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How to build strength and muscle in your legs superfast

Lunges are great because they improve balance, hip mobility, and coordination. Reverse lunges take a lot of stress off of your front knee by stepping backward instead of forward.

Video courtesy of CJ Koegel

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Map shows birth rates across the world – and there's a new country at the bottom

Germany saw an average of 8.2 children born per 1,000 inhabitants over the past five years

Germany’s birth rate has fallen to the lowest in the world, …

German Economy

How Things Break

A version of this essay was originally printed in the Iowa Review.Sonny Liston landed on canvas below Muhammad Ali’s feet on May 25, 1965, and Neil …

Sonny Liston

The burning issue of German coal

The conflict at the heart of Germany’s energy policy is finally coming to a head. Can Germany claim to be an environmental leader while continuing to …


Georgian ex-President Saakashvili named Ukraine regional governor

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has been appointed governor of Ukraine's southern Odessa region.

Announcing the surprise move in the Black Sea port of Odessa, President Petro Poroshenko said Mr Saakashvili had been granted Ukrainian citizenship.

Mr Saakashvili is widely credited with …


Here's where the world's $263 trillion worth of stuff is

Credit Suisse's 2014 Global Wealth Report analyzed the amount and distribution of wealth across the planet. They estimated that the sum total of global wealth in mid-2014 was a massive $263 trillion dollars, more than double the level in 2000.

Most of that wealth is concentrated in the developed …

The City

France's National Front Party Joins UK In Call For EU In/Out Referendum

Just days after David Cameron's "I promise a referendum" victory in the British elections, which JPMorgan warns now looks likely to happen as early …


Pedal-Powered GiraDora Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40

In developing countries that lack electricity or the funds to buy expensive machines, taking care of laundry the old-fashioned way requires an …


How Google solved our photo backup nightmare | Sundar’s Google: an exclusive look at the future of Google’s most important products

Google+'s failure led to the best photo product on earth

A year ago, when Vic Gundotra left Google, the social network he was building there was thrown into uncertainty. Reports trickling out of the company suggested Gundotra 's Google+ was slowly being dismantled. The most intriguing news concerned …


This Tiny Self-Folding Robot Will Destroy Itself When Its Job Is Done

Not content with creating a robot cheetah that can run and jumpover obstacles at astonishing speeds, researchers at MIT have also developed this …


The weaker sex

Blue-collar men in rich countries are in trouble. They must learn to adapt

AT FIRST glance the patriarchy appears to be thriving. More than 90% of …

Vocational Education

Google’s Project Vault Is A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card, For Any Platform

Project Vault is a secure computer contained entirely on a micro SD sized device. Google’s ATAP said the micro SD format made sense because there’s already advanced security features on your phone, contained in the SIM card, which protects the things important to carriers. Vault is designed to be …


With more homes than all of Singapore combined, inevitable glut hits Iskandar

The development in Iskandar far outstrips any that are meant for local buyers in the rest of Johor. — Reuters picKUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Frenzied …

Real Estate

U.S. Takes Cuba off Terror List, Paving Way for Normal Ties

The State Department removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, a largely symbolic step clearing the way for normalizing diplomatic …


Asean Economic Community is here – now to make it work

By Lim Cheng Teck, Standard Chartered Bank

There was a lot of excitement recently at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Jakarta about the Asean Economic …


By Japanese standards, Japan’s economy looks really good 😜

Few people predicted that Japan would become a meaningful source of economic growth this year. (Although some particularly astute economic observers seem to have done just that.)

Sure, Japan has shuffled through decades of sluggish growth. But it’s still the third-largest economy in the world. And …


Conversation: China's Defense Strategy


The Brilliant Legal Strategy Behind the FIFA Bust

FIFA, meet RICO. A kiosk in Rio de Janeiro shows newspapers blaring about the arrests of FIFA officials, on May 28, 2015.Photo by Yasuyoshi …


The Disturbing Indictment Against Dennis Hastert

The former speaker of the House is charged with lying to federal agents and evading financial reporting requirements, reportedly while attempting to conceal past sexual misconduct.

Updated on May 29, 2015, at 4:05 p.m.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been indicted on charges of lying to FBI …

Dennis Hastert

Google Photos Hands-On: So Good, I'm Creeped Out

I have taken 1235 photos and videos with my phone since May 28th, 2014, most of which I will never look at. Even if there are good photos, I’ll …


Watch: Hong Kong woman hand-carves intricately designed mahjong tiles

Sister May has been hand-carving mahjong tiles from a shop beneath a staircase in Hong Kong's Hung Hom district since she was 13 years old. Using …

Hong Kong

Here's the extreme diet and fitness plan regular people used to become underwear models in 30 days

These people might look like underwear models, but they’re not. And 30 days before this photo was taken, they didn’t look like this.

Viceroy …


Heysel disaster of 1985 is football's forgotten tragedy and Liverpool and Juventus' minimal reaction prolongs hurt

Thirty years after 39 fans died at the European Cup final in Brussels the hurt is impossible to erase, partly thanks to the silent and bungling response

Mark Lawrenson is a rarity among Liverpool players in that he is even prepared to talk about Heysel. For 30 years it has been the one subject never …


That’s Business, Man: Why Jay Z’s Tidal Is a Complete Disaster

Like many rappers, Jay Z writes songs that have a paranoid streak. He lashes out against conservative cable news anchors, overzealous cops, lazy …

Entertainment Industry

Thailand: Want bigger breasts? Let this Bangkok salon slap you sexy

Women who want bigger breasts, slimmer faces or perkier behinds but lack the funds or desire to go under the knife can try their luck at specialist …


Beyond the Middle East, the Rohingya genocide – Ramzy Baroud

Side Views

“Nope, nope, nope,” was Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s answer to the question whether his country will take in any of the nearly …


Filipina maid photographs "modern slavery" in Hong Kong

LONDON, May 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Filipina maid in Hong Kong has published stark photographs of burned and beaten domestic workers to …

Hong Kong

Only bitter reforms left to jump-start stalling Malaysian economy, FT says

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 ― Malaysia has few options beyond painful structural reforms in order to reignite the country’s economic growth now stalling due …


Foodlogy, Casual French Restaurant, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

Foodlogy, Casual French Restaurant, SentulFoodlogy - Casual French Dining in SentulWords by Louise MillerPhotos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
At …


IGP Khalid: Joshua Wong was barred for 'anti-China' views

"We know his anti-Chinese speeches. We do not want him to jeopardise our ties with China."

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong pro-democracy student leader Joshua …