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Clever Designs for Perpetual Calendars

…that all have one glaring design flaw<p>For those of you that still use physical calendars, maybe you like having a dozen photos of hapless kittens or …


China is selling "anti-pervert" flamethrowers that fit in a handbag

These sleek, diminutive flamethrowers cost between $13 and $30 and are for sale online. Any person who makes an untoward advance at a potential …


You mean your spacebar *doesn't* look like this? 👽

How to add schema markup in Wordpress

Adding rich snippets to your WordPress site makes your site friendlier towards the crawlers. It is easier for them to understand what your site / …


Editorial Design & Branding for Tokyo Bousai

Let's take a look at this editorial design & branding project for Tokyo Metropolitan Government by Nosigner. There's a high importance of user …

Graphic Design

Sword Cheese Grater is Perfect for Marcus Aurelius Cheficus - Technabob

We all need to grate cheese, at least those normal among us do. I say normal because only an insane person doesn’t need nachos in their lives every …


Celebrate All Three Back to the Future Movies With This Delightful Triptych

Image: Ian GlaubingerIan Glaubinger’s art is always fun, but these three pieces all capture the characters, the sets, and some famous props all with …

Cool Stuff

This Valerian Clip Shows What's Possible When 3000 Alien Species Live Together

Valerian and Laureline enter Alpha in Valerian. Image: STXThough it’s easier to simply call Luc Besson’s new movie “Valerian,” that’s not the full …

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

hochu rayu’s unique helmet gives personal space and fully blocks office noise

the helmet device gives users privacy and doesn't allow background noise to kill productiveness.The post hochu rayu’s unique helmet gives personal …

Cool Stuff

One Sexy Tractor

If there’s one machine that should adhere to utilitarianism, it’s the tractor. This one by Artur Gaca, called Norss Tractor, does so beautifully. …

The Criminal-Confusing Carry-on!

Zippers… a designer’s mortal enemy. They’re hideous, painful, and not particularly secure. Yet we can’t live without them. They’re on our jeans, …


#starwars #x-wing #helmet by #sunipeyk

Watch this hypnotic kaleidoscope of fingers

Finger choreography by fingertut masters Xtrap Dance Crew.


How to iron a shirt with a pot of hot water

If you don't have an iron handy, you can always use a pot of hot water to smooth out your clothes. This method looks like it does a pretty good job, …


This art's on A Journey Through Science Fiction

To coincide with its wonderful new sci-fi exhibition, the Barbican has commissioned and curated a selection of sublime artworks. See them here.


A Selection of Impressive Perspective Sections

The perspective section is an increasingly popular form of architectural representation, one that is most commonly used in architectural competitions …


Dad Builds Cardboard Star Wars Snowspeeder for His Daughter

Redditor PoorKidstoys daughter goes to a school that has a special “Drive In Movie” day for the last day of school. That sounds really cool, but the …

Cool Stuff

Badass Poster Design by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki is one of those artists that you should have an eye on all times, because you know that he'll come up with some awesome design. …


This amazing underground house in Greece frames views of an olive grove

This underground holiday home in Greece is topped with a green roof that offers panoramic views of the Peloponnese peninsula. The owners commissioned …


Yeni Sunipeyk Logosu

Sitenin logosunu yenilemek istiyorum. Bu gördüğünüz yeni yaptığım logo. Daire içinde 2 çizgi ile bir S. Hepsi bu kadar.<p>Sade ve çok çok basit<p>Çok sade …

Star Wars 40. Yıl

Star Wars ilk gösteriminin 40. yıl dönümü<p>1977 yılının 25 Mayıs günü <b>Star Wars New Hope</b> filminin ilk gösterimi gerçekleşti.<p>Bir 40. Yıl Posteri<p>40. yıl …

To 40 more years of imagination and adventure. #StarWars40th

Graphic Design: Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince is a graphic design project created and shared by Rafa Miqueleto. It was a commissioned work done inspired by The Little Prince …

Graphic Design

Bandırma 1919

Bandırma vapuru 1919 icon poster.<p>Bir İskoç Vapuru<p>Gemi 1878 yılında İskoçya’nın Glasgow kentinde Mac. Intyre Paisley – Huston and Cardett tersanesinde …

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville Is The Star Trek Spoof Series We've Been Waiting For

A <i>Galaxy Quest</i> television series has been rumored for some time, but nothing ever came of it. That’s okay, because this <i>Star Trek</i> spoof series looks …

Trump's a scream in this stack of newspapers

Friday's edition of German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel; this shot was everywhere this weekend, sadly unsourced!

Print Media

The ink-less pen that writes forever!

This pen is literally timeless. In the sense that it will run forever, that too without a single drop of ink. Coming from the one company that knows …


Windows Fluent Design System

Windows yeni tasarım sistemini tanıttı. Fluent Design System. Kısaca <b>Fluent</b>.<p>Fluent Tasarım Sistemi<p>Windows Fluent sayfalarında;<p>An eloquent design …