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Tokyo Dining Out - Restaurants in Tokyo: "Yoroniku" in Aoyama (Yakiniku)

Restaurant # 3: Okahan Honten

This was my second dinner in Japan, also recommended to us by Paul ( Okahan is a sister restaurant of Kanetanaka (the …


wad omotenashi cafe (ワド オモテナシ カフェ), Osaka

My first stop in Osaka was at “Wad”. It happened to be a rainy afternoon and that probably made it trickier to locate, but managed it in the end. Wad …


An evening with a King Crab in Akasaka - Tokyo

Thursday saw us go to Kita Fuku restaurant in Akasaka. Recently awarded its first Michelin star, it specialises in King Crab. It turned out to be an …


Six must-have Osaka foodie experiences that prove it is 'Japan's Kitchen'

Every foodie should visit the city to taste some of the gems of Japanese cuisine. Here's our to-do list.



(Hot Pot Cuisine, including Sumo-Style)


Cuisine Summary

Hot Pot Cuisine is a conglomerate of ingredients cooked together in a hot …


Pound is a highly acclaimed Kyoto steakhouse popular for its exclusive Japanese aged beef. The restaurant opened its first branch in Tokyo in the …


Pizza Riva in Hiroshima

On my latest trip to Hiroshima, I decided to make the trek to the Yokogawa area and try Pizza Riva. I found Pizza Riva on the Associazione Verace


國松 (Kunimatsu in Hiroshima)

Kunimatsu came recommended by the chef at Musashibo, another local 汁なし担担麺 place. When the master at your favorite new shop says to go, you go. …


SUSHI | 天寿し 京町店 (Tenzushi Kyomachi)

As a little birthday treat to oneself, LG travelled all the way to Kokura in KitaKyushu to try out this much famed sushi place by Amano-san (天野功), …

Fukuoka’s Ten Best Restaurants: Exploring Kyushu’s Culinary Capital

Fukuoka, the biggest city on Japan’s Kyushu Island, is renowned for its culinary treats with a wide range of restaurants offering local Hakata …


Lessons of Japan's Recession Food

It would be hard to find a chef who is a better match for the food he prepares than Yoshikuni Katayama.

Katayama works the countertop hot plate at Hassho, generally considered the best of Hiroshima's estimated 860 okonomiyaki restaurants. Okonomiyaki, a thin flour pancake mixed with cabbage, bean …


Desserts Galore at Takano Fruit Parlour in Tokyo, Japan | Melody Gourmet Fury | Austin Food Writer and Photographer

I’ve never been a chocolate fan. If you slid a slice of black forest cake or a propped a stack of brownies in front of me, I might take a bite or …


Which foods define Fukuoka’s amazing culinary scene? The Internet votes 【Poll】

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka, you probably know about its amazing food that has people from …

Nadeshiko Sushi: Women Make Inroads in a Traditional Industry

A new restaurant is challenging a traditionally male-dominated domain.


Five simple ways to take your curry rice to the next level

Curry rice is the perfect Japanese comfort food. It’s hearty, filling, sweet and just a little bit spicy, being a much milder version of Indian curry …


An Intermediate Guide to Fine-Dining in Japan (Tokyo/Autumn)

Why not for the beginners…

This is an “Intermediate” guide for aspiring fine diners visiting Japan. My “Intermediate” means something between knowing …


Why you should eat wasabi with your sushi – the secrets behind 10 Japanese food pairings

Traditions are taken very seriously in Japan, and one of the most noticeable examples is Japanese food. Certain foods and seasonings are always paired

Peach-scented and flavored strawberries seriously trip us up, still taste deliciously sweet

As I’m currently teaching at a high school, I already have plenty of teenagers trying to do things like change the due dates of their assignmentsmess …


We visit a reasonably-priced sushi shop so good you’ll forget all about that “Jiro” guy

With a whole documentary devoted to him and a coveted place in the Michelin Guide, the (reportedly) rather ornery owner of renowned sushi shop Sushi …


The best restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto – chosen by Japan’s top chefs

Dining at the tiny counter at Kappo Sakamoto in the Gion district of Kyoto, I glance up at our chef, Ryuta Sakamoto, who’s quietly preparing our next course. Sake in hand, I decide to break with etiquette and ask if he knows a good place to buy a bento box. He pauses, considering the problems my …


Six ways to discover the art of Japanese cuisine

Get the most out of Japanese Culinary Immersion, this spring’s can’t-miss gourmet exhibit

Long before Tabelog, Michelin or Time Out came along to …

Frogalicious! Japanese cafe serves a whole frog burger

What did the frog order with its burger? French flies and a diet Croak.

A whole frog, minus the flies and croak, will soon be offered as a burger by a cafe in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

The deep fried frog will be served in a black bun, colored with bamboo charcoal, and topped with lettuce.

For a …


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Special tonkatsu.
Kuroge Amami no Shimabuta. Rosu. Sirloin of black pork, from Amami-Ohshima (Kagoshima).The premium choice at Butagumi Dining, …