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8 Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

7 Must Read Blogs if you Bullet Journal

Ask The Desk: Random Questions & Follow-Up

On my review of the Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook Teresa asked:Did you test it on copic markers? If so, did they bleed? How did the paper hold …



what i'm about to type may come as a shock [or blaspheme] to those who know my passion for planners.<p>i do not use a planner anymore.<p>this is a crazy …


The newest obsession on YouTube is watching other people organize their day planners

Managing a to-do list doesn't seem like it would be Instagram-worthy, but for a community of people online, it's downright artful.<p>Welcome to the world of planner addicts, a community of people who, even in a digital age with calendar and list apps, are obsessed with paper planners and notebooks. …

Bullet Journal | 5 of the Best Things about Bullet Journalling

I’ve been bullet journaling for a few months now. A few months may not seem like a long time, but the impact and change I’ve noticed from doing it …

Die Hard

Taking Note: 5 Ways We Can Learn About Note-Taking from da Vinci

<i>This post is part of an ongoing series, “Taking Note,” which outlines the history and styles of note-taking. In this series, we explore how taking</i> …


This One Change to My Morning Routine Has Made My Life Better

<i>Nela Canovic, productivity hacker, writer and entrepreneur, answered the question “What single change in your daily routine has had the biggest</i> …

Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

Did you ever want a planner just because of how it looks?

Boy am I guilty of this, bigtime. There are certain planners I like and want, not because I think they will work well for me (in fact some don't work …


Why Making Predictions About Your Day Will Improve Your Outlook

Here’s a challenge for you to try right now. Make a prediction about something—<i>anything—</i>that you can personally verify the outcome of sometime in the …

Why I Don’t Decorate My Planner

Like any planner nerd, I love looking through the gorgeous pictures of the planner community on Instagram. If you are unfamiliar with how some people …


What's in my Filofax / Kikki K planner | StyleplaygroundTV

21 Glorious Pieces Of Handwriting In The Most Unusual Places

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

Hung Up

So THAT'S How You Pronounce 'Moleskine'

Or is it?<p>Chances are, you know Moleskine ― the name of the ubiquitous little journals found in nearly every Barnes & Noble/Starbucks across the land.<p>But do you know how to accurately <i>pronounce</i> “Moleskine?”<p>Maybe you pronounce it “mole-skeen, or perhaps, “mole-skin” or “mole-skyne.”<p>Or do you say …

Barnes & Noble

What to Put in a Bullet Journal Toolbox

Cool Bullet Journal Ideas for Books

Are you familiar with bullet journals? It’s a style of journaling that organizes a journal into a hybrid diary/planner/to-do list for paper and pen …


A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination & Finding Focus

We all procrastinate. The question is how (or even whether) we overcome the tendency to procrastinate, and if we can find focus.<p>This matters — our …

Learn How to Start a Bullet Journal Like a Pro

I have a new obsession for the past few months. It is called a <b>Bullet Journal</b>. You may have heard of bullet journaling before. If not, I want to teach …

Boho Chic

My Bullet Journal Setup

Why is everyone crazy for #bujo? What you need to know about 'bullet journaling'

Do you BuJo?<p>There are plenty of apps to keep track of your tasks, events and schedule, but sometimes writing it all down on paper is still best to make sure what's important doesn't get lost in the shuffle.<p>If you're scratching your head at the term "BuJo," do not panic, the answer is here, or …


We're obsessed with Bullet Journals, the newest and prettiest organization fad

One night recently while I was getting ready to go to bed, I saw a recommended YouTube video titled “How I use the Bullet Journal system.” The …

24 Pretty Bullet Journals to Inspire Your Own Design

If you're like me, as soon as you heard about bullet journaling, you got extremely excited to start your own. The new organizational method has been taking over the internet and people have been sharing their own versions on Instagram. Whether you want your journal to be simple and minimal or …


mt mt Washi Tape - Accessories Lineup - HOBONICHI TECHO 2016

<b>mt Washi Tape</b>(minä perhonen, etc.)<p>Here's a lineup of washi tape that fits perfectly with this year's minä perhonen techo covers. These charming designs are great for decorating or taping notes to your techo pages. This year brings two new designs—such as ‘soda water' and ‘bird petit - mix'—to the …


Kawaii Stationery Supplies

We’ve all got piles of cute pens, stickers and notepads but even your most boring, but useful, stationery supplies can be made kawaii, thanks to …


23 Things Anyone Who's Slightly Obsessed With Stationery Has Secretly Done

You've probably lied about having a spare pen because you didn't want anyone else to use it.