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My Post for Blog Action Day | Claudia and Dogs

Save water!<p>Would you like to go thirsty like the Californians? No, then save water!<p>Firstly, I believe that we should save water by dropping a brick …


Help Young Girls Who Are forced to Marry When Young | BLOGGING WITH MADELEINE


Humans Should Have the Right to Say or do the Things They Want – Travelling with Vinnie

BAD 2015: Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed | Iggy on Animals and The Beatles

<b>Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed</b><p><b>Did you know animal cruelty or animal abuse is what humans do when they want things like blubber, fur and things</b> …

Animal Abuse

Blog Action Day 2015 – ONE STEP BEYOND

Hello world,<p>As an extra task for the Student Blogging Challenge we can enter ina additional challenge called the Blog Action Day. Blog ACtion Day is …

Black History


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#BAD2015 – LOLing With Lucy

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII<br>This is another thing for the SBC. Its called Blog Action Day #BAD2015. Blog Action Day is one day each year when thousands of …


Worth More than 4

Posted on October 16, 2015 | By sblack80 | 6 responses<p>During my first year of teaching I faced many challenges, but one of the hardest was when I had …


Blogging Action Day 2015 – Bloopers of Life

Hi Bloggers,<p>This year I am partaking in Blogging Action Day 2015. This year’s theme is “Raise your voice” I would like to raise <i>my</i> voice about a very …


Raise Your Voice

By Grant B. and Luke D.<p>This year, The Student Blogging Challenge theme is “Raise your voice”. This topic is important for many reasons. There are too …

SBC Week 1:2 Avatar (Not the last air bender) « Yuma's BlOG

This is a what the end result of my Avatar looks like. I chose Lego because I always loved to play with them. I made my avatar have glasses because I …


Raise Your Voice

Hello everyone,<p>Today is Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day is when people from all over the world write a post on their blog about a set topic. This …


Endanger Animals | Helpern's Helpers

A lot of animals are gone or extinct and some are endangered. I did some research and found that Giant 🐼pandas are dying quickly along with the Amur …


Stop Hunger Now! For, Raise Your Voice! =) | Helpern's Helpers

Today was when I helped stop hunger. Date that it happened, 11/1/13<p>So, while I was eating breakfast, and while my dad was cooking breakfast, my mom …


Blog Action Day Raise your voice- Student Blogging Challenge | LIFE AS A SWIFTIE

For the student blogging challenge we are doing the blog action day and the theme is “Raise your voice.”<p>We had a couple of options to write about<p><b>Ever</b> …

Palm Oil

Where to Find Free Images Online

In a perfect world, we could all take amazing photos, edit them scrupulously, and somehow manage to have enough props and stylish flair to snap the …

Don’t Be a Zombie Consumer

<b>In the Student Blogging Challenge: Week 9, Miss W. asked us to write about a global issue that we would like to help solve.</b><p><b>One of the things that</b> …

Don’t Be A Loser, Stop The Abuser | Syd's Sayings

People who abuse animals make me sick. In my opinion anyone and I mean anyone who abuses animals should be thrown in prison. It’s just disgusting. I …