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YOU ARE BORN TWICE. simulation reality. how can so many people keep this a secret for so long!?

WE ARE IN A SIMULATION - THE SCIENCE (Elon Musk, Matrix Theory, Virtual Reality)

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Self-Growth Blog for Reaching Full Potential and a Better Life

Getting ahead in life is something that we all desire, and especially for optimum health and wealth. Yes for a better life! I mean, don’t we all want …

Mind Over Matter - Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

The author postulates that recent scientific studies show that the heart muscle has its own brain which contributes to the overall consciousness of …

Consciousness, Reality, and The Simulation Hypothesis

“The Simulation Hypothesis,” a film by Kent Forbes, investigates the concept of reality-as-a-simulation. The film argues that, when considering …

Supersensible Knowledge

The Retribution of My Sophia

How easy is it to explain to people that the collective consciousness of their reality is cancerous and filled with mental and spiritual parasites? …

The Reality of Consciousness, Peter Russell

Universal Consciousness & Aspects of Reality.(Powerful Full Documentary)

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How the universe could be one big computer simulation created by another advanced civilisation

The universe could one of many computer simulations created by an advanced civilisation. While the idea appears implausible at first, science writer …

The universe is FAKE and we're playthings of advanced civilisation says theory

Is our universe FAKE? Physicists claim we could all be the playthings of an advanced civilisation<p><b>Physicists say there is a possibility that our world</b> …

Are Humans Really Part Of A Game For Robots? Scientists Claim The Universe Could Be FAKE

<i>(Flickr)</i><p>Everything you know may just be part of a Matrix-style simulation, according to physicists who claim that we could all be part of a giant …

Are You Living in a Simulation?

ARE YOU LIVING IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION?<p>BY NICK BOSTROM<p>Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University<p>Published in <i>Philosophical Quarterly</i> (2003) Vol. 53, …