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Discovery of new dwarf planet hints at other objects in solar system

Planet-hunters scouring the heavens have found thousands of distant worlds around other stars, but astronomers may have overlooked one lurking much closer to home.<p>Scientists searching for glimmers of light beyond Pluto say they've discovered a new dwarf planet — and that its movements hint that an …

Accessory Report: The Most Comfortable Shoe Trend Of The Season

These days, it seems you can’t throw a pebble in the street without hitting a slip-on sneaker or two, and luckily our favorite street style stars are …

Get on This DIY Basic: Glitter Booties

The year was 2011. Barneys was peddling a pair of boots that every girl on earth wanted. They had a little heel. The area right above the heel was blinged out in sparkly gold glitter. And they had a price tag that read $595. Hearts sank. Then, the makers of the world realized what makers realize on …

To This Day

There's A Graphic Of Every Best Actress Winner’s Oscar Outfit And It Is Amazing

Which of the 67 killer looks is your favorite?

SJP On Her Love Affair With Shoes and Those SATC3 Rumors

The actress talks her new line with Nordstrom and whether or not she'll ever slip back into Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos...<p>SJP—the acronym alone evokes the sound of stilettos skipping down the sidewalks of New York City. It's been nearly 10 years to the day since the final <i>Sex and the City</i> episode …

This Is The First Public Art Installation To Use Google Glass

Head on over to the National Portrait Museum if you want to try out Google Glass (and see some art, I guess).<p>Artist David Datuna has an ongoing series called “Viewpoint of Billions,” in which a large collage is layered over with different optical lenses. But for his newest entry in that series, …

Google Glass

Dizzying photos of Sochi athletes in flight

Olympic photography is a competitive business, especially for the veteran professionals who have to go toe-to-toe with drone cameras, photo agencies installing lightning-speed fiber optic networks at the games, and astronomically expensive and rapidly changing camera technology.<p>As such, …

Figure Skating

100 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die

Many of the books are 20th century classics or recent bestsellers — the oldest book on the list is Jane Austen's 1813 masterpiece "Pride and Prejudice." It also spans multiple genres, with adult fiction, nonfiction, children's, and young adult novels such as "The Hunger Games" and "Harry Potter" …


Quinoa Is Weird: Here Are 10 Alternative Grains To Get To Know Instead

A few weeks ago, I committed a grave error in judgement: I announced on twitter that I still don't get quinoa. Responses ranged from "no but you have to try it in a salad" (which, guys, of course I've tried it in a salad, a salad is quinoa's natural habitat) to simply, "f*** you." So listen, before …

Our Favorite Looks From London Fashion Week

Disgruntled Parents Want Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' Tour Shut Down

No one is surprised that Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour pushes the limits of performance artistry, but people are starting to wonder if she's maybe taken things a bit too far this time. Cyrus' recent tour antics are making her MTV Video Music Awards "Blurred Lines" performance look tame and …

eBay acquires PhiSix, which lets users try on 3D clothes virtually

The e-commerce giant may soon let online shoppers virtually "try on" jeans, dresses, shirts, and other clothing to see how they fit and move.<p>While online shopping can make buying the latest gear easier, there are some downsides -- like not being able to try on clothes.<p>eBay appears to be all too …


Get up! Study says sedentary time means less ability in everyday life

It’s not enough for people to get regular moderate exercise as they age. Researchers say it’s also important not to spend the rest your time sitting too much.<p>In fact, for every hour of sedentary behavior, the odds were 46% greater that people older than 60 would have some disability in ordinary …

Pharrell Williams Says 'Blurred Lines' Wasn't Sexual or Sexist

Not in the least bit!<p>Pharrell Williams has denied claims that Robin Thicke's 2013 mega hit 'Blurred Lines' is sexist.<p>The singer — who co-wrote, produced and was featured on the song — claimed that he wouldn't have allowed the female nudity in the accompanying music video if it was sexual.<p>"There …

Music Videos

Watch a Reporter Get Trolled for Not Eating Russian Food

There's apparently some kind of inside joke going on at a NBC affiliate in Louisiana: As Funny or Die points out, local reporter <b>Tim Kelchner</b> was sent to cover the Olympics in Sochi, and his colleagues back in the States simply <b>won't stop asking him if he's tried Russian food yet</b>. Kelchner keeps …

LinkedIn opens its blog publishing platform to everyone

A handful of big-shot professionals have long had the freedom to express themselves through LinkedIn's blogging platform, but most careerists have had to sit on the sidelines. Starting today, though, just about everyone can have their voices heard -- LinkedIn is opening its publishing platform to …

Fiber Games: Google Invites Cities to Apply for Its Superfast Internet

Google is of­fer­ing dozens of cit­ies a chance to vie for the tech gi­ant’s ul­tra­fast In­ter­net ser­vice.<p>The ser­vice, Google Fiber, boasts …


Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!

Sweet Lemon is coming Spring 2018!