler ❤️ ___________________________________


Lose Your Belly with Just Two Exercise Moves

Seriously!<p>A couple of month's ago, <i>Men's Health</i> asked Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S.—one of the world's top trainers—to create a cutting-edge fat loss program for <i>Men's Health</i>. And, of course, he obliged. But a curious thing: One of the workouts in the plan featured just two exercises.<p>That's right: When …

When you feel that fatigue set in, welcome it, means it's time to WORK HARDER!!! 😉 Today's preaching-screamin' message; GET UNCOMFORTABLE!!! #LetsGoLetsGoLetsGo!!!!!!! // Big thanks once again to my Philly warriors! I can understand why I lose my voice each bootcamp weekend 😐😫 haha #BodyBlastBootcamp

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

Remember the days when “work” meant manual labor with a side of blood, sweat, and tears? Neither do we. These days it seems we’re more likely to log …

Challenge! JUMPING SPLIT LUNGES • My goal is to get as much height as possible 😜 GET EXPLOSIVE! // #LitaChallenge #ThickFIT ✊ ___________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com // #LegsAndGlutesBlaster #AbChiseler ✔️✔️

CORE + UPPER BODY CHALLENGE // Plyo Push Up Claps & Shoulder Taps // Do not quit before attempting. You can if you try. Test your limits, push your boundaries. DO WORK! #ThickFIT ___________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com // #LegsAndGlutesBlaster #AbChiseler > Limited Offer with any purchase: Skype session (ends Dec 7th) ❤️

3 Ways to Use Ropes to Get an INSANE Workout

Crush calories and blast fat with this incredibly versatile workout tool<p>Whether you're climbing up them, jumping over them, or throwing them around, training with ropes helps tighten and tone nearly every muscle in your body. What's more, experts say it can improve your coordination and reaction …

51 Quick and Healthy 3-Ingredient Meals

A common barrier to cooking is seeing a mouthwatering recipe, only to click and discover it requires double-digit ingredients, two of which you’ve …


8 Kettlebell Moves That'll Sculpt Your Entire Body

...and FAST!<p>If you love yourself some kettlebell exercises, this workout is for you. (And if you've never tried them out, this workout is for you, too!) Kettlebell exercises are awesome because, thanks to the fact that their weight isn't evenly distributed, they make your stabilizer muscles work …

Quick & Easy Bibim Bap (aka Bibimbap)

Link to Bookmark or Print Recipe in Cookpad *I was feeling specially explain-y today, so this post provides a lot of background and info...

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How What You Eat Affects Your Productivity

Adjust your eating habits to get more done during the workday.<p>We usually think of food as fuel.<p>Just fill up your tank during lunch, then get back to work.<p>But "Best Place To Work" author Ron Friedman says the analogy is dangerously flawed, since certain foods can cause your productivity to …


It's #MoveWeightMonday and as the homie @eakinwale demonstrates, SQUAT CLEANS are full body movements that will help you build muscle and burn fat when executed correctly. //// The exercise is basically

So let me take this time to boast about my workout efforts today... 😂😭 I hit the Track after the gym. Since our #NikeFootballSociety Commissioner announced that our Draft is on Monday I immediately wanted to check to see if these legs still had working fast twitch muscles. Short answer, yuppp still working 😌 lol. ___________________________________ My Track Workout. 1. 1500m light jog warm up. 2. 6x 30m sprints. 3. 4x 60m sprints. 4. 3x 100m sprints. 5. 2x 200m sprints. 6. 1x 400m sprint. 7. 3 mile light jog. And the most impressive part of today's workout is that I lived to tell y'all about it, haha. Definitely need a track partner for that extra push (I confess, I wasted time collapsed on the ground longer than I would have liked!) ... Sprinters in Brooklyn, pls step forward.... 😎 #ThickFIT

PART 3//3: And lastly, número tres. A total body hurter! Those half Burpees with incorporated plyo claps. And there you have it, now, back to those sticky BBQ ribs! 😉 HAPPY 4th of JULY friends! MUSIC 🎼: by Waka Flocka. __________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com

LEGS & BUTT & ABS, CHALLENGE! Deeppppp lateral lunges! Then in the upward motion crank that knee and crunch those abdominals so it's a triple whammy targeting that lower body, those glutes and those abdominals, specifically your obliques! Tip, to get the most out of this one, lunge WIDE & DEEP, doing so forces you to power up and crunch hard. ✊ Remember, keep that back straight and that chest up. #PutInWork! 💃 __________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com // @litalewis #ThickFIT 👑

This one is for Brooklyn 😎 thanks Mos Def ..."Fear Not Of Man" but you can fear this one! Plyo high knees both straight and laterally with both legs (good hip opener) then straight into some Deep Body Pop Squats. A nice concoction from my Track days. BURN FAT & TIGHTEN THOSE THIGHS! 💃 ___________________________________ For Lita Lewis Training Programs visit www.litalewis.com #ThickFIT ❤️