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Inflatable sculpture of ballerina by Jeff Koons unveiled

NEW YORK (AP) — A massive inflatable ballerina created by artist Jeff Koons is the latest public art installation at New York's Rockefeller Center.


Chipping away at EU: Banksy's take on Brexit seen in Dover

LONDON (AP) — The street artist Banksy has let the world know his take on Britain's decision to leave the European Union.


Stolen Ronald McDonald statue recovered undamaged

CLINTON, N.J. (AP) — A life-size Ronald McDonald statue stolen from a McDonald's in New Jersey last month has been found.


Muscular kangaroo's keeper suggests officials build a statue

The keeper of a kangaroo that rose to international fame for his muscular physique suggested the marsupial should be immortalized with a statue.


Controversy over Native America-inspired art installation in Pomona resolved

POMONA >> A controversy sparked by proposed wording near woodcarvings at Ganesha Park meant to recognize local Native Americans appears to have been …

Native Americans

Public Art Controversy Under Investigation - SRQ Daily Apr 21, 2017

Three Sarasota city employees remain on paid leave while officials investigate whether the city parking director wrongly influenced a recommendation …

Public Art

Fearless Girl and the Charging Bull prove why public art matters

Your recent editorial “New York tussle: The girl or the bull” missed an important point.<p>As the father of an adult daughter and husband of an ardent feminist, I was moved almost to tears when Fearless Girl appeared on my Facebook page. Someone had the chutzpah and wherewithal to insert this sprite …

Dutch Street Artist's Huge Mural On West Town Building Brightens Up Damen

WEST TOWN — A mural blending animal faces and geometric patterns by a renowned Dutch street artist now covers the entire facade of a 3-story building …

Street Art

Landmark statue of Queen Victoria gets her stolen finger back

A LANDMARK statue of Queen Victoria has finally got her forefinger back.<p>The imperious monarch’s statue in Clifftown Parade, Southend, has pointed out …

'Douchebag' of Wall Street: Suit-clad man is caught on camera humping newly installed 'Fearless Girl' statue

• <b>Suit-clad man was snapped as he humped the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street</b>• <b><br>Alexis Kaloyanides took photo of the man and posted it to Facebook</b> …

The statues are thought to represent Pharaohs from the 19th dynasty

Cairo slum unveils Egypt's greatest Pharaoh1:08<p>Experts unearth one of Egypt's most important ever archaeological discoveries: an 8-metre statue …

‘I just wanted to feel like her’

Statue of girl stares down Wall Street bull for Women's Day1:05<p>As many American women prepare to draw attention to their role in the workplace, a …

Tourist trying to jump onto statue in Spain gets a dose of instant karma

March 1 (UPI) -- A U.S. tourist's ill-fated attempt to jump over water to reach a statue in a Spanish coastal town was caught on camera by an amused …


Projected light creates huge dragon in Chinese fountain

Feb. 20 (UPI) -- A fountain in China is drawing attention for its unique use of projected light to make it appear as though an animated dragon is …


200kg dog sculpture found in shed

Shaya LaughlinWentworth Courier<p><b>UPDATE: A man has been charged with the alleged theft of a $25,000, 200kg dog statue from outside a Paddington …

Crushed can to be 'big' star of the show

FIRST there was the giant goon bag. This year it’s the colossal crushed can.<p><i>Cansumerism</i>, a collaboration between Perth artists Hayley Bahr and Tim …


Florida woman suing restaurant after fall from donkey statue

Feb. 10 (UPI) -- A Florida woman is suing a Mexican restaurant in the state's capital after she fell off the back of a donkey statue while posing for …


[Lee Jae-min] Going back 700 years

Figuring out what happened 700 years ago is undoubtedly a daunting task. When there is no official or reliable record, i


Snow sculpting teams gather in Wisconsin for national event

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (AP) — Fifteen teams of snow sculptors from 13 states have gathered in Wisconsin for the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championship.

February 2

Beloved supermarket cat to be immortalized with crowdfunded statue

Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A group of people in a town in England have launched a crowdfunding campaign to honor a cat that once resided in a local supermarket.<p>…


Is this photo too raunchy for Facebook?

FACEBOOK is under fire after it blocked photos of a famous artwork deemed too “sexually explicit” for the public eye.


Controversy over Denver Art Museum’s “Wheel” leads to deeper understanding

Denver Post fileEdgar Heap of Birds’ “Wheel” sculpture stands just outside the entrance of the Denver Art Museum.Thankfully, the “Wheel” controversy …


Why people are flipping out over this statue

Unveiling ceremony at Croydon Park1:00<p>The first 'comfort women' statue in the southern hemisphere was unveiled at Croydon park on the weekend.<p>9 …


‘$60,000 note’ found in statue head

Melissa MitchellWentworth Courier<p><b>AN EXTREMELY rare Chinese banknote found hidden in a statue is expected to fetch as much as $60,000 when it goes to</b> …

Congress Heights’ Newest Public Arts Installation Is Boring, Inoffensive...And Reviled

Who could hate a mess of wood, brass, and plastic balls?<p>Apparently, a lot of people. The “Infinity Beacon,” a temporary mish-mash of a sculpture …

Washington D.C.

Yellow Peril all over again? Foley attacks Doyle over new Melbourne sculpture Habitat-Filter

You could be forgiven for thinking it was 1978 all over again.<p>Melbourne's lord mayor Robert Doyle and Victoria's Creative Industries Minister Martin …


Art detectives needed for the nation

Art UK, the website housing the entire public collection of oil paintings in the UK, is calling on the art trade to help it identify works on its …

Two disrespectful teenagers urinate on a war memorial and film it for Snapchat - leaving veterans outraged

• <b>Two 17-year-old boys reported to have urinated on a war memorial</b> <b></b>• <b><br>The teenagers handed themselves in to police after the act on Thursday</b>• <b><br>The incident</b> …

Soviet star atop Russian building painted to look like Spongebob's sidekick

VORONEZH, Russia, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- A Soviet star atop a tower in a Russian city is going viral after vandals painted it with a familiar face: Patrick …