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Audi RS3 2017 review | What Car? Short

757 Horsepower Callaway Corvette Z06 SC757 - POV Canyon Drive

Jaguar F-Type SVR Spied Testing in Colorado, Rumor Says Inline-6 or V8 Turbo

It's just crazy to see the F-Type Convertible still testing in Colorado. The mid-life facelift was launched very recently, so there's no reason for …


The 2019 Porsche 911, Inspired by Commander La Forge

The latest 911 mules look like Porsche is embracing a sci-fi future.<p>The 911 mules running around in Northern Europe might just be clever decoys, showing something entirely different than the 2019 911's final design. But for now, let's roll with the thought that the design language introduced with …


2017 Ford GT Offers Five Drive Modes

From Wet to V-Max<p>Free Price Quote From a Local Dealer<p>View Special Offers<p>No Obligation, Fast & Simple Free New Car Quote<p>Change Car<p>It may not look like it, but the Ford GT was designed in many ways to be an everyday supercar. Or at least a practical one. To ensure it can perform in any condition, …


Listen to the glorious sound of the BMW M550i

If there is one BMW we’re excited to drive this year it has to be the all-new BMW M550i, the top model of the new 5 Series range. Packing a new, M …


What’s Stopping You? Take Our Deep Dive into Brake System Materials to Find Out


Dive deep into the Ford GT's five different drive modes

Wondering what each mode does, and how it does it? We're here to tell you.<p>To make sure Ford GT owners get the most from the supercar in every condition possible, the automaker says, it packs five different modes.<p>For your average driver going about a somewhat standard routine, Normal is the mode to …


More spy photos of the upcoming BMW F90 M5

We can’t get enough of the upcoming BMW F90 M5. I don’t think you can blame us for being so excited about the next-generation M5, as the car on it’s …


We Could See Audi's Radical New Tail Lights on the Road Soon

We Could See Audi’s Radical New Tail Lights on the Road Soon<p>You’ll never forget to turn your blinker off again.

Driverless Cars

Mercedes-AMG C63 R in Development

<b>A tack-focused Mercedes-AMG C63 R is reportedly under development and it could be on the road in 2 years.</b><i>*Pictured is the Mercedes-AMG C63 Edition</i> …


2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class facelift spotted without camouflage

The facelifted <b>Mercedes-Benz S-Class</b> has been photographed completely undisguised.The photos you see here were originally sent to and published by</i> …


Bonding with Scotland: Castles and wildlands on a 007-style Aston Martin tour of the Scottish Highlands

It is late autumn and a lonely Highland glen is brooding beneath a lowering sky. The air is still, as if nature is holding its breath before winter storms sweep in from the Atlantic and unleash their fury on stark, gnarled hills. On a narrow ribbon of road twisting by a shallow river, an Aston …


Top Five BMW Engines going into 2017

Gone are the days of the screaming, naturally-aspirated BMW I6 engine. That guttural, metallic induction noise we’ve become accustomed to has gone …


Why Aston Martin boss inspected first 1000 DB11s

• <b>By Scott Newman</b><br>• Mar 27, 2017<br>• News<p>The new Aston Martin DB11 has been called the most important model in the company’s 104-year history. And they are …



Audi rules out modern Quattro sports car, again

Few cars have inspired popular sentiment towards a brand the way the original Audi Quattro did throughout the 1980s. Audi clearly has a soft spot for …

Sports Cars

The Audi TT RS can feed your need for speed

There is an Audi TT for everyone, from the fun entry-level car all the way up to this, the TT RS, the craziest one of them all.

Audi TT

Nissan Design Enters A New Era

Nissan’s new design boss, Alfonso Albaisa, has big shoes to fill. And he has a remarkable opportunity to take the company’s designs to the next level.<p>Nissan recently announced that its design boss, Shiro Nakamura, is retiring after a storied career at the company. Nakamura, one of the most …


Sakhir Orange BMW M3 Project gets some racing upgrades

When you’re a car enthusiast, odds are you would take your sports car to the track as well. Yet, this is your daily driver so overloading it with …


2019 Bentley Flying Spur - Panamera's Hideout

Bentley introduced a four-door version of Continental GT coupe two years after it debuted, precisely in 2005. The addition of two doors and a sedan …

Luxury Cars

This Bentley Is Part of a 7 Billion-Pixel Image

Bentley used NASA-derived technology to capture a shot of Dubai with one very brown Flying Spur W12 S.<p>The Bentley Flying Spur and Dubai go together like Kenny Powers and his jet ski. While the former is the ultimate luxury sports sedan with a 626 horsepower twin-turbo W12 and a top speed just north …

Luxury Cars

Can you spot the Bentley in this gigantic image?

Bentley Gigapixel image<p>Remember that time when Bentley created an amazing Gigapixel image to show off one of its sedans? The British automaker used …


Watch a Bugatti Chiron hit 217 MPH

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the most exotic of exotic cars out there. The car packs 1479 bhp and 1600 Nm of torque. That much power means the 8.0L …

Sports Cars

Sound of silence: Aston Martin Rapide will ditch howling V12 for electric power

Why it matters to you<p>Aston Martin's decision to replace one of its V12 engines with an electric powertrain is a true sign of the times.<p>The Aston …

Concept Cars

2019 Porsche 911 Imagined With Modern Design

| By<p>|<p>ShareRedditPinTweetPlus<p>Last month, a handful of 2019 Porsche 911 prototypes were spotted winter testing, providing us a glimpse at the updated …



ATLANTA, March 7, 2017 -- Porsche motorsport technology continues to be incorporated into street-legal sports cars. The new 911 GT3 was developed in …


Pure McLaren Performance Academy - The 650S Sprint