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Using nothing but lines, this artist creates dizzying 3D drawings that will make you do a double take

1/<p>The son of artists, Krull grew up surrounded by art.<p>His Danish father and Polish mother met at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, …


Artist Draws With Charcoal and Flour

A Sri Lankan artist (name unknown) has been generating buzz with his 3D drawings using only flour and charcoal. The temporary works use ‘forced …


Netflix Newcomer ‘Million Pound Menu’ Delivers the Goods

Happy Friday, may the spirit of Rebecca Black be with you. There’s a lot of good food TV to check out this weekend, including a new reality series, a travel program, and a late-night show from the vaults. Here are three recommendations for what to watch, plus a roundup of the week’s food-related …

Underground Railroad

These Clay Macarons Have Creepy, Realistic Baby Faces

There’s something strange going on in the food world right now (or rather, in the fake food world). Not long ago, we posted about the creepiest pot …

Ice Cream

New panda mom doesn't know she has twins thanks to these sneaky zookeepers

Crafty zookeepers are keeping a set of newborn panda twins alive by switching them out every day.<p>Although twins aren't uncommon, when pandas have …


A Rapid Timelapse Tutorial Showing How to Create a 3D Drawing of a Hyper-Realistic Fried Egg

Italian artist Marcello Barenghi, whose amazing work we’ve previously posted, has created a really wonderful rapid timelapse tutorial showing how to …

Digital Art

The Shirk Report – Volume 487

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. …

Aretha Franklin

Not all unkindness is bullying. Here’s why we need to teach kids to differentiate.

In my work as a teacher I’ve noticed in recent years that parents frequently default to the term “bullying” to describe a lot of undesirable interactions their children have with peers. Bullying is tragically real, with devastating consequences in both the short- and long-term. But bullying also …


Watch a Thirsty Wasp Drink Water in Mesmerizing Slow Motion

AnimalsVideo<p>In a unique video, a wasp seemingly tries to catch drop after drop of water in a delicate dance between hydration and drenched wings.<p>AnimalsVideo<p>Every animal needs water. This vital substance propels all life on earth, from the largest of mammals to the smallest of wasps.<p>Footage …


This Elementary School's Extreme Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Rock-paper-scissors is a time-honored schoolyard tradition. But thanks to one elementary school, the revered hand sign game may never be the same.<p>A …

Primary Education

Netflix has tons of hidden categories — here's how to see them

Netflix hidden categories are the secret to better binging, friends.<p>The vast amount of content on Netflix can get pretty unwieldy. Luckily, there's a …

TV shows

Thousands of Army Ants Build an Impressive Bridge With Their Bodies In Order to Swarm a Wasp Nest

Thousands of army ants in Costa Rica amazingly worked together to build an impressive ropy bridge using their own bodies in order to swarm a highly …

Costa Rica

21+ Things That Are Much Bigger Than You Always Thought

My favorite section of the 'Guinness World Records' book was always the biggest things. I marveled at the Blue Whale, the skyscrapers vying for the …

World Records

The Hidden Meanings of 12 Everyday Objects

The little pocket on your jeans. The little hole in your pen cap. They’re not just there for show.<p>… tells grocers <b>what day of the week the bread was</b> …


How to motivate older kids without using rewards, punishment or fear. (No, really.)

Bo Burnham’s movie “Eighth Grade” brilliantly captures the challenges facing tweens and teens. Kids at that age are experiencing a complicated and often awkward time of self-discovery and growth<i>.</i> They are concerned with their identity and sense of self, yet much of what they see and experience can …


Dog doesn't let its cat friend get in a fight

In this video we see a cat stealthily approaching another cat. A golden retriever knows that nothing good can result if the two cats start to fight, …


If English Were Phonetically Consistent It Would Sound Like This

An interesting exploration of the English language by <i>Aaron Alon on YouTube</i>


The gag reel for Avengers: Infinity War will temporarily relieve the pain of Thanos' finger snap

Remember how you wept like a newborn baby at the end of <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i> and haven't been the same since? Luckily, we've got the perfect cure …


Netflix’s new movie is perfect comfort food for fans of Downton Abbey or the Brontës:

*rings dinner bell*

Downton Abbey

I Tried Dorie Greenspan's Most Famous Cookie

When we asked Alison Roman, the mastermind behind Instagram's favorite chocolate chip cookie, for <i>her</i> favorite cookie recipe, she dropped a pretty big …


Little Kitten Comes Home One Day Carrying A Strange Baby On Her Back

"It's very emotional seeing her loving other animals."<p>This little white kitten named Blanquis may still be less than a year old, but she already …

Cute Animals

How to Tell Your Team That Organizational Change Is Coming

From time to time, every leader has to deliver news that is hard for employees to hear. Even when businesses are doing well, organizational and structural change is to be expected, and acquisitions, reorganizations, or policy changes can affect people’s jobs in ways that create feelings of fear, …


Pianist Plays a Moving Version of Debussy ‘Clair de Lune’ for a Beautiful Eighty Year Old Elephant

Paul Barton, an artist and musician living in Thailand who has played a green piano with an elephant named Peter and played a beautiful Bach concerto …


Want to ‘age in place’? Make sure your home has these 6 things.

Planning to stay in your home well into your golden years? Doing some renovations before you retire can help make your house more accessible and safe for your life ahead.<p>Nearly 90 percent of people over age 65 want to stay in their homes for as long as possible, according to research by the …

Home Improvement

The Best Apps For Controlling and Limiting Kids Screen Time

They help you do everything from block problematic sites to set weekly screen-time limits.<p>Today’s smartphones offer near limitless access to …


Here are this summer's 11 hottest thrillers

Summer thrills


15 of the most iconic Great British Baking Show moments

Mary Berry

Turn your old iPad into a photo frame for $2

Got an old tablet lying around? I'm a huge fan of repurposing it into a full-time digital photo frame. (Indeed, it's at the top of my list of new uses for old tablets.)<p>I say this as someone who's owned an actual, dedicated photo frame for years -- one that cost around $150 when I bought it. I love …

Gear & Gadgets

Thousands of Fish Swarm Diver in a Mesmerizing Bait Ball to Ward Off an Incoming Whale Shark

While diving in the beautiful blue waters of Hurghada, Egypt, an unsuspecting diver named Tobias Sachs found himself at the center of an absolutely …

Whale Sharks

Fly single-handedly ruined domino world record attempt

A small fly single-handedly ruined a domino world record attempt.<p>A German domino entertainment group attempted to break their own 2013 Guinness World …