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Mahathir wants 'bangsat' Najib to leave

Now it is former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's turn to give his take on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's foot-in-mouth remark that Malays would be …

Bernie Sanders was called a liar for saying Hitler won an election. But he was right.

Recently, a meme featuring a quote by Bernie Sanders about the Nazi Party's rise to power has gone …

Bernie Sanders

That salad isn’t helping you, and may be hurting the planet

As the world population grows, we have a pressing need to eat better and farm better, and those of us trying to figure out how to do those things have pointed at lots of different foods as problematic. Almonds, for their water use. Corn, for the monoculture. Beef, for its greenhouse gases. In each …

Greek Food


Personally I try to visit Donostia (San Sebastian) twice a year to dine in this trio. I occasionally try other restaurants too. ZUBEROA remains a …

Simple Perfection

With last year's closure of El Bulli in Catalonia, the Basque region has become the most prominent destination on the Spanish gastronomic map, if not Europe as a whole. Its mecca, San Sebastián, has the highest per-capita number of Michelin stars in the Western world (16) and its pintxos, or bar …


Death of democracy if Najib remains in power, says Rafizi

Keeping Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in power longer will eventually result in the death of democracy in Malaysia, PKR secretary-general …


We should worry about China’s politics not the economics

In all the noise and debate, the stock market crash raises three big questions


London has the most expensive public transport in the world

London mayoral hopeful Tessa Jowell has released research that reveals that London has the highest public transport fares in the world, when compared …


The Scariest Number For The Oil Industry: $550 Billion

Just over half a trillion dollars: that's how much cash oil industry companies will need to repay in maturing debt over the next 5 …

Oil & Gas Industry

Why Saudi Arabia won't cut oil production

Nine months after OPEC decided to leave its production target unchanged and pursue market share instead of trying to prop up prices, the group is facing a set of complex problems and decisions going forward.

At first blush, the collapse of oil prices and the resiliency of U.S. shale appears to hand …

Saudi Arabia

Sensational US$650m suit filed for Umno against Najib

The suit alleges party president breached duties as trustee and defrauded members by failing to disclose receipt of donated funds and account for its …

Najib Razak

Earth Is Probably Locked Into at Least Three Feet of Sea Level Rise

Global sea levels are expected to rise at least three feet in the coming generations, displacing hundreds of millions of people, NASA said this week. …

Sea Level

Xi just changed the rules of the game in China — and that makes things scarier for everyone

REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel

The rules of engagement have changed in China.

There was a time when loyalty to the party, and loyalty to President Xi Jinping, …


Russia's plans for the Arctic have hit 'two major setbacks'

US chairmanship in the Arctic Council will receive a needed boost from the upcoming conference in Anchorage, which President Barack Obama is due to address on August 31.

His message is predictable: He’ll talk about climate change. Russia has received an invitation to the conference, but decided to …


Physicists finally solved the longstanding mystery of why no one can pull two interlaced phone books apart

People, trucks, and even military tanks have tried and failed the task of pulling apart two phone books lying face up with their pages interleaved, like a shuffled deck of cards.

While physicists have long known that this must be due to enormous frictional forces, exactly how these forces are …


Usain Bolt knocked over by man on Segway after crushing Justin Gatlin in World Championship 200m

Jamaican takes a tumble in bizarre accident after winning his second gold medal in Beijing in 19.55 seconds

Moments after clinching 200m gold in Beijing, having evaded his closest rival by nearly two tenths of a second, Usain Bolt swaggered carefree along the track.

But his momentary triumphalism, a …

Justin Gatlin

For Emerging Markets, 2015 Isn't 1997

The Federal Reserve was planning to raise interest rates, oil prices were sinking and an emerging Asian country devalued its currency.

For emerging markets, there are unsettling similarities between 1997, when Thailand’s devaluation touched off a crisis that engulfed Asia and eventually Russia and …


A survey confirms that there are two colors that look best on pretty much everybody

If you’re wondering what you should wear for your next date, job interview, wedding, or criminal-mastermind costume, here’s your answer: black.

The de facto shade of formal attire and mourning, it is also the color most associated with confidence, intelligence, and—not least of all—sexiness, …

Yohji Yamamoto

China’s policy failings challenge the Fed

It would be easy to dismiss the recent extreme turbulence in global financial markets as a dramatic, but ultimately unimportant, manifestation of …


Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

The on-camera shooting of two Virginia reporters Wednesday morning seems bound to evoke, like so many shootings before it, some sort of national …


Wild Wild East @ Desa Sri Hartamas

There's a new sheriff for steaks in Sri Hartamas: Wild Wild East gallops this month into KL's untamed frontiers of upmarket street food, bringing a …


Dusseldorf: The Longest Bar in the World - The Traveler's Way

Many cities have monikers to be proud of, but Dusseldorf residents are especially proud of their designation: The Longest Bar in the World. After all, …


The wunderbars of Düsseldorf

As its carnival-loving citizens attest, there's more to this affluent, arty city than meets the eye. Christian Koch embarks upon a crawl of "the …


Facebook Goes Nuclear On The Messaging War With Its M Assistant

All messaging apps are the same no more. A few years ago, there were few differences between SMS and a slew of chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk and Facebook Messenger. But each have slowly defined themselves differently, whether through simplicity, connections to businesses, …


High Court declares Bersih legal

The decision (to declare it illegal) is tainted, says the judge.


KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court here today quashed a decision by the Home …


Chinese people want to know “How was China’s economy destroyed?”

Search terms related to China’s “Black Monday” are being censored on the country’s top search engines. But the suggested Chinese-language search terms on search engines in the greater China area remain an interesting—albeit entirely unscientific—way to gauge what sort of questions Chinese-speaking …


Ashley Madison was a bunch of dudes talking to each other, data analysis suggests


The Ashley Madison hack has revealed a lot of interesting things about the men who used the extramarital affair-finding site, like which …

Ashley Madison

The number of Russian troops killed fighting in Ukraine accidentally published

Whilst Russia continues to deny that its troops are fighting in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, a respected news site in Russia seemingly …


There's another Chinese market growing explosively — and Beijing wants to take control before it 'blows up'

All eyes have been on Shanghai's stock market this week after the "Black Monday" meltdown, but there's another market in China that's worth watching — peer-to-peer lending.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) — where ordinary consumers cut out banks and lend directly to each other over online platforms — has …